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Any Real Family Nudist Resorts in the Mid-Atlantic Region?

We recently received the following question in our inbox with regards to resorts for nudist families:

We would like to visit a family nudist resort with our two sons, ages 17 and 13. They would be willing to go only if there are a bunch of other young kids or teens there.

What are some of the nudist resorts in the Mid-Atlantic area that typically have a large number of kids my sons’ ages? I went to one before that claimed to be nudist family-oriented but I guess the ‘nudist families’ had no kids. Please email us with some recommendations? Thanks.

Despite the number of “family-friendly” nudist resorts and naturist clubs in the U.S., there are far fewer that actually have a significant presence of nudist families and children.

It’s sad, but it seems as though naturist clubs that were once populated by families and kids, you’re now lucky if you find one or two “token” nudist children there. Anyone who has visited nudist resorts during the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s has likely noticed this change.

I grew up at Rock Lodge Club in NJ, which has always been very family-oriented. And I don’t mean they just write “Kids are welcome” on their website.

Naked Family Picture With Naturist Nudist Parents

Naked Family Picture With Naturist Nudist Parents

Rock Lodge has always organized special nudist family events during the summer, it has two playground areas and offers communal toys at the beach and game areas. They actually make a conscious effort to cater to nudist families with young kids.

Growing up during the 90’s, I witnessed a rapid decline in the number of kids at RL. By the time I was 12, I had one best friend my age and 1-2 other girls to hang out with, depending on who was around.

My younger brother stopped visiting our nudist club entirely because there were no longer any young boys around his age.

family nudist resorts kids children mid-winter naturist festival sunsport gardens nudist naturism

Kids Painting at the Mid-Winter Naturist Festival at Sunsport Gardens Family Nudist Resort (FL)

I haven’t spent as much time at Rock Lodge over the past few years, but fortunately, there seems to be an uptick in nudist families with children again! But whether there are 5 kids or 20 kids, I still recommend RL as they are truly a great place for young families.

But what is to account for this change in the demographic at nudist resorts and naturist clubs? My best guess is that it’s due to a lack of marketing. It’s the same reason clubs aren’t attracting young adult nudists. They’re not adapting to the 21st century and using today’s tools to bring in new people.

This lack of online presence is a major issue and unfortunately, many nudist businesses are going to go under unless they change their MO.

In addition, there may also be some clubs that decided to become more swinger-oriented, or couples-only, or decided to just cater to empty-nesters only.

Whatever the cause, I think the nudist community needs to be more pro active in bringing in more nudist families and kids again. There’s no reason nudist clubs and resorts shouldn’t be filled with them! It’s a shame to see them disappear from nudist places and ultimately, it’s a hindrance to the growth of the naturist movement as a whole.

nude beach nudist club resort

Solair Family Nudist Resort Beach

One of the most pervasive and harmful myths about nudism in the U.S. is that it’s not “family-friendly” and that nudity is bad for children. This myth has no basis in reality, and studies on the topic have actually found that simple nudity is beneficial to kids.

But it persists and it’s constantly used an excuse to shut down nude beaches and nudist places (or to reject proposals for new ones). The lack of actual families in naturism is not helping to squash this idea.

As for the answer to the question above, I recommended visiting Rock Lodge, especially during holiday weekends and their special family days. I’ve also seen quite a few kids at Empire Haven during the annual Northeast Naturist Festival (though I can’t speak for the regular Empire Haven season, but I’m guessing there’s not usually a lot of kids.)

The Lake at Rock Lodge Family Nudist Resort in NJ

The Lake at Rock Lodge Family Nudist Resort in NJ

Big naturist events and festivals, given that they’re kid-friendly, are generally a good idea since they attract a lot of people.

Other than that, I’m kind of at a loss for this region. At other clubs, I’ve either seen just one or two kids, or we weren’t there long enough to see the usual crowd.

What can you recommend, readers? Do you know any family friendly nudist resort where you’ve seen a significant presence of families / kids in the Mid-Atlantic region? (I don’t know exactly where they live, but the Mid-Atlantic region can include New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, D.C., Virginia & West Virginia.)

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  • billy4christy

    Pine Tree in Maryland is couples only unless invited by a member.

  • huang000xiaoli

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  • joe_churilla

    I think a large limiting factor to families with kids participating is simply money. 

    At the club in New Jersey I belong to it costs almost $500 per adult for annual membership.  While there are payment plans offered, almost $1000 for two adults to join (assuming a “nuclear” family) is a pretty fair chunk of change to lay down. 

    Unless the parent(s) are dedicated to the value a nude lifestyle can bring, I suspect that most people would consider other ways to spend a $1000 when contemplating that bill. Even if the parent(s) are fully bought in to nudism, going to a club and getting naked still begs the “Now what?” question.

    Parents look for ways to entertain their kids.  It boils down to entertainment “value” for the dollar.  Do I spend $1000 to take my kids to an amusement park, the Jersey shore, a sporting event with a wide variety of distractions? Or do I take my kids to a nudist club and still have to deal with “Now what?”. On its face, the commercial entertainment venues win hands down. It’s all packaged up and ready to go. At a nudist club, you have to “roll your own”, so to speak. Which option has more long-term worth to the child is another question. Personally, I lean toward the nudist club as you might suspect since I’m posting here. Parents have to be more involved and can’t entertain the kids by delegation to commercial enterprises.

    While marketing is a factor, you have to have something to market.  Nudist clubs are competing for a very limited entertainment dollar.  Clubs have to appreciate that, in some ways, they are entertainment venues.  They have to have something to offer besides “You can do it naked”. I don’t have the brainpower to identify what that “something” is but it has to be something more than a pool and a playground to make people leave their clothes at home.

  • WilkowFan12

    WhiteTail resort in Virginia