World Naked Bike Ride NYC 2011

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World Naked Bike Ride NYC

Join The World Naked Bike Ride NYC

World Naked Bike Ride NYC – The World Naked Bike Ride (WNBR) is coming up for its 3rd year in NYC!! Touting the message of environmental awareness and positive body image, riders will strip down to body paint and climb on their bikes to ride en masse through the streets of the city.

What’s the dress code? “As bare as you dare”! (And no, it isn’t really legal to be butt naked bike-riding around so, all the more fun! But it seems the worst consequence is a cop asking you to put pants on.)

Here is the timeline / info:

-3 pm Gather to socialize, body paint and prepare (b.y.o.~ paints and brushes)

-5 pm Riders Assemble

… 6 pm We RIDE!!!



ENTER at DELANCEY ST @ migrate towards the East River

World Naked Bike Ride NYC

World Naked Bike Ride NYC

Find the most update info and answers to all the questions you could possibly think of here on the wiki page.

Here is a video to build your excitement!

So who’s ready to ride a bike dressed in paint (I mean you, not the bike) and maybe protest some oil dependency?

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  • carrie88

    What is the average turn out for an event like this? I've never heard of it and we should aim to expose it more through YNA next year!