Zipolite Mexico Nude Beach Review

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Getting Naked At Zipolite Mexico Nude Beach

Guest blog by: Nomadic Nudist

A little while back, my wife J and I got to spend some time in Zipolite on the Pacific coast of Mexico. Zipolite is one of the few beaches in Mexico that tolerates naturists. The beach is dotted with bars, restaurants, hotels, fishermen, expat North Americans, expat Italians and happy Mexicans giggling at our lack of shame.

Days in Zipolite quickly slipped into a meandering rhythm of skinny dipping, drinking and laughing. I spent my mornings running on the beach followed by skinny dipping and naked sunbathing. J and I rented a bungalow on the hill overlooking the nude Mexiac beach.

Zipolite Mexican Nudist Nude Beach naturist clothing optional

Zipolite Mexican Nudist Nude Beach

We had a hammock, a bed, an outdoor kitchen area and not much more, not even a door. It was perfect.

I spent my time at the bungalow naked, enjoying the sea breeze. J usually wore a sarong. There is plenty to eat along the beach and in town where we found Mexican and Italian food.

Zipolite Nude Nudist Mexican Beach Resort review YNA

Zipolite Nude Nudist Mexican Beach Resort

Here are some selections from my journal written during our week in Zipolite:


Monday afternoon was spent with J in the hammock. Then we walked the length of Zipolite. We caught a sunset from the Eastern end where we drank Cornonas and watched silhouetted fishermen finish their day’s work perched on the giant boulders that protrude from the surf.

Dinner at a beachside restaurant and then back to the bungalow for some reading. J tried to watch TV on the laptop but it didn’t work out. I’m not sure I’m unhappy about that.

Nude Mexican Women YNA

Nude Mexican Women At Zipolite Nude Beach in Mexico

Tuesday, today. I awoke at 6:30 and went to the beach for a skinny dip. I’m not sure the naturist thing is going to work out well here. Very few people seem to be doing it. I’ve seen maybe less than a dozen nudies, all men, and one topless woman. We’ll see what the heat of the day brings. Right now I am happily roasting in the early morning Mexican sun.


Two year anniversary. Married to the most wonderful person anyone has ever met.

J took her top off yesterday! I did not necessarily expect that to happen while we were here. There were boys around the second time she went topfree and she said, “I have to get over myself,” as she dropped her sarong.

Topfree / Topless at Zipolite Mexican Nude Beach naturist review yna

Topfree / Topless Girl at Zipolite Mexican Nude Beach

Had yet another wonderful breakfast with J yesterday morning. Eggs with salsa and green juice. Then it was off to Puerto Angel for the one local ATM so that we would have cash. Of course, the ATM was broken. 15 miles, a trip to San Pedro Pechutla and $200 Pesos later, we had cash.

Our taxi driver kept bugging us to have him drive us to the airport at the end of our trip. Home is a long ways off, we’ll see.

Nude Mexican Woman and Naked Man YNA

Nude Mexican Woman and Naked Man At Zipolite Nudist beach in Mexico

(Later…) I could get used to this. Had a nice, leisurely two mile run and then a skinny dip. I could easily run 21 miles a week and still have so much time for myself. At this point, everything else is icing on the cake for my day. Breakfast, drinking, dinner will all be excellent. What else will I do? Read? Swim more? All I need is all around me.


Up before the sun today. Roosters everywhere. Had yet another wonderful day with J yesterday. She continues to go topfree despite gawkers. I think it’s second nature at this point, and I assume she will wear the sarong with no bikini top and that will be that.

Naked Mexican Woman YNA

A Naked Mexican Woman At Zipolite Nude Beach in Mexico.

Spent the day on the beach. We made plans to check out Shambala, but instead we laid in the hammock. Then it was back to the beach for sunset. We got quite drunk at a bar run by a Chicagoan named Kevin. So drunk that we didn’t have as much money as we would have liked for dinner and spent every last cent on a bottle of wine and two plates. We walked back on the beach, me naked and then J collapsed into bed while I pretended to stay up but collapsed into the hammock. I expected to be hungover today but I seem to be fine.


Roosters woke me again this morning. I’m loving waking up with the sun but I wonder if it would change if I lived here.

Yesterday, J awoke with a hangover and we took a boat tour. We saw the Indio and the Mono (Indian and Monkey) rock formations. I remember seeing them the last time we were here, for our wedding. Next we saw some porpoises. Then we stopped for snorkeling. Next up one other passenger and myself scaled a rock formation and jumped off.

Naked Mexican Woman

Naked Mexican Woman Helps Nudist Couple At Zipolite Mexican Nude Beach.

Our guide did a backflip. Then J and another passenger decide to jump as well. Then the guide did another flip. We stopped for lunch and cervezas. We got a ride back to Zipolite in a very stereotypical camion.

Dinner at La Provencia. We had a bottle of Spanish wine. Appetizers were a bean pate and goat cheese with beets croquette. J had a mezcal cream sauce chicken and I had an eggplant dish with a provencal bean salad.


Had a breakfast of chilaquiles at a place called “A Nice Place on the Beach.” We discussed our future: Children, opening a bar, moving out of the city. We ran into “The Norwegians,” a couple from the tour on Thursday. We talked with them for a while.

Then it was onto the ATM in Porto Angel, which was actually working yesterday. J re-met up with the Norwegians for yoga while I went swimming. We grabbed a snack of tlayudas de nopales on the street. Then we returned to our bungalow with our friends for Havana Club daiqueries. Lots more great conversation. It turns out that Thomas is a chef and knows Eleven Madison Park, among other NYC restaurants, so he understood how well-known J is.


Going for a Skinny Dip at Zipolite Nudist Nude Beach in Mexico review YNA naturists

Going for a Skinny Dip at Zipolite Nudist Nude Beach in Mexico

The last full day in Zipolite was amazing. I did the usual, wake up, run, skinny dip. J went for an hour and a half massage while I lay naked on the beach. The massage left her very content. Dinner was simple pizzas and micheladas on the main street.

Monday morning in Zipolite, we woke up and lay in the hammock for a bit before leaving. It was a wonderful trip.


First full week back in the northeast. I’ve sweat through my shirt, reek of deodorant and paid $7 for a “cheap” drink.

This is civilized?

If you visit Zipolite, it is important to remember that it is not Cancun. There are no ATM’s in the town. The nearest one is several miles away and it wasn’t working on one of the days we went to get money. While the people are completely friendly toward North Americans, it helps if you can speak a fair amount of Spanish. It is also important to note that Zipolite is not a private or sanctioned nude beach.

Nudist Man At His Zipolite Hotel Room YNA

A Naked Nudist Man At His Zipolite Hotel Room In Mexico

Nudity is tolerated by the locals, but not protected and very few people strip down and very few women go topfree. It all comes down to how comfortable you are being naked among people in textiles.

It seems to me that naked is something to be laughed at in Mexico. The people are definitely more prude than North Americans in terms of keeping themselves in textiles, but they are not nearly as judgmental of nudies. They might point and laugh but, if you are confident enough to see the silliness in wearing clothes in the hot sun, you can laugh with them, and everything will be fine. They didn’t demand I cover up the way some New Yorkers may demand topfree women cover up in Central Park.

Here is some video of our trip. Warning: It’s not professional video, it’s a simple montage of our time in Zipolite:

About the Author: Nomadic Nudist is partial to skinny dipping and Kafka. He is also trying to get the word out about naturism and body-positive culture. You can find naturist news here: You can find his occasional musings on nudism here:

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