Top 10 YNA Posts From 2015

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Top 10 Nudist Articles of 2015 by YNA

The year 2015 is officially over, and once again we have compiled our list of the most popular articles and posts of the year! We had some fun-filled adventures to recap in 2015, from hiking naked in the mountains to discovering the hidden nude beaches of Israel. These recap posts received a lot of hits, as did our interviews with two creative female photographers whose projects focused on the human body. Of course an article about NYC Body Painting Day was a big hit too. Though you’ll never guess what our #1 post was… Check out the whole top 10 list below.

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10. Naked In The Israeli Negev Desert At The Pashut Festival

In 2015 Jordan and I went to Israel again and were lucky enough to discover some nudist places! One was the biggest naturist festival in the Middle East called The Pashut Festival. This was a unique and unforgettable experience that I was excited to share on my blog. See more of our Israeli nudie stories at #8.

pashut festival body painting negev desert ashram israel naturist nudist yna

9. Why Bathing Suits Are Pointless

As a naturist I don’t hate clothes, but I do loathe bathing suits. My rant against swimsuits definitely resonated with others as it got shared and re-shared across the Internet!

ugly tan lines bathing suits swimsuit yna

8. The Nude Beach At The Dead Sea In Israel

Another memorable nudist experience in Israel. We found an unofficial nude beach at the Dead Sea and happily basked in the sun, salty waters and mineral-rich mud. I think the Dead Sea was meant to be enjoyed naked.

For more on our nudie adventures in Israel, check out my review of Ga’ash nude beach near Tel Aviv.

dead sea nude beach israel neve midbar yna

7. Nude Beach Photography Issues

We talked a lot about nudism and photography in the last year, and no doubt it will continue to be a frequent topic of discussion. Legal, but non-consensual photography at nude beaches still presents a particularly thorny issue for naturists in the USA (as opposed to other countries that have actually outlawed it). Though we also discussed photography in the context of more private places like nudist clubs and resorts, many of which need to re-evaluate their photo policies in my opinion.

6. Erica Simone Naked In New York City

Speaking of nude photography… In October I interviewed photographer Erica Simone about her series and book of nude self-portraits in the streets of NYC. She gained a lot of fans in the nudie community after this post and she deserves it!

erica simone nue york self-portraits book naked nude photography nyc interview yna

5. Dick Pics and Penis Art By Soraya Doolbaz

Artist and photographer Soraya Doolbaz took the best dick pics of 2015 hands down (and penises up! ..sorry..could not resist). Her funny, irreverent Dicture Gallery captured quite a bit of attention, and it was so much fun to interview her about male nudity, dick pic etiquette and more on my blog.

dick pics soraya doolbaz dicture gallery old saint dick yna interview

4. Nude Hiking and Skinny Dipping Review

Our nude hiking and skinny-dipping trip to the mountains of southern New York was definitely a highlight of the nudie season last year! Over 40 people showed up on a gorgeous weekday in June for an hour hike up the mountain followed by relaxed sunbathing and skinny dipping in the cool, clean lake. Read more and see photos at the recap.

felicity yna nude hiking skinny dipping free hiking new york

3. Why I’m Getting Naked and Painted

This past summer we had our 2nd annual NYC Body Painting Day with Andy Golub. This epic event had double the number of artists and models from the previous year and attracted thousands of people from all over. One of the participating models was Nicolette Barischoff, a writer who has spastic cerebral palsy. Nicolette wrote a wonderful story about modesty, body image and why she decided to be a part of NYBPD.

felicity nicolette andy golub nyc bodypainting day 2015 yna

Felicity, Nicolette Barischoff & Andy Golub at NYC Bodypainting Day 2015


2. Nudist Documentary About Young Naturists America

The first ever YNA documentary was made last winter by a talented young university film student named Dana Schlieman. It runs about 7 minutes in length and features interviews with Jordan and I in our Queens apartment. For Dana this was her first exposure (no pun intended) to naturism and so we asked her to write a blog about her impressions and thoughts after doing this project. We got a lot of positive feedback from our community about the documentary as well as her article.

1. Miss Nude World Nudist Beauty Pageant

Our #1 article of 2015 was about the nudist beauty pageant trend of the mid to late 20th century. In an episode of the Naturist Living Show, Stéphane had interviewed the owners of Ponderosa Nudist Resort who created the “Miss Nude World” pageant in 1970. Their big pageant was one of many taking place at nudist resorts across North America during the 70’s.

nudist beauty pageant miss spring festival 1958 american sunbathing association magazine YNA

Nudist Beauty Pageant – Miss Spring Festival Winner 1958


Inspired by this podcast episode, I decided to some of my own research into the pageant phenomenon to figure out why it started and whether it really fit in with naturist values at the time. This podcast review and article was the result.

Thankfully the pageants ended at some point during the 1980’s or 90’s! There are still plenty of old photos of them online.

Part of the reason this article has gotten so many views is that “nudist beauty pageant” and similar phrases are frequently searched for online. While I’d hope that some are in search of information, one might reasonably conclude that most are searching for naked titillation. And so the nudist beauty pageants continue to attract the same crowd they always did! (But better they land on our educational website than one of those nudist picture-peddler sites – you can read what I think about those in my post about nudist photo blogs.)

Young Naturists and Nudists America

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