Combating Transexual Discrimination by YNA

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Transexual Discrimination is Not Acceptable By YNA Standards!

Transexual Discrimination And The YNA Policy:

Transexual Discrimination – We recently got an email from someone asking if trans* people (see poster for definition) are welcome at Young Naturists America events. The answer is, absolutely! People of any gender identity are welcome at our events and meetups.

We have decided that from this point and moving forward we will not host an event at any nudist club or nudist resorts that practices discrimination based on gender or sexual orientation. If this means that we won’t be able to have events there anymore then we won’t. If this means that we lose support and have to close down then that is what will happen. This is our way of saying enough and standing up against discrimination.

Transexual Discrimination

Transexual Discrimination

We ask that people stand in solidarity with us and hold your local naturist or nudist clubs to the same standards. If this means that some of us will need to cancel memberships then so be it. Changes happens more quickly if it affects the bottom line!

NOTE: By “gender discrimination,” we are not referring to the practice of nudist clubs or resorts limiting the number of single men that can join. (Nor are we referring to all-male gay resorts.) We understand a club’s desire to maintain gender balance. But if a club bars entry to all transgender people, or all people of any other gender identity, then that is a problem!

While we cant dictate what a club chooses to do, we still have a voice. Please help us impact the world in a positive manner – dont only hold your clubs to a higher standard, we ask that you hold any organization that you support to the same code of conduct. Businesses and organizations need money to survive. If more people take up our philosophy then change will happen.

Don’t forget – It’s All About the Love!

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Jordan Blum is a lifelong nudie and co-founder of Young Naturists America.
  • j238

    So, YNA events, which are infrequent, won’t be held in venues which discriminate agains the trans community, which are rare. 
    I don’t think this policy has any real impact anywhere, but you’ve posted this page.

    • j238 Constructive criticism is welcome. Comments that are posted just for the sake of saying something negative, are not. If you don’t like what we’re doing, stop visiting the site and take your comments elsewhere. We’ve already told you you’re not welcome at YNA events.

      • j238

        FelicityJones j238 In that spirit, let me constructively encourage you to organize some YNA events!. 
        Hope your enjoying the summer as much as I am.

  • One thing I think you forgot is Intersex/DSD people. I think you left them out or don’t know anything about them

    • Kamododragon Trans* people refers to anyone who is not cisgender. Intersex is not named on the poster because it’s talking more about gender identity and not actual gender. If you don’t identify as male or female, then you could be transgender, genderqueer, third gender, etc. You’ve been around for a long time. I think we know a bit about intersex people by now, don’t ya think? 
      We do eventually need to publish an article about gender & gender identity that includes definitions of these terms.

      • FelicityJones Kamododragon True, but the problem here is confusing Intersex people like me with Trans people. If people see an Intersex person, they will assume they are trans before finding out that they are Intersex. At the same time, people have a hard time with trying to sperate biological sex with Gender. That’s why Intersex people like me are uniquely different from Transgender people.
        The thing with Intersex/DSD people, is that they are not Trans in any shape or form. By all medical and scientific standards, Intersex/DSD people don’t have a biological sex or gender. They mostly class Intersex/DSD people as biological indeterminate gender. Which means science and medicine can’t determine or pin a sex or gender onto Intersex/DSD people.
        That’s why for Intersex/DSD people, cicgender, gender queer or third gender dose not apply to Intersex/DSD people because of what medicine and science says about Intersex/DSD people.
        Their are two sites that talk about Intersex/DSD people like me. Here’s the Link,