World Naked Bike Ride in New York City Reviewed By Felicity Jones

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World Naked Bike Ride in New York City

World Naked Bike Ride – You know the story – small packs of people on bikes flock into East River Park on a Sunday afternoon. They pull out their stick-on mustaches, nipple tassels, balloons, funny hats, and disrobe to reveal festive banana hammocks.

A leader pulls out some body painting supplies from his cart, and everyone gets their slogans, environmental drawings and decorations painted on… “More Nudes, Less Nukes!”, “Solar Powered”, “No Flacking!”, “More Ass, Less Gas” You know what I’m talkin’ bout – it’s called the World Naked Bike Ride! Lucky for us this took place again in NYC this past Sunday.

This ride was more of a “scantily clad” bike ride this year for the most part, as there are always cops to discourage full nudity. However many were legally topless and conveyed their message to NYers with flair! Love the Earth, love your body, and take good care of both!

Topfree after WNBR NYC

Felicity goes Topless after the after WNBR NYC

Good time to take advantage of my topless rights on the NYC streets ;)

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