Young British Naturists and Naturism Gets New Leadership

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Young British Naturists and Naturism – Youth Officer Hand Over

Changing of The Guards at Young British Naturists and Naturism:

BN Youth Officer from 2008-2011 (this was originally posted on the Bare Times 1/7/2012)

British Naturism – Leah Thomas, our Youth Officer for British Naturism (and leader of YBN) for the past 3 years, has now resigned from her official position, to enjoy a more laid back role in the world of YBN.

So now has come the time for Leah to hang up her official flip flops, and pass the baton over to another member of the YBN team.

For the past 3 years BN has had the honor of having Leah for a ‘Youth Officer’ just as YBN has been graced with a fantastic leader and keeper of the youth. Leah has dedicated her time helping create many more happy times, memories and events for hundreds of young naturists all around the UK. During her role as Youth Officer Leah has guided us with her wisdom, led us with her strengths and got drunk with us all, – on many occasions…

Young British Naturism YBN

Young British Naturism YBN

We can’t forget all the hard work, energy and enthusiasm that have been put in by Leah for the past few years, or from Debbie & Joel before that, nor our very own YBN founder Ben Rose, all shaping and creating the youth group we call YBN today. It would also not have been possible for those carrying that lead the group without the help and passion of many other people behind the scenes.

british naturism

Young British Naturism

Being the Youth officer for British Nudism entails a substantial amount of hard work and politics, not just organizing events and making sure we are all safe and happy, but going to several BN meetings every year, answering thousands of Emails, networking with hundreds of influential and important people, dedicating nearly all of their spare time to making sure YBN is what it is today, so that we can all sit back and enjoy the benefits of having such a fantastic youth group.

Leah has dedicated these valuable years of her life to not just us the members, but to the great cause for Naturism in general and to all young people nationwide, making sure that the opportunities to-be socially nude in a safe and welcoming environment are there for all.

Young British Naturists and Naturism

Young British Naturists and Naturism

Taking over the official position for BN and helping to lead the way with YBN for the next 2 years is Daryl Jones, who was co-opted in by the Executive Council at the last AGM on the 16th of October 2011.

Hi from the new YBN Youth Officer…

“Hello, I’m Daryl Jones the new YBN representative. As of the close of the AGM on 16Th Oct, I have been co-opted by the BN executive council as the Youth Officer for British Naturism for the foreseeable future (or until someone else steps up to the challenge).
For those of you who don’t know or haven’t met me yet, I’m an enthusiastic member of YBN, with many ideas and good prospects for the youth group, and can’t wait to get stuck in!

About me…

I believe I will make a good candidate for the role of ‘Youth Officer’ for this elective term of 2 years, to represent BN and YBN for the following reasons:

I am a somewhat organized, fairly well spoken and can be an adequate undressed member of the BN youth community, with the self-confidence and motivation to complete even a whole pack of sugar doughnuts without licking my lips…

I have run my own business as a self employed kitchen-fitter for many years now, entailing all sorts of administrative roles, not only co-coordinating my own time and finances, but many others around me. Showing good time keeping, bookkeeping, organization and planning skills I feel I can co-ordinate my time more easily and give myself wholly to YBN…

british naturism

London World Naked Bike Ride

Within the past 2 years of my time being a part of YBN, I feel I have integrated well with the group in general – beating everyone at twister and monopoly, and made a good impression at visited clubs – well, the ones that will have us back anyway. (Sorry again Telford Naturist Club).
Also being involved internationally for the past 2 years in the European Youth Committee (ENY) and not falling asleep at their AGM!

I have many ideas and practices I would like to see put in place for the future, to help our youth naturist community grow and prosper in the times to come and I have only the best intentions for the youth group, members of YBN and the BN organization itself, present, pissed and future.
Starting with an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting to rectify the damage already caused to long-standing YBN members…

Right, – now the official political stuff is out the way, let’s talk YBN…

What is YBN (Young British Naturism)…? And why do we need it…?

Young British Naturists – creating an environment for young nudists alike to have a place in our organization to call their own.

It is still a real challenge for young teenagers of today to feel part of any organization without creating specific activities or events that appeal to them, normally away from their parental control & supervision. This is a key reason why YBN was first created, as it’s the safest and most fun way to carry on enjoying naturism through and past your teenage years.

BN Mag

British Naturism Mag

YBN is a group that was formed over 10 years ago for the members of BN under 30, to help bring together the age minority and to help make friends more easily with each other nationwide. We are a social youth group of naturists, which can benefit all young adults in one way or another in their journey through life.

Being able to socialize with like-minded people of a similar age within our organization can create an environment with more trust and understanding, more so than they may have in their everyday ‘clothed’ lives.

YBN is also a halfway house and integration point for your naturist kids growing into teenagers and young adults, to help bring them sensibly and more communicative into the big and magical world of British Naturism, (Or in short, we as a group together help to teach each other how to integrate, socialize and drink responsibly with other naturists, away from their home.

YBN is good for individuals on so many levels, not just for the fun on the weekends away that we have, but as well as getting members involved in sports, cooking, camping, socializing, travelling internationally and many other useful skills in life. It’s also well known that naturism can be a huge confidence-booster and a great networking tool. And no-one leaves YBN without learning how to cremate a good BBQ!

Daryl Jones
‘New’ BN Youth Officer

Please visit their website:

Young Naturists & Nudists America YNA

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    Congrats to you Daryl! Great job on the C4 prog, by the way!