Guide To Nude and Naked Yoga Classes in NYC

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Where to Find Naked Yoga Classes in NYC

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Nude or Naked Yoga Classes and Schools in New York City:

Naked Yoga NYC Guide – People often ask us what nudie activities they can pursue in NYC, aside from events. Well one of those is naked yoga! What better way to practice mindfulness and get in tune with your body than with naked yoga? Yoga has been increasing in popularity across the country, and naked yoga classes are becoming more common at nudist clubs.

It’s a nice throwback to the old health-and-wellness tenets of naturism.

In NYC there are studios everywhere, offering all different kinds of yoga. Luckily for us there are a few classes for naked yoga as well. Here is a short guide to naked yoga classes offered in NYC.

Naked Yoga School and Classes In New York City

naked yoga nyc new york city nude yoga guide

Nude Naked Yoga in NYC

Naked in Motion: Yoga and Pilates

This is a brand new group that just started in January 2016 on It was founded by two people – a Pilates instructor named Willow and a yoga instructor named Adam. They’ve combined these two disciplines for a 1.5 hour class. It’s 45 minutes of Pilates followed by 45 minutes of restorative or yin yoga. There a few different instructors and at times multiple classes being offered in Manhattan and Brooklyn. According to the Meetup they offer some vegan snack food after each class. They welcome all levels from beginner to advanced.

naked yoga nyc class pilates nude yna

Here is their group description:

“Naked in Motion is a collective of body-positive individuals with a mission to bring naked people together to move their bodies. We aim to celebrate the naked body, challenging the association of nudity with sex and shame. We are mindful of inclusivity, and our classes are open to all skill levels, body types, and genders. We even offer some sliding scale classes for people with varying income levels.”

You can join and RSVP on the Meetup group or contact them via email.

What to Expect: I haven’t attended this class, but people have been saying positive things about it. Most of the classes are co-ed, but they have started offering women-only sessions and may also have LGBT / queer classes in the future. Some classes with a sliding-scale fee (starting at $15) have also recently begun in April.

Main location: Wild Studio at 245 West 29th St, 11th floor
Cost: $25 per class
Visit their Meetup group or website for class schedule and more info.

Naked Yoga and Nude Meditation By Zensuality

Zensuality Nude Yoga and Naked Meditation

Zensuality Nude Yoga and Naked Meditation

Zen Marie Holmes has been doing candlelit yoga classes on Friday nights since 2012. They now take place at a dance studio in Soho. She also does, in addition to nude yoga, naked dance drum circles, raw food workshops and other events in addition to naked yoga. You can join and RSVP for classes on her Meetup group.

Naked Yoga and Nude Meditation With Zen – What to expect: I attended one of her naked yoga classes, and you can read my full review to see what it’s like. The yoga style is a mix of Vinyasa and Kundalini. Classes are accompanied by live music for vibrational healing, using the didgeroo, African drums and balaphone. It’s a bit more of a new-agey atmosphere. It’s also slow-paced and relaxing, so it’s good for beginners. After class you can enjoy some tea and raw chocolates while socializing with other students.

Zen currently does her classes at Warshaw Dance studio at 115 Wooster St
When: 7:45 – 9:00pm, Fridays
Cost: $20 per class, cash at the door.

Visit her website to learn more about Zen and see the class schedule.

Bold and Naked Yoga School (Formerly known as Le Male Yoga)

Owners Joschi Schwarz and Monika Werner have had this Chelsea studio for eight years, and then two years ago they began offering naked yoga classes to men. Now there are co-ed classes as well as male-only and female-only classes.

To sign up, you need to fill out a first-time registration form indicating your fitness level and experience with yoga. Then they will contact you to discuss classes. I was concerned at first, reading this form because it seemed to imply that larger, non-“fit” people are not welcome.

But I contacted Monika, who assured me that they are only looking to understand the student’s fitness level and their reason for doing yoga in order to put them in the right class. (They should probably still revise the form to more accurately represent themselves.)

Bold and Naked Yoga Classes – What to expect: The yoga is Vinyasa style. For beginners they offer a special series of classes to attend first before trying the regular classes. I haven’t attended a class myself, but here is a video below to get an inside look at the studio. You can also check out this Daily Mail article and a first-hand account from an attendee on Bedford+Bowery entitled, “That Time I Tried Naked Yoga.”

On the Bold & Naked website, they talk about it creating more self-awareness, but they also emphasize how it can help with body image. From their FAQ’s:

Our society is driven by an unrealistic ideal of physical beauty, which can fuel an array of insecurity and self-doubt. Most people don’t have the body of a model and yet, we hold ourselves to those standards. One of the reasons Bold & Naked is offering naked yoga class is to help you gain confidence by accepting and loving your body as it is. It can be a very healing experience.

Bold & Naked is at 163 W. 23rd St
Cost: $25 per class (packages also available)
Note that their classes are age 21+
Check their website for the class schedule and to register for a class.

Nude York Yoga – Naked Yoga For Men Only

This is a men-only studio I just found out about from one of our readers – Nude York Yoga. According to their website they’ve been around since 2011. They have a weekly schedule of classes that focus on Asanas, partner yoga, Pranayama, meditation, and mantras. They aim to provide a judgment-free zone and welcome men of all fitness levels and experience. In addition to classes, they also organize weekend yoga retreats in upstate NY.

From their website: “Drawing on the Tantric and Iyengar yoga traditions, Nude York Yoga provides the space for you to grow your practice and begin to break through the deeply rooted patterns that hold you back from blossoming in all aspects of your life.”

Nude York Yoga: 112 W. 27th St
For men only
Cost: $20 per class, $5 for mat rental
Visit for class schedule and more info

Naked Yoga in NYC by – Cindee Rifkin

**2015 Update**: Cindee has discontinued her weekly naked yoga class in NYC in 2015, but she still occasionally organizes other events and gatherings.

Cindee Rifkin offers a weekly co-ed naked yoga class in midtown on Wednesday nights. Her class is pretty popular, so you need to contact her to reserve a spot in advance. In general with yoga classes, you never know who’s going to be in class, but Cindee also has a dedicated following of regular students. Unfortunately, we just got notice that Cindee will soon be taking a hiatus from her naked yoga classes! She will be transitioning to doing monthly workshops instead, concerning “food, truth-speak, focused pinnacle asana, pranayama” and more. But read on for more about her style of yoga and info on remaining classes.

Naked Yoga With Cindee Rifkin – What to expect: I have attended one of her classes in the city, when it was in a smaller studio, with about 8-10 people. It was even mix of genders and a very comfortable environment. Cindee starts off by asking each person what their goal is for the class or what they would like to work on. Everyone gets undressed at the same time. The style of yoga is most like Vinyasa, and Cindee leads the class through different poses. There’s no set routine, and it’s different every time. She’s talkative and chatters throughout the class, giving plenty of guidance, focusing your attention and offering techniques for quieting your own brain chatter. Her class is meant to be for students of all levels, so don’t be shy if you’ve never done yoga before!

Cindee’s yoga philosophy is about leading students inward to find peace and happiness inside, rather than seeking it from the external world. You can learn more about her views on naked yoga and how she started teaching it in her interview on the Naturist Living Show podcast, “Nude Yoga” (Cindee’s interview starts around minute 12) :

Cindee’s class takes place at 135 W. 29th Street, between 6th and 7th ave.
When: 7:45 – 9:15 pm, Wednesdays. Last two classes will be April 9th and 16th, 2014.
Cost: Introductory class is $25 and $30 per class thereafter, or 5 classes for $135.
**Cindee’s Naked Yoga Classes Discontinued in 2015** See her website for more info about her and other nudie events or gatherings she might be organizing.


All of the above naked yoga classes in NYC are nudity-mandatory, as doing yoga naked is the idea. Bold & Naked Yoga does offer private sessions for the less bold (as well as clothed classes, but where’s the fun in that? ;)

This post about Nude or Naked Yoga Classes in NYC was Published by – Young Naturists and Nudists America YNA

Naked Yoga With YNA

We often have naked yoga at our outdoor events, and to do naked yoga in nature takes it to a whole new level. It’s a totally different experience from doing a class indoors. We haven’t yet scheduled summer events, but be sure to check our events page, follow us on Twitter or Facebook, or subscribe to our newsletter to get notified on upcoming events! Cindee occasionally does a class at Rock Lodge Club, and Beth Nolan does summer classes every week at Goodland Country Club. So those would be more opportunities to try it outside in nature.

Honorable Mentions:

– Isis Phoenix is a longtime yoga instructor and started Cindee on her path to doing naked yoga. Read Isis’ story of how she started her practice in “Naked Yoga: A Story of Transformation.” Isis is also known for her weekly spiritual / interfaith service known as “Naked Church.” She normally offers private naked yoga sessions in NYC, but is currently touring the U.S. doing events. In the meantime, check out her blog project called Asana Exposed, in which she shares people’s personal stories about their bodies and doing naked yoga.

– Virayoga studio in SoHo is the only studio I know of that opted to end their topfree gender discrimination (yay!) and allows women to go topfree (topless). Of course there’s nothing to stop you from going topfree at any public, outdoor yoga class in New York state. **Update 12/22/14**: Virayoga studio is now closed.

So readers, what’s your experience with naked yoga in NYC? Let me know in the comments!

This guide to Nude Yoga and Naked Yoga Classes and Naked Yoga Schools in NYC was published by Young Naturists and Nudists America – YNA

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  • therealtruth

    What an informative article! I now have more options when I visit NYC. I usually attend yoga classes wherever I travel. Maybe that annual body painting event to. Leave it to forward thinking NY yogi’s to offer such a variety. In Florida and California to. Here in Canada there’s clothes optional places like Toronto’s Hanlan’s Point Beach & Vancouver’s Wreck Beach, but nude yoga non-existent. Except for maybe Vancouver. There’s been occasional irregular nude yoga classes  about 3 years ago. Recent news of a nude yoga class here however, it’s advertised with a fetish connotation to it which isn’t going to attract the general yoga demographic here. Thanks for the NY listings.

  • Great listing!  Do you have any plans to extend it beyond NYC?  I participate in a great naked yoga class in Land O Lakes, Florida.