Naked Viral Video Friday and Youtube Nudity Policy

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Beer Commercial and Youtube Nudity Policy

Youtube Nudity Policy – Everyone loves a good viral video, right? Lately I’ve been scouring the net for naked viral vids! Not so easy, but lucky for us Youtube has recently changed their policy for nudity in videos. Before it was entirely banned, but now they are willing to make allowances in the name of art. But as this little news blurb says, there’s going to be the question of “What constitutes art?”

The Youtube Nudity Policy now states:

“2. Nudity
‘Nudity’ refers to exposed or see-through coverage of areas typically covered by a bathing suit or underwear. Sometimes nudity is allowed on YouTube, depending on the context.”

Not exactly describing a clear-cut policy! Let’s hope people post naturist videos and tasteful artsy pieces, rather than porn.

Anyway I am thinking about making Friday naked viral video day!
Here’s something funny to watch! Thanks Budweiser for making nudism look fun..

This blog post is one in a series of Naked Video Friday blogs that were put together by our very own Felicity Jones! Published By  Young Naturist and Young Nudists America YNA  Lets hope that she will be able to continue posting and sharing naked videos that she finds interesting or note worthy!


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