Young Nudism and Young Nudists Today

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Young Nudism – What Should Young Nudists Do?

Young Nudism and Young Nudists in Today’s World

Young Nudism and Nudists – When I was growing up there was a popular song entitled, “I Wanna be Rich.” It seemed like a good idea at the time, so I planned to grow up and be rich. Little did I realize that being a social worker isn’t going to make me rich.

So, I’m not rich. I get by and I’m not starving, but the contents of my bank account doesn’t put me on the Forbes 400 List. Looking at the list, it seems that everyone I know is with me in not being on the list, so I guess I’m in good company. Many of my not-rich friends enjoy going to nudist locations, including naturist camps, nudist resorts, and naked parties, which sometimes presents a problem: these places and events all cost money. Not being rich, that’s sometimes quite a hardship for us.

As young people, many of us are not only not rich, we’re in quite the opposite of rich: poor. It is often the young people who are in college full-time, which means they’re not working full-time and earning a big paycheck. After college, we finally get a full paycheck but we also get the joy of paying back our student loans, which take up much of that paycheck. Those who are young and living in their first home of their own are fraught with the extra costs of not just paying for their home but also furnishing their home and buying every single thing that a home needs, from towels and pots & pans to paint and decorations. This is very expensive, especially for young people who are newer to the workforce and not making huge salaries just yet.

Young Nudism and Young Nudists

Young Nudism and Young Nudists

So how do we build a bridge for these young people who have little money and huge expenses but have a desire to participate in the nudist community? We can start by being thankful that these young people don’t need to expend money for new clothes for the event, I suppose. But beyond that, what can we do? I’ve heard a proposal that young people should have a substantially lower fee for daily rates and memberships at clubs. I know that all young people would agree. But would all of the business owners? As someone who helps in the operation of my local nudist club, I can see the other side of this coin: if people don’t pay for admission or membership, there won’t be enough income to keep the place open. It’s a quandary for me since I really can see both sides of the debate.

Dear readers, I’m wondering what YOU think! Should young people get a discount? If so, how much and what should the age cut-off be? How could/ should this be proposed to clubs so that they understand that it’s to their benefit to create a young adult price? Inquiring minds want to know: I want to know.

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