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Learn About Young Naturists in Naturism Today

About Young Naturists:

Young naturists, as perceived by most in the naturist movement, are young adults who engage in the naturist lifestyle. Although some young naturists grew up in a naturist family, many young people who participate in naturism today might have little or no background with nudism.

The general consensus seems to be that to qualify as a young naturist / young nudist, the individual should be 18 – 35 or 40 years old. This is not to say that that a 36 year old is old, but this is generally what most nudists will consider the age bracket to be.

Some organizations for young naturists set age requirements to join or participate in events. Young Naturists America (YNA) is one such organization of young people, but they also welcome the young-at-heart with no imposed age limit.

Young Naturists Information: by YNA

Young Naturists Information:

Young naturists come from all walks of life. Some may have college degrees; others might have dropped out of high school.

Naturists don’t come in just one mold, and the diversity is enormous. One can find all kinds of people at young naturist events, from business owners to musicians, politicians, sanitation workers and beyond.

What Types of Things Do Young Naturists Like To Do?

Young Naturist events and activities range all over the board. Some might enjoy nude hiking, skinny dipping, naked yoga while others might like to attend naked parties and nude dancing.

There are as many types of naturist events as there are people practicing it. Some popular activities for young naturists include naked body painting, dance parties, volleyball, clothing optional dinners and so on.

florida young naturists fest sunsport gardens nudist resort YNA

Young Naturists Having Fun at Sunsport Gardens’ Florida Young Naturist Fest

Young Naturists Defined:

Who Organizes All These Young Naturists Activities and Groups?

There are several nudist organizations around the world that were created especially for and / or by young naturists. Many of them have age restrictions to keep the group’s “young” vibe.

In general, many young people prefer to practice their lifestyle in the company of their peers, rather than in the general population. We at YNA are one of the larger young nudist organizations in the United States. Our website is an especially great resource for young people looking to get involved in naturism.

Young Naturists Activities and Groups Pudding Toss nudist resort YNA

Young Naturists Activities and Groups: Pudding Toss At Sun Sport Gardens Florida

Today’s Young Adult Naturists

Getting involved in the naturist movement has never been easier! The Internet makes it easy to find and join one of the many naturist groups in locations around the world with a simple click of the mouse.

The growth in popularity of nudist beaches has increased the practice of naturism, making it easier than ever to get involved!

Today's Young Adult Naturists - YNA'ers in NYC

Today’s Young Adult Naturists – YNA’ers in NYC

Young Naturists Challenges

Nudism, though embraced and appreciated by many, is often an unexpressed or ignored impulse by the younger generation. Oh sure, they’ve probably thought about the idea of freeing themselves, but usually, the younger generation considers any type of expression that might not be accepted by their peers as taboo.

They are being hit with the trials of young adulthood, but they are also dealing with instant access to anything and anyone. They live in a world of constant overexposure- Facebook, Twitter and smartphones make the sharing of their social lives an instantaneous experience.

Young Naturists Challenges - Brian Coldin Challenges Nudity Laws

Young Naturists Challenges – Brian Coldin Challenges Nudity Laws

For the sake of technology, however, they’ve lost the intimacy that comes along with the process of actually getting to know people, nature and the world around them.

Young Naturists and Getting Started

While some might take to naturism like a fish to water, others may need some time to gradually get comfortable with social nudity. As with any group, the younger generation needs to feel comfortable and acclimated to the movement at their own pace. Privacy should be of the utmost concern. Even if they are adults, they are still relatively young.

Their hormones, their changing bodies and their developing minds make them easily susceptible to feelings of personal shame and embarrassment. Their minds will jump to the age and gender differences between themselves and others, so allow them plenty of time to get acquainted with the feeling and idea of personal nudity before you approach the topic of going public. Some find that taking the plunge is easier with a same-sex friend.

Young Naturists and Getting Started

Young Naturists and Getting Started

Chances are, they’ve already seen one another in bathing suits or even showers and the gym or dorm. They’ll be able to put one another at ease, and they’ll have a great string of memories to remember the experience by.

Also, starting this exploration in a private setting might be a wise choice for many. In-house and backyard nudity can be the precursor to a public nudist resort.

Remember that when bringing someone of any age group into naturism, patience and comfort are the two most important elements to ensure a positive experience. It is no different with the younger generation.

Why Are Young People Drawn to Naturism?

Young people are especially drawn to naturism because it encourages acceptance and body image / body acceptance. This becomes even more appealing at a time when one’s young self-esteem may be fairly fragile.

People are also the most idealistic when they are young, and many get involved in social justice and causes. This would explain why so many young people participate in the World Naked Bike Ride and other naked activist events. So the naturist ideals, values and philosophy may be a big part of what makes naturism appealing to young adults.

Why Are Young People Drawn to Naturism? florida young naturist fest sunsport gardens nudist resort event YNA

Why Are Young People Drawn to Naturism? Sunsport Gardens Florida Young Naturist Fest Group

However, there are many reasons people get involved. From getting closer to nature to simply enjoying time outdoors without clothing. Some people will spend a fun day at the local nude beach, while others prefer to live a mostly clothing-free life.

Naturism can be as simple as spending a morning sunbathing nude, or as extensive as moving to a full time 24/7 nudist community.

Is There A Difference Between Naturism and Nudism?

In the United States, the terms “naturism” and “nudism” tend to be interchangeable. With that said, in some circles and countries they might refer to different things.

Is There A Difference Between Naturism and Nudism?

Is There A Difference Between Naturism and Nudism?

The basic difference that some people make is that Nudism can be simply the act of performing activities without clothes, while naturism tends to be more of a philosophy that includes body acceptance, healthy living, environmentalism and personal freedom. Naturism as it’s practiced today has its roots in German philosophies from the 1920’s.

Young Naturists Playing Music At The Florida Weekend Gathering Young Adult Nudists 

Young Naturists Playing Music At The Florida Weekend Gathering Young Adult Nudists

However, many important philosophers and brilliant minds in America have advocated for, or practiced, naturism. Some of the bigger names or celebrity nudists if you will, include Benjamin Franklin, Walt Whitman, Henry David Thoreau and John Quincy Adams. Naturism was seen as restorative and healthful.

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Jordan Blum is a lifelong nudie and co-founder of Young Naturists America.
  • CampFullMonte

    In our experience as owners of a clothing optional campsite there are plenty of people in the younger demographic who are willing to try or participate in social/public nudity. Admittedly, most of our younger visitors are backpackers or budget travelers that are more open minded, hungry for new experiences, carefree and risk averse. That said, most would probably shudder at the thought of being labelled a naturist/nudist. I think this is one of the biggest problems to be overcome when trying to entice the younger generation into experiencing more time without clothes. 
    I also think that there are other factors in our particular case that lead to a higher proportion of younger visitors than you might expect. It’s a campsite! Getting dressed in a (often small) tent to walk to the communal showers to undress and then do the towel dance for fear of other people “seeing” is just ….. hassle! It’s so satisfying to see people “get” this. It may take them a day to realise but the majority do “get” it quite quickly. I think this is where the second important factor comes into play. That of a clothing optional environment rather than strictly naturist/nudist. Our message to visitors is clear. You are free to be naked 24×7, all we ask is: If you choose to be naked don’t make others who choose to be clothed feel uncomfortable; if you choose to be clothed don’t make people who are naked feel uncomfortable. In this way nudity becomes incidental to the guest experience rather than central. 
    In summary, in our experience there’s no shortage of young people willing to spend time clothes free but don’t make a big deal about it, don’t label them and give them the freedom to choose exactly when and where. If more naturist venues were to adopt these principles I’m sure we’d see far more young people enjoying a clothes free lifestyle.