Top 10 YNA Posts From 2014

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The Top 10 YNA Blogs and Articles From 2014

As 2014 comes to an end, we thought we would take a look back at our most popular posts from this past year. This is based on page views and not on comments, though some of these generated a large discussion in the comment section. Here is the list counting down from #10.

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YNA Top 10 for 2014


#10. Event Recap: NYC Body Painting Day 2014

The first ever NYC Body Painting Day with Andy Golub was amazing! Our recap includes a slideshow of great photos from the event. If you didn’t get to see it in person or participate, don’t fret because it’ll be happening again in NYC, July 2015. Stay up-to-date via Andy’s new website: Andy is also working on bringing the same event to Europe for August — look out for a Body Painting Day in Amsterdam! (If you’re a nudie in Amsterdam or know the lay of the land, Andy could use your input — please contact us if you think you can help.)

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NYC Body Painting Day 2014


#9. Jackie Kennedy Nude Beach Picture Scandal

Many enjoyed taking a trip back in time with this nude photo crime of the 70’s involving Jackie O.

#8. From Being Naked and Afraid to Dating Naked — Why is TV nudity doing so well?

Where did this trend of nude reality TV come from? Much of it is pixelated, but putting naked people onscreen was still a risk for big networks. Jordan offers some insight as to how this trend took off.

#7. Why Facebook Censorship is a Big Issue

It’s still a big issue on Facebook. And on YouTube and Instagram and Google+. But there is hope with new social networks like Ello!

#6. Teenage Naturist On Trying Naturism For The First Time

It’s rare that we hear about naturism from a teenager’s perspective, especially one who can write well. In this guest blog, Miss “Barely Hidden” shares her experience of trying naturism for the first time.

#5. My Naturist Story Part 1: Least Likely To Become A Nudist

Nick Alimonos’ 5-part blog series on how he became a naturist is a funny and engaging read.

#4. Review of VH1’s ‘Dating Naked’ Reality Show Episode 1

VH1 premiered a naked dating reality show this year, and it wasn’t terrible. We actually enjoyed it. We’re guessing a lot of other people did, too, since it’ll be returning for a 2nd season in 2015. Click here to see all of our ‘Dating Naked’ recaps.

#3. 10 Popular Myths About Nudism and Naturism

All the big myths that frustratingly live on in 2014. Share this with your friend who thinks nudists all live in colonies 24/7 and never ever put clothes on.

#2. Nudist Video by Sparks Discussion

ClothesFree started producing short videos this past spring, and one in particular caught our attention. While it was well-made in a technical sense, there were some questionable aspects that sparked a big debate in our Facebook group. The debate also continued in the comments. See the video and debate at the link.

#1. Free the Nipple Movie Review

We just published this a little over a week ago, but it quickly flew to the top of the list. If you’re looking for something to watch over holiday break, the FTN movie can be streamed on VOD or iTunes for around $6.99.

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