Event Recap: Young Naturist Gathering At Dyer Woods

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Recap of Our Young Naturist Gathering at Dyer Woods in Rhode Island

On the Friday evening before Independence Day, we filled up our car with people and belongings and left NYC. It was time to head to our first Young Naturist Gathering at Dyer Woods Nudist Campground in Foster, Rhode Island!

It was gray and humid in NYC, and we drove for a few hours through thunderstorms and heavy rain all across Connecticut. Still, the weather forecast promised to be beautiful for the rest of the weekend in Rhode Island.

We reached the club after dark, late in the evening. Hardly anyone else had showed up yet given the rain. Dyer Woods has just a handful of overnight rentals, so most would be camping. We settled in and looked forward to really getting a look at the place in the morning. (Jordan and I had never been here ourselves.)

young naturist gathering nude sunbathing swimming pond dyer woods nudist campground rhode island yna

Sunbathing by the swimming pond (you can see the bounce house on the other side)


Sure enough, the sun came out bright and warm Saturday morning. People started arriving and filling the parking lot. We had breakfast and coffee on the picnic tables next to the small pond.

As the morning wore on, more and more people laid their towels out to relax and sunbathe on the grassy banks of the pond. It’s actually a delightful pond to swim in. The water is very clean (they filter and treat the water), and there’s no fish. Although beautiful green frogs like the one pictured below can be found all along the water’s edge.

young naturist gathering green frog swimming pond dyer woods nudist campground yna

Green pond frog

On the other side of the pond, the bounce house was set up! This was a rental generously donated by one of the club members. It was open to both young kids and grown-up kids alike. It was pretty fun to jump in, though it is also a work-out!

young naturist gathering naked bounce house dyer woods rhode island yna

The bounce house

young naturist gathering naked bounce house dyer woods nudist campground yna

Dyer Woods is located on a nature preserve and has miles of hiking trails. So around midday we took a group hiking tour with a bunch of the club’s members.

young naturist gathering nude hike dyer woods nudist campground yna

There are a couple of interesting sights along the trails. One is a historic cemetery where a revolutionary war soldier is buried.

young naturist gathering rhode island historical cemetery foster dyer woods yna

Rhode Island Historical Cemetery at Dyer Woods

young naturist gathering historical cemetery gravestone war soldier dyer woods rhode island yna

Grave of a revolutionary war soldier

Another is an old and mysterious “stone chamber.” Many of us went inside to take a look at it. It’s a few feet wide and maybe 10 feet long with a low ceiling.

Apparently there are hundreds of stone chambers throughout New England, and nobody is quite sure who built them or why. They could’ve been made by European explorers, farmers or Native Americans. This sign below, posted near it at Dyer Woods, says more about it.

young naturist gathering stone chamber dyer woods nudist campground nude hiking yna

Entrance to stone chamber

young naturist gathering stone chamber info dyer woods nudist campground yna

We also stopped at another big, scenic pond that’s not meant for swimming (it’s not treated and has leeches). Just off the trail there’s a flat grassy area with a bench, which makes for a nice area to hang out by the water.

young naturist gathering fishing pond dyer woods nudist campground rhode island yna

Fishing pond

If you’ve noticed the trees look bare in some of these photos, it’s because they were ravaged by gypsy moth caterpillars this past spring! Thousands invaded and ate up the leaves.

After the nature walk, we enjoyed a BBQ lunch and went swimming. Then it was time for some fun with body painting, holi powder and the slip n slide! And in that order, so we could wash off the colors with the water and soap on the slip n slide.

young naturist gathering naked body painting dyer woods nudist campground rhode island yna

The holi powder toss was a big hit as usual. We all got covered in bright colors and then turned it into watercolor on the slip n slide. With the slope of the hill it was a little challenging to stay on the mat.

young naturist gathering holi powder body painting dyer woods nudist campground yna

young naturist gathering holi powder body painting dyer woods nudist campground rhode island yna

young naturist gathering holi powder felicity jordan dyer woods nudist campground yna

young naturist gathering naked slip n slide dyer woods nudist campground yna

Slip n Slide


Late afternoon there was a naked yoga class with the club’s local yoga teacher, Janice. About 30 people flowed through an hour of poses.

We had a potluck-style dinner with the members that evening. Dyer Woods is owned and run by its members, who it must be said were all welcoming and super accommodating in having us there!

After dinner it was time to get our fireworks ready for a show. In the open field we lit up fountains, firecrackers and cakes for a big sparkly display on the ground and in the sky.

The day ended with a campfire, s’mores and a sing-along with a guitar and drum.

Sunday was more of the same. We woke up to more sun and beautiful weather. Janice led people in saluting the sun with a morning yoga class by the pond.

People sunbathed, swam and played volleyball on the club’s sand court. Later we took a second longer hike on the trails and saw more of the other pond, plus old building foundations. One of them has an old bomb shelter.

young naturist gathering sand nude volleyball court dyer woods nudist campground yna

Sand volleyball court

Sunday night some played card games in the clubhouse, joined the club members around a big fire pit or relaxed in the hot tub or sauna.

On Monday it was unfortunately time to go home. It was so nice out, and it was hard to leave! I decided to finally try the pond water slide and did it in perfect form. Check out my video below.


About 50 people in total attended this gathering. Many came from Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut and other nearby states. As is usually the case with our gatherings… Some were completely new to naturism but took to it almost immediately (no joke).

People had a great time, and I’m sure at least a few will return to Dyer Woods this season. We hope to get back there ourselves next summer if not sooner!

We want to thank all the members of Dyer Woods, especially Jim and Heather for inviting us and making this an awesome weekend! Also big thanks to caretaker Mark for all his help.

This event was in collaboration with our friend Joe who’s trying to start a new group — Young Naturists New England (YNNE). It’s replacing Connecticut Young Naturists (CYN) which became defunct (its leaders could no longer run it). Visit the website at http://ynne.org or join their Facebook group to learn more.

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