Young Adult Nudist Gathering at Rock Lodge: Epic Weekend!

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Young Adult Nudist Gathering At Rock Lodge In New Jersey!

YNA’s Young Naturist Gathering at Rock Lodge in NJ:

Young Adult Nudist Gathering – Mid-July, there’s no better time to escape to the countryside for lush green nature and a swim in a refreshingly clean lake, freeing yourself of all clothing and city grime. That’s why Young Naturists America decided to organize a weekend trip to Rock Lodge Club located in the woods of northern NJ. The weather was fantastic with plenty of sunshine and hot temperatures. A small nudist group of YNA’ers arrived Friday, already anticipating a great weekend. Many more came on Saturday, giving a total of almost 60 people at this event! These attendees turned out to be an amazing group of young naturists that simply radiated good spirit and positive energy throughout the weekend.

Our festivities began Saturday morning. While some went straight for a skinny dip in the lake, others opted to stretch their muscles in a morning naked yoga session led by Beth Nolan. We laid down mats on the grass between the woods and lake, catching sounds of the birds singing as we breathed in deeply and saluted the sun. Such a vibrant, refreshing way to practice yoga! After yoga everyone crowded the bungalow patio for a BBQ lunch to meet and greet new friends.

Then the afternoon was a fun variety of activities from volleyball to tennis to swimming and raft games to just soaking up the sunshine at the water’s edge. Some people had a grand time with Big Burtha, a party-sized raft, seeing how many people they could pile into it to float around the lake (Meant for 8 or 10, it held up about 20!)

young naturists visit nudist club

Young Naturists America Gathering Rock Lodge

In addition to all of these activities, there were 2 screenings of the indie hit Act Naturally. The first was inside, and the 2nd took place outdoors where the audience watched on a pleasant night under the stars. Gotta love summer.

And the night didn’t end there – it went on with a big bonfire and roasted marshmallows. And that howling you, it wasn’t the wolves, just some adventurous folk dressed only in glowing naked body paint, out for a late-night hike!

On Sunday we were scheduled to go to Gunnison Beach, but needless to say everyone was having such a good time at Rock Lodge that we decided to stay on Sunday for another beautiful day. (I hope to add more pictures here soon!)

young naturists america nudist club gathering

Rock Lodge Lake Young Naturist Nudist Gathering

One of the howling painted nudie hikers! ;)
***PS. We must say thanks to everyone who came because it couldn’t have been such an amazingly successful weekend without you!! You guys are the best :) Much love, YNA***

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    Wondered where y'all were on Sunday! Make sure you post the next time you're going to Gunnison – hope to see you there!