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Young Nudists In Today’s World

Guest Blog by: A Nudie Elder

Today’s Young Nudists:

Young Nudists Today – Today’s young nudists…who are they? Do they come in all shapes, sizes and nationalities? Why of course! Many have embraced the nudist way of life individually or perhaps have thought about it, but don’t just yet know where to turn. Some have grown up in the nudist environment, while others have not. Either way, they often ponder whether to tell their friends since peer pressure and acceptance is far more important to them as they grow, especially during the teenage years. Young naturists sometimes may fear repercussions from their parents and siblings since the life we live is not yet widely accepted into the mainstream of our society. Well, at least in the United States of America, but it’s getting there thanks to many young folks such as Young Naturists America!

As I have witnessed firsthand, it is truly amazing to watch when these young folks find one other and create a bond that is born to last a lifetime. To them it is like being a kid in the candy store. You will quite often hear them say “someone like me!” They hug, share stories, form long term relationships and are always growing, learning, and sharing. One single event or a meeting by chance can change their lives as well as the direction they may take in the future.

These young folks view tattoos and body piercings as an art form and/or a statement. Many are involved in naked yoga, figure art and nude art performances. This is how they choose to express themselves and in no way does it hinder what social nudism is about. It helps nourish the concept of being nude in a social environment as a sheer state of acceptance. How many older folks do you know would walk through Central Park in New York City with their tops off, even though it’s legal? Yet, some of these young folks have while they embrace the freedom of naturism as well as the freedom to be themselves.

Young Nudists Today

Young Nudists Today

Overall, young people today, seem to be more into eating healthy and are more conscientious about the environment. Does that go along with social nudism? Sure! These young folks appear to be more tolerant of the world and each other. Lucky for us they are also willing to speak their mind, resulting in the success of Young Naturists America.

As elders what can we do? I use the word “we” as I am one of those elders who has raised four children as nudists. They swam, they laughed and they had fun growing up in a nudist environment. Each has and continues to embrace it in a different way, but nudists they will always be.

As elders, we need to be tolerant and not so critical. Allow them to move at their own pace and not force any issues upon them just as we would in any other circumstances. Offer guidance and encourage respect. Show them you are not afraid to say you are a nudist, but don’t enforce it. They will find their way in their own time. There is also no need to enforce our own personal beliefs upon them as to how they should act or participate within the nudist movement. Let it be simply social nudity and not someone’s personal agenda. Each young individual will embrace this way of life in their own way and share the joy without any encumbrances if we let them.

If they choose to use screen names or professional names while supporting the nudist environment, then so be it; to think anything different is “old” school thinking. In this day and age screen names are the norm for young nudists and even among adult nudists. In the nudist world and in the textile world. Many people in mainstream america use screen names, not just the young nudists of the world. It’s accepted everywhere. Using such does not in any way discredit nudism. Who are we to discourage anyone on that basis alone, and at the same time say that this is some sort of policy and a disservice to the community.

The Young Naturists America group as well as some of the other new youth groups, have generated a lot of positive publicity and thinking with regard to the young folks involvement in social nudism and to the movement in general. Are some of them using screen names, pen names or alternate ego names? Absolutely! Perhaps any organizations which are adamantly against the use of such names ought to rethink this one and adapt to the current way of communication. They could instead find ways to encourage, not discourage the young nudists of today.

Let’s make it a positive experience and allow them to keep their eyes WIDE open!

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