Why Did AANR Remove Lupin Lodge?

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The Story of AANR and Lupin Lodge Clothing Optional Resort

AANR Removes Lupin From Its Network of Nudist Clubs – the question is – WHY?!?!?

As some might know, YNA has been on the receiving end of many malicious and unsubstantiated allegations in the past. This has taught me NOT to believe everything I hear and to take with a grain of salt what other people (even organizations) claim. So when it came to issue of Lupin Lodge’s AANR charter being revoked, I had to try and find out for myself what really happened.

For those of you who follow news from the nudist world, the name Lupin Lodge might trigger some strong feelings and opinions.

For the benefit of those who have not followed the chain of events that lead to Lupin Lodge’s AANR charter being revoked, I will try and do my best to explain what happened in the most straightforward way. I took extra time to try and confirm the information and I want to thank all those who have been so gracious with their time and willingness to answer my never-ending barrage of questions.

For those who are unfamiliar with Lupin, they have a TON of land. They are very accepting of people and host events by all kinds of groups (such as Burning Man and the now infamous “Fox Hunt” group).

During May 6 through May 8 of 2010, a fetish group that puts on “Human Fox Hunts” booked Lupin Lodge as their venue. This was the first of two such events.

On Feb 9th of 2011, a blog post surfaced (“What’s really going on at Lupin Lodge?“). The fallout from that event, and subsequent blog post, triggered a chain of events that ultimately resulted in Lupin Lodge’s removal from AANR (the AANR stands for “American Association for nude Recreation”).

Lupin Lodge AANR Young Naturists America YNA

Why Did AANR Remove Lupin Lodge

Last month, Felicity and I decided to visit Lupin Lodge to talk to the owners directly. We also spoke with people from AANR, TNS, members of Lupin, bloggers and other people who were willing to help us sort through and make sense of everything that happened.

We learned that Glyn (the owner) has twin 12 year old girls who live on the grounds. When asked about any overt sexual activities being carried out in the open, Glyn turned serious and with a blank look on his face said: “I have 2 teenage girls who live here. Do you think I would subject them to anything like that?” I must say that I was taken aback by his response and by the seriousness with which he said it.

I should also note here that the owners claim that the event took place far away. They said it was done without many of the members even knowing, which is very possible and probable.

In an effort to understand what happened, I have been corresponding with Cindy Gregory, the resident staff member at Lupin. She has been extremely gracious and answered every single question I had (and there were many). She was also kind enough to send me the letter she wrote, which Glyn read to the AANR board in 2011 (prior to the board’s decision to remove Lupin from AANR’s network). The letter can be read in its entirety here: Cindy Gregory’s Letter To The American Association For Nude Recreation.

I also reached out to a journalist – Tracy Clark-Flory — who attended the event and later published an article about it on Salon.com. I wanted to get the inside scoop from someone who was there and actually saw the events that transpired (please note that in her article she never actually mentioned Lupin, so I asked her flat out where it took place).

Here is my Q&A:

Q. Did the event you wrote about take place at Lupin Lodge?

A. Indeed, it was at Lupin Lodge.

Q. Did you see any overt sexual activity that took place out in the open?

A. I didn’t witness any sexual acts.

Q. How did you hear about the event?

A. I can’t remember how I heard about the event, but I was invited after getting in touch with one of the organizers.

Q. Were the participants walking around in full view of the Lupin members, while dressed in their costumes?

A. I’m not sure whether people were walking around in their costumes in front of children.

Q. Do you feel that it is inappropriate exposing children to such costumes & would you say that it might be deemed as extreme?

A. I don’t have any particular opinion on whether or not it would appropriate for children to see such costumes — I leave that up to individual parents. But it certainly wasn’t anything more extreme than costumes you would see at the Folsom Street Fair [a big San Francisco leather event], which allows children.

Q. Did the event participants and Lupin members interact with each other during or after the event?

A. I didn’t see any interaction between the participants and the club members.

The decision to remove Lupin as an “official” AANR club has been a point of contention within the Naturist and Nudist communities. But what exactly happened that lead to the removal of this club and did they do anything worse than what you’d find at any other fully sanctioned AANR nudist clubs?

So I decided to reach out to a good friend and YNA supporter – Tom Mullhall. For those who might not know, Tom is the owner of the Tera Cotta Inn in Palm Springs, CA. He is also the chairman of AANR PR committee and this is what he said:

“AANR is made up of regions. Lupin and California are in the AANR West Region. The AANR West Board of Directors did not request that Lupin no longer be affiliated with AANR. I have personally known Glyn Stout of Lupin for almost 20 years. He runs a fine establishment. I highly recommend nudists to visit Lupin when they are in the area.”

Since AANR West did not want Lupin removed and as far as I know, no official vote had been cast, this leads us to assume that some sort of “executive order” had been made. Since I was unable find any official statement and got no official response, my guess as to why they removed them would be just that – a guess!

The “Fox Hunt” did in fact take place on their grounds, this we know. I have been told by AANR members that Lupin advertised it and as a result – courted these groups. This would have been the game-changer in my view but after speaking with AANR officials, endlessly searching the web and reaching out to countless people, I could not find any proof of that they had advertised it the way some claimed. I would like to note that the people who made these allegations would not respond to my follow-up attempts to learn more (these types of crazy accusations followed by complete unresponsiveness, is an upsetting MO in the Nudist / Naturist community).

I then reached out to Nicky Hoffman who runs The Naturist Society and produces N magazine. I wanted to know why TNS decided to keep supporting Lupin while AANR deemed them “unworthy” of their support.

Here was her answer:

“Lupin rents their property out to many different sorts of groups. They do no advertising for these groups and are closed to the public when these groups take over the resort. Glyn showed me the area that this particular group used, and it is on the public land adjacent to the Lupin property. When the group was finished with their activity on this adjacent property they returned to the resort and had complete use of the clubhouse and one of the larger yurts.

Lupin is a privately owned property and is doing what they can to survive and grow. I have the utmost respect and admiration for Glyn and Lori Kay Stout and know that they would never do anything to hurt naturism or The Naturist Society.”

So this got me thinking about nudist and naturist resorts and behavior etiquette in general. I personally am not interested in such sexual escapades; but I understand that some people are. Is having a sexually motivated private event, in a secluded private area of a nudist club, grounds for cutting ties? Does this mean that every nudist club that has any kind of sexual activity on its grounds is breaking the moral nudist code? If so then I wonder who decided that the activities at Lupin had crossed the line that other clubs haven’t.

I feel that the answer to these questions is at the core of this issue. There are official AANR clubs that openly publicize on their own websites (and as a result – promote) events such as leather and lace as well as lingerie parties. Are such club-promoted parties, which take place in the open and are obviously meant to titillate, considered healthy, positive and accepted forms of expression? If so, how are leather, lace and lingerie parties different from other forms of costumes? To put this bluntly, why is a person dressed in an animal costume so much more disturbing to AANR than a nudist dressed in leather BDSM attire?

It is also important to note that there are some AANR clubs that are known swinger-magnets and serve as meeting places where swingers get together and party. There are even websites and forums dedicated to these swingers meet-ups.

Recently, an in-depth 3 part blog about one woman’s visit to Sunny Rest nudist resort in PA surfaced, and here is one short excerpt that makes an interesting point:

“We learned earlier today from Irv, the 88-year-old owner, that many of the resort’s nudists engage in swinging — like the majority, as in 60%.”

(Her full post can be viewed here.)

What does this say about AANR’s choice to host their recent AANR-East convention there? Some might argue that the “credible voice for nude recreation” includes swingers (since they do like to take part in nude recreation – albeit, in a sexual nature). But if that is the case, then why kick out Lupin and support Sunny Rest? How about the clubs we have visited where sex parties took place in tents and within earshot of kids and regular campers? Why are these clubs embraced while Lupin is admonished?

I spoke to many people before writing this piece. During the course of my “investigation” I remembered a story that one friend had told me a couple of months ago. She said that while visiting an AANR club (in the capacity of her AANR position) she decided to take a walk on one of the paths through the woods. As she was walking alone, she happened upon a small group of people who decided it was a good place for a nature sex session. The people saw her and rather than try and hide their behavior, they invited her to join in. Needless to say, she was quite shocked by their behavior as well as the invite. This is one of the clubs that has become a well-known swinger’s haven and point of contact.

So, this begs the question… why would AANR remove a club like Lupin for hosting (not promoting) a private event and then turn a blind eye to others?

Let me be very clear as I don’t want this article to be taken the wrong way.

I don’t have an issue with lifestyle groups, nudist resorts and so forth. I do have an issue with misinformation or disinformation that creates unnecessary drama and without official statements or reasons given to mitigate it.

Unfortunately, the nudist world is anything but transparent (quite the dichotomy). Answers are seldom given and information is treated like national security and only those with the proper security clearance are privy to the facts.

I get criticized for using a pen name, but I do not hide. I stand behind what I say and do, 100%. I also am not afraid to admit when I am wrong – something that is truly lacking in nudie leaders today.

I wrote about nudist organizations a while back. I outlined their goals and mission statements and asked people, especially due paying members to hold us all up to higher standards (YNA included). By paying dues, people are in essence casting their vote and showing support. But few are the people who actually call up, email or engage the organizations that they chose to finance. I, for one, don’t believe in joining any organization just because I want to use the facilities of a club – that is a waste of money (and I would rather pay more to club than to an organization I don’t support. At least that way, my money will go towards improving the facilities instead of going towards a political statement). But that is my personal choice – I vote with my money and actions as do all of us.

So in closing, I would like to say that from what I have seen (after visiting Lupin) and after speaking with countless people over the last month, I have no qualms with supporting Lupin Lodge. I will go one step further and say that their modern approach and use of technology is quite refreshing. They even use twitter – and use it well!

I would love to have Young Naturist events at Lupin and if we ever are able to establish a point person in the area, Lupin would be an awesome place to work with! To all the members of YNA you can consider this an official statement of support and an encouragement to visit with your kids, family or just on your own. They are wonderful people, have amazing facilities, beautiful nature trails and lots of fun activities. They also will be accepting YNA memberships and extending discounts to our members. So if you become a member, please show them your card when visiting.

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Jordan Blum is a lifelong nudie and co-founder of Young Naturists America.
  • annaliddell

    Bondage and fetish scenes, unless they were brief would rank an X not an R rating in the movies.
    Point is movie theaters who continuously showed X rated movies would get a reputation even if they showed G rated children cartoons in the afternoon. 

    You just can’t have nudist resorts host so called “sex positive” events without the whole sex/nudity thing being reinforced in the minds of the public.

  • annaliddell

    @naturist philosopher 
    “  Organizations whose base is in young people at least stand a fighting chance. ”
    TIME magazine once had access to past articles. I believe they still do, I haven’t checked in a while.  But there was an article about nudism from 1970 there and it discussed that one of the problems was the failure to bring young people into nudism.
    Well, 40 years later and nudism is still around.  The movement will always be made up of older generations. That is how it has always been.

  • annaliddell

    Either the simple act of being nude is  all about sex like that guy recently wrote on the altogether blog or it isn’t.  Pretty clear to me.

    Sure there can be other forms of adult nude behavior but not at nudist clubs.  Call them Nude adult clubs. Whatever, just not nudist or naturalist clubs.

  • annaliddell

    Lupin Lodge lied about hosting the event. They weren’t being (and still aren’t being) honest.

  • annaliddell

    You really didn’t look into the situation enough. It was part of a trend at Lupin Lodge not a single time event (which would have been bad enough).
    As for the other clubs, yeah, AANR shouldn’t be protecting any club that goes sexualized. There needs to be accountability for the nudist movement. And those who want to inject their so called “Sex Positive” (their term) movement into nudism should be discouraged.

  • annaliddell

    Unfortunately, even a blogger on AANR’s own site claims that social nudity is always about sex.
    I agree with you, I don’t think nudity always has to be about sex, but obviously within the Nudist/Naturalist community there is an effort to move in a sexual direction.

  • annaliddell

    This wasn’t the only BDSM event that Lupin Hosted.  There was also the monthly meeting of a Masters and Slaves group as well as a “Furies” group.

    As to the other clubs, yeah, they should be told to clean up their act or face their AANR charter being revoked.

  • nudiarist YoungNaturist dallasnudistcultureEx No worries. Good luck :)

  • nudiarist

    YoungNaturist nudiarist dallasnudistcultureEx  Wow, Jordan. You just lost any future support from me, and I’ve been perhaps your biggest supporter on the Internet over the past few years. Your rants are beyond childish, and that is a profound disappointment to me. You simply cannot take criticism, and you choose to lash out and try to destroy people, as you did with the folks at AANR and the Florida Young Naturists. Yes, your accomplishments are quite impressive if you are referring to all the people you’ve managed to alienate over the past few years. Bye Jordan, or whatever your name really is, and good luck in all your future endeavors.

  • nudiarist YoungNaturist dallasnudistcultureEx  Chet, so far, yours is the only tyrannical behavior I have witnessed. You are stubborn and opinionated to the point where you dismiss whoever disagrees with you. Let me tell you this – you are not the Judge and Jury of anything and people have the write to think you are wrong. And lately, you have been less than accepting of other people’s opinions.
    Now, if those are the only two memorable things you think we have done then shame on you for making that statement. You know it is a crappy dig and utterly spiteful.
    Instead of looking down at all us little misguided people, why not come down to the people and actually do something for a change? So far you are only bitching about this and for the most part I don’t care. but how dare you belittle and mislead people? Why would you even say something so hurtful that you know is wrong?
    At the end of the day, we have done more and are doing more than you. Our accomplishments are quite impressive and while you might not admit it, you know how much we are doing and how far we have come. That said, if you are not part of mainstream america then you probably have no clue what I am talking about.
    I am very disappointed by your tactics. I have always respected your opinion, even when we did not agree. But this time you are just down right petty and mean.

  • dallasnudistcultureEx YoungNaturist  Hi Larry. Now that is a great questions and I want to thank you for asking it. 
    For starters, the comment made by Tom is an official one. I have tried on many occasions to reach out to AANR for information but from day 1 they were unresponsive. It got to the point where we had to issue a PR just so we could get them to email us back.
    The point I am really trying to make is that there is a lack of accountability and transparency surrounding AANR. This issue keeps surfacing again and again. So I feel we need to ask the questions and create the discussion if there is any hope to get them to move forward into the the 20th century.
    They need to understand that people will not just sit back and take their words for things. This is the only Org I know that most of it’s supporters / members have absolutely no clue what their money is REALLY going towards.
    The second issue I have is that they feel the need to “protect” some clubs but not others. This is unacceptable and people need to know that they have a voice.
    At the end of the day, AANR is a spin machine. I know for a fact that they warp reality and so many time they print crap that never happened or twist the truth around to fit the point they are trying to make.
    Many of the people I spoke with had been ranting about Lupin ever since Chet posted his blog and the question is why? What really happened? They rented out a part of their venue to a group of people. It was a private event and that is pretty much it.
    Lupin had their integrity called into question and AANR’s decision was a validation of that. I just wanted people to understand that there is far more to the story than the rumors.
    I hope I answered your question. If not then let me know and I will take another stab at it.

  • I feel the need to share a disclaimer about the article Jordan linked to above about Sunny Rest, that I didn’t read in full until today. Holy shit, that article is one of the most judgmental, close-minded accounts I’ve ever read about a nudist club. While the author tries to honestly describe everything she sees, she also generously shares her harsh judgments of everyone’s bodies and their lifestyle. There’s fat shaming, swinger shaming. A little something for everyone. 
    Despite people in the comments trying to explain to her how judgmental she is, she doesn’t seem to get it. Lady needs a reality check. So read it at your own risk and give her a piece of your mind if you feel like it.

  • nudiarist

    dallasnudistcultureEx YoungNaturist mfhy2k  Larry, this is where you begin to lose me by making Shermanesque statements such as “sex isn’t relevant to any discussion of nudism or naturism”. Dr. Paul Rapoport once said “Principally, it’s problematic to say naturism is totally non-sexual and that naturists should *never* be allies of the sex industries. The former is a bit of a political position not based on observation of reality in naturism. Still, it’s mostly non-sexualized, meaning there’s not much overt that’s more sexual than equivalent activities with clothes on. It may justifiably be less so sometimes, because of the need for some people to strengthen psychological boundaries when physical boundaries are removed.”
    I’ve written about this dilemma here: http://nudiarist.blogspot.com/2010/01/nudism-and-naturism-at-crossroads-or.html

  • nudiarist

    YoungNaturist nudiarist FelicityJones PatriciaBeach  I wrote extensively about this “crossroads” in nudism back in 2010 here: http://nudiarist.blogspot.com/2010/01/nudism-and-naturism-at-crossroads-or.html
    It’s time for TNS and AANR leaders to come up with some sort of basic ratings system.

  • nudiarist

    YoungNaturist nudiarist dallasnudistcultureEx  Jordan, this is one reason you are destined to fail. You will never endear yourself to the nudist community by trying to tear down existing organizations. There is a big difference between constructive criticism and what you are trying to do with AANR – you’ve been gunning for them since the very beginning.
    Lee Baxandall split from AANR in the 1970s and eventually formed TNS, the NAC and the NEF. He had a lot of smarts and enough money to be effective, but he succeeded in splitting the nudist movement in two. Certainly AANR (then the ASA) contributed to the divisiveness. 
    Now along comes YNA which is “all about the love”, and the two most memorable things you’ve done is engage in a war against AANR, and another very public slap fight with the Florida Young Naturists. Much of this has been very ugly.
    Lee engaged in a lot of similar tyrannical behavior – some of his angry correspondence can be found on the Internet. As a result, AANR and TNS for years could not even agree on the time of day.
    The difference between you and me is that when I am critical, I am doing so to try and make organized nudism better. You say that I am on the “sidelines”, but two meritorious service awards from AANR tell a different story. Yes, some things I’ve written have pissed people off, but I feel that much of it has made a real positive difference.
    There are real, serious problems in organized nudism and naturism, chiefly among them is developing a clear strategy for strengthening the movement in a rapidly changing society.
    Today’s self-appointed leaders like you and Felicity need to be clear and consistent in your messages. If your goal is do divide and conquer – well, you are halfway there.

  • YoungNaturist mfhy2kThat is because nudism and naturism are not about sex. Sex isn’t relevant to any discussion of nudism or naturism. There are plenty of organizations, movements and websites where you can discuss sex and grow all you wish. Since contemporary nudism began nudists have been trying to make people understand that sex leads to nudity but nudity doesn’t lead to sex. Grasping the fact that nudity is not always about sex is about as basic as it gets when it comes to naturist philosophy. Anyone who wants to combine the two are talking about something else, not naturism.
    Larry Darter

  • YoungNaturist — TANR folded at its December meeting. It may try to resurrect at some point. However, I am not in those discussions. 

    We at NACORBA felt there was a need for a Nudist Trade Organization outside of AANR. Our team includes web developers, online marketing and content creation professionals. We are evolving amd will grow. We feel networking is a crucial element to help the social nudism business community gather steam. Very soon we will have a secure, password protected forum on our website allowing members to network and share knowledge. We also felt that with the current state of the social nudism industry entry level membership in NACORBA needed to be Free. We welcome resorts, non-landed clubs,bloggers and businesses involved within social nudism.

  • YoungNaturist What I was getting at is what is the endgame? What is the goal? Getting AANR affiliation back for Lupin Lodge? Does Lupin want that? An apology from AANR? A public admission of wrong doing? Shining a spotlight on the situation to get it out in public in hopes something similar won’t happen to another club? That is what I meant from what is the point. A basic statement that Lupin Lodge was treated unfairly and here is why isn’t any of those things. It’s just an opinion albeit it may be a good and completely defensible one. Did anyone ask AANR to give their side of story? Not from years ago but recently. Most people want to hear both sides or at least that both sides were given the opportunity to present their version but refused. I have no reason to doubt you when you say you aren’t out to hurt AANR, but let’s be fair, reading the article could leave some with that impression especially in light of other references to AANR on YNA that aren’t exactly complimentary. I remember when YNA started and the big dust up started by the AANR sponsored group. I defended YNA back then because I believed in your organization. So to be frank, I couldn’t blame you if you have hard feelings given the history. Personally I don’t have a dog in the hunt. I’m not an AANR member. I am a TNS member. I’m actually just trying to understand the issue here. I had heard of none of this and as I indicated, I had never even known Lupin Lodge was affiliated with AANR.
    Larry Darter

  • nudiarist YoungNaturist dallasnudistcultureEx  Back at ya ;) (for the same reason)

  • naturist philosopher nudiarist dallasnudistcultureEx  Thank you :) We will be around as long as we can keep the lights on ;)
    The rating system is extremely tricky. I hope Chet decides to tell more about it how he thinks it would be better, what are the specific ratings, what do they mean exactly, who will be the all mighty “rater” and so forth.

    The problem that naturism has is its “image”. But unless the Orgs learn how to be “cool” this will not change.

  • gymnonophist  If you are an AANR member then perhaps you might want to ask them about it. You might need to press for an answer but if you email and call enough times then perhaps you will get the whole picture. 
    Then again, you might get there on the first try :) Give it a shot and let me know how it goes. Would love to hear what they say.

  • gymnonophist  If you are an AANR member then perhaps you might want to ask them about it. You might need to press for an answer but if you email and call enough times then perhaps you will get the whole picture. 
    Then again, you might get there on the first try :) Give it a shot and let me know how it goes. Would love to hear what they say.

  • TheDarkLlama  It is all cloak and dagger with AANR. The problem is that imaginations are always worse than the facts. I believe in an open and honest approach to life, business and relationships.

  • nudiarist

    YoungNaturist nudiarist dallasnudistcultureEx  Jordan, thanks for proving my point.

  • nudiarist

    YoungNaturist nudiarist dallasnudistcultureEx  Jordan, thanks for proving my point.

  • Slayerx1010  Not sure it is a bad thing. Perhaps just a thing.

  • Slayerx1010  Not sure it is a bad thing. Perhaps just a thing.

  • nekkedoutdoors  Don’t get me started on that topic!

  • nekkedoutdoors  Don’t get me started on that topic!

  • mfhy2k  Well I dont know of any Nudist org that openly addressed the different issues pertaining to sexuality. They prefer keeping it a taboo topic. Just like the one we posted here – but unlike them, we feel it is important to talk about things in an open and honest way. This is how we grow, evolve, educate and learn.

  • CindyNyob PatriciaBeach  Patricia – Cindy is totally awesome make sure to send everyone our regards when you visit!

  • nudiarist FelicityJones PatriciaBeach You should write about your plan in detail. Who will rate what and based on what. I would love to learn more.

  • NACORBA  I thought that was TANR?

  • nudiarist dallasnudistcultureEx  Thank you for that dig Chet – I knew I could count on you. I think you have done more than I could ever do to cause rifts.
    Are you truly looking to understand or just preach? So far you have been preaching and this is yet another instance where you completely missed the mark. 
    Your on again, off again love hate relationship with AANR, TNS and YNA has left me wondering why you don’t start your own organization and help push things forward rather than sitting on the sidelines and pointing fingers.
    You seem to enjoy making judgement calls and making them sound as absolute rights and wrongs. Like it or not, we disagree on some issues but you don’t have to revert to passive aggression to get your point across.

  • dallasnudistcultureEx  Stirring up the pot for the sake of it is not something that we do. The problem is that people refuse to deal with issues and unless someone is willing to create a debate and really try to understand the core issues – nothing is going to change.

    I am not out to hurt AANR – I am expecting them to be honest and straight forward – is that really too much to ask?

  • CindyNyob

    PatriciaBeach  Please feel free to contact me at Cindy@lupinlodge.org when you are ready to visit.  I’ll be happy to give you a tour and make sure your visit is wonderful.

  • Jordan,  While a bit old news, you provided an excellent analysis of the situation regarding Lupin Lodge. I grew up near Los
    Gatos and our family was a member for years in the late 60’s and 70’s. We spent
    every weekend at Lupin. The membership was fairly large and the facilities were
    rustic, but well kept.I drifted away
    from nudism as a young adult. I returned in my 30’s, married (at the time), raising
    a family and am still a member of Laguna Del Sol. However, I visit Lupin Lodge four
    or five times a year as it is only 15 minutes from my home. I can tell that
    membership has dwindled and it is obvious that money can be tight at times.I don’t know the owner Glyn personally, but
    have exchanged a few hello’s when he and his family enjoy the swimming
    facilities with us occasionally. From my perception of the atmosphere; your
    comment how he would not expose his family to a “bad” situation  –> is absolutely
    right on target. I also don’t feel the atmosphere at Lupin is sexually charged
    at all. In fact, the members at Lupin are better behaved than at many other prominent AANR
    resorts I have visited!

    Yet, the larger issue is how Lupin like all social nudist
    resorts are left to fend for themselves to survive and grow their businesses. Marketing wise
    they are on their own as AANR has repeatedly stated it is not a trade

    Which is why a team of us created the Naturist and
    Clothing Optional Resort Business Association ( http://www.NACORBA.org ). We aim
    to bring together the resorts, bloggers and other business professionals to provide
    up to date marketing know-how, professional web development, online marketing
    and networking opportunities for resort owners and managers to communicate
    amongst peers.

  • naturist philosopher

    nudiarist dallasnudistcultureEx  I completely (and sadly) agree about skepticism of a viable future for U. S. nudist/naturist organizations – especially TNS and AANR. Organizations whose base is in young people at least stand a fighting chance. I hope Felicity and Jordan don’t give up the struggle.

    Regarding what can be done about this Lupin situation and similar: I can only speak as someone who knows almost nothing about how swingers are organized — except that they seem to have much more vital organizations than naturists do. My impression is that swingers have a large number of available “events” to choose from. Some of these are hosted at hotels, private businesses that cater to swingers, and even some notable former resort members of AANR. Government regulation of such things, if there is any, doesn’t appear to be much of a problem, at least in California and Florida. Anyone who knows more about this, please correct me if I’m wrong.

    Now about the proposal for a “rating system”. If in fact one were put in place, wouldn’t it do exactly what people seem to be so afraid of? Any nudist/naturist venue that publicly offers “X-rated” or even “Unrated” events would immediately cause the ignorant public to draw the conclusion that nudism/naturism is “connected” with sexual merry-making. Horrors! Therefore, events would never be rated as anything other that “G-rated”.

    The only direction I can see in which there lies any hope at all is to promote the bloody heck out of the (many) desirable characteristics of (nonsexual) social nudity. Aim to wipe out the very bad current image that nudity has with the public (at least, the younger generation thereof). Make social nudity sound so appealing, at least to a large part of the population (young people), that any unfavorable connections with sexual subcultures are dismissed as unimportant. Gay people seem to have been quite successful at this. But our older nudist/naturist organizations’ efforts at promotion have been incredibly weak, at best. They may think they’re trying — but they aren’t at all to the degree required.

  • nudiarist

    dallasnudistcultureEx  The problem with Jordan’s article is that appears to have been written primarily as another chance to slam AANR. Unfortunately, YNA has had a chip on its shoulder from the beginning. Their motto is that it’s “all about the love”, but that doesn’t seem to be the case here,  I do think that the Lupin Lodge and Desert Sun situations are still highly relevant in 2014, not necessarily as a means to simply stir up old controversies, but to learn from what happened and try and prevent it from happening again in the future. The divisive environment of which you speak was created a couple of decades ago – it’s unlikely that a few blog posts here and there will deepen that divide. What we need to do as nudists is be more open about the problems with clubs and organizations so that we can address them properly. It’s when clubs secretly court fetish, BDSM and swinger groups, while at the same time bragging about “family values”, that hurts far more than transparency, and when our organizations aid and abet these clubs in their clandestine activities, it hurts our credibility as nudists in general. Personally, I don’t see any strong and viable future for any of today’s nudist and naturist organizations in the U. S. – everyone is far too splintered. Hell, Larry, look at the weak response to your petition, which is a no-brainer for any nudist or naturist to support. But ultimately, when one of the true historic nudist venues in the United States falls from the graces of our largest organization, that’s cause for grave concern, and if we don’t figure out some way to come together on even the most basic issues, then we are doomed to have no political power at any time in the foreseeable future.

  • nudiarist

    dallasnudistcultureEx BEdwardDonofrio  Don’t forget that this all happened in the midst of the San Onofre beach controversy. Both Lupin and AANR did their best to cover this up. Instead of being more open about what was going on, denials were issued, and the fetish and BDSM groups were asked to stop referring to Lupin by name in their promotions. Look, I don’t begrudge adults from engaging in sexual role play or other consensual activities, but given existing nudist and naturist philosophies, these fetish groups are simply not compatible. The choice at the time was to pretend it simply was not happening at Lupin and hope that it would all go away. Now I don’t know exactly why AANR dropped Lupin, it could have been over some other issue, but unless the organization issues a statement, there will continue to be speculation. Nudism suffers from this sort of “cover up” mentality, where the policies are clearly stated as always being family friendly, when in fact swingers and adults only activities are happening all over. It’s way past due for these organizations to initiate a ratings system that fairly reflects the clubs and activities so that visitors and members are fully aware of what is going on. If it works at the multiplex cinema, there’s no reason why it won’t work with nudist clubs. Larry, you are always calling for nudists to be more open – here is a prime example of where we desperately need some honesty and transparency. But there is a Catch-22 – once nudist clubs admit to hosting adult activities, they leave themselves open to government scrutiny and regulation, like strip clubs. It’s hard to be a nudist or a sex-positive person in today’s America, unless you live in the San Francisco area, which is far more tolerant than other cities.

  • mfhy2kThere has never been any prohibition against sexual activity among consenting adults in private at naturist or nudist facilities. Naturists and nudists just don’t have sex in public as part of their naturist activities. Naturist groups do go out of their way to discourage sexual
    activity in public, in order to combat the perception that nudity equals
    sex. So the mention of the “furry” sex that evidently occurred in private was actually just a false flag and I am quite certain completely unrelated to this whole, now ancient controversy.

  • One might reasonably question the motivation for dredging up something that evidently happened Feb. 2011 in Feb. 2014. What is the point really? AANR has a policy they expect affiliated clubs to adhere to. Evidently in their opinion Lupin Lodge did not. Are they not within their rights to run their organization as they see fit? If you feel you are helping the naturist/nudist cause by stirring up an old controversy please stop helping. If you think it unfair then of course you are entitled to your opinion but stirring the pot for the sake of stirring the pot does not nothing but create a divisive environment for us all and thanks but we have more than enough of that as it is.

  • BEdwardDonofrio It’s part of the “furry fandom” subculture which is sometimes a part of animal role play associated with BDSM culture and something arguably appropriate to the sex-positive movement but not naturism. Unfortunately some who identify as naturists don’t seem to be able to distinguish between sex-positive and naturism as two separate unrelated movements. I personally don’t believe Lupin was advocating that. They obviously needed cash and so they rented their facility to this non-naturist related group. The problem is the clothes-minded folks wouldn’t realize that. Just as nudity is inseparably linked to sex with them, any who became aware of the “fox hunt” being held at Lupin would automatically use it to besmirch naturists. Public perception of “furry fandom” is decidedly negative and so it is understandable that naturists and nudists would not wish it linked with nudism.

  • nudiarist

    FelicityJones PatriciaBeach  All these clubs and organizations simply need to agree on a ratings system for events. When there is a bondage or fetish event on the premises, nobody under 18 should be present. Ratings work for movies, and there’s no reason why they won’t work for clubs, many of which are already adults only. Sneaking around and hosting these “secret” events only adds to confusion and distrust. The bottom line is that members and guests have every right to know exactly what sort of activities are being hosted so that they can make an educated decision about whether or not to be present on any given day.

  • nudiarist

    FelicityJones nudiarist  Not sure why there is a glitch. When you click through the content warning, just enter the word LUPIN into the search box in the UL corner of the page to search the blog for relevant posts. Thanks!

  • PatriciaBeach  For the sake of clarity, there are different levels of AANR clubs. I believe for clubs that want to be a “100% AANR Club,” all their members have to belong to AANR. So there is an option to be an “affiliate” without that requirement, though the club won’t get the same benefits. Us and Glyn have never agreed with that policy either (it came up in our discussion with him).

  • nudiarist  Because of the content warning (I think), that link doesn’t work to bring up your Lupin article(s). Maybe you have to be signed into Blogger.

  • BEdwardDonofrio  The Salon.com article and Nudiarist blog post (links above) explain it. It’s basically an event where people dress up in costumes as hunters, horses and one person is a fox that they all chase. For whoever catches the fox, they have some sort of prearranged sexual deal worked out. I don’t know how it’s usually done but in this case, the sexual part came afterward in private.

  • Ahhh I hate that song so much lol

  • nudiarist

    Here is more information about the sort of Human Fox Hunts which took place at Lupin Lodge: Stampede Ponyplay Events http://the-stampede.org/events.html

  • nudiarist

    For more background on the situation at Lupin, please go here http://nudiarist.blogspot.com/search?q=lupin

  • gymnonophist

    AANR also sells lots of advertising to Castaways Travel which openly (on their home page) promotes trips to Desire Resort that clearly promotes themselves as a sexual playground. The mixing of nudism and swinging/sex is much more blatant here than what happened at Lupin.

  • Ian James Patterson

    I couldn’t help but think of this music video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jofNR_WkoCE

  • BEdwardDonofrio

    WTF is a Fox Hunt?

  • PatriciaBeach

    We’ve not been to Lupin, but now we’ll make a point of going.  AANR is a failing organization. My husband and I regularly visit Laguna del Sol (LDS). Until this year we were members. To be a member of LDS you have to belong to AANR. This year we said we won’t continue our membership if we have to belong to AANR. Management there told us they had no choice. For them to be an AANR affiliate they have to make member candidates join AANR.  We’ll still go to LDS and pay the non-member entry fee.

    Also, we continue to belong to The Naturist Society. I know there’s a history of why there two national nudist associations, but it’s still crazy to have two organizations.

    Why did we quit AANR? We see it as an ineffective dysfunctional organization. We don’t need AANR and Lupine doesn’t need AANR.  Frankly I don’t think a national nudist association should be involved with recognizing, monitoring, or supporting nudist resorts, be they primitive campgrounds or nice hotels.  The national organization should be only about promoting the keeping and setting aside of areas in the public domain for nude use. 

    If there’s a need for a national standard for nudist facilities, then the operators of these facilities can form such a group.

  • mfhy2k

    I understand the moral code against sexual activity in public places, that makes sense.  But, none at all on the grounds of a nudist resort???  Not even in a private room between consenting adults?  Sounds like a boring vacation.  People are sexual beings, it is the self control that separates from animals.   There is a time and place for everything and a private closed event is just that private.  Whatever they did was between adults that wanted to be there at a private event.

  • nekkedoutdoors

    Maybe the AANR should sit down and take a long look at the last word in their name:

    Recreation is an activity of http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leisure, leisure being discretionary time.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Recreation#cite_note-yukic-1 The “need to do something for recreation” is an essential element of human biology and psychology.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Recreation#cite_note-daniels-2 Recreational activities are often done for http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Happiness, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amusement, or http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pleasure and are considered to be “http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fun”.
    (3)Refreshment of one’s mind or body after work through activity that amuses or stimulates; play.

  • All-Nudist.com  Sadly, at this point in time, I have to agree. I just don’t understand what they actually do – other than take member dues and have a skinnydip thing every year or so. With the money they raise they could do so much!
    I also have no idea why AANR has this overwhelming need to spin things ALL THE TIME! They way I see it, the truth will do the job about 99% of the time.
    And dont get me started on the whole cloak and dagger mentality! You would think they are the NSA!

  • All-Nudist.com

    A greater question might be, “What does membership in AANR actually MEAN to a camp, and to those seeking an AANR camp because they expect a certain environment?”
    According to the AANR website, member camps are requested, not required, to follow AANR’s ‘standards’.  From what we’ve personally seen and heard from others (such as this article), that AANR/TNS sticker in the window means little more than higher grounds-fees for non-members.  We haven’t seen that affiliation to mean much as far a quality of facilities, behavior of attendees, or anything else.
    As we see it, it’s not so much why Lupin was kicked out as why more aren’t if AANR affiliation is supposed to mean something, to guarantee a particular environment.

    The answer is that a sticker is just a sticker, and the best promotion AANR has ever done is in convincing people that the sticker means something.  If only they were as good at promoting nudism!
    Personal research prior to a visit is worth far more than trusting a sticker, unless a camp is registered with Goodall’s or AAAA.  THEY have standards!

  • Slayerx1010

    It’s so sad to see a place with as much land as that get their AANR charter revoked. Oh well, things happen.

  • TheDarkLlama

    Good, even piece.  The removal of truth by the accusing parties is particularly suspicious.  If anything did occur, I’m sure it was a splinter group that wasn’t sanctioned by the rest of the event.  It sucks, but I’m sure Lupin will be fine.  *sigh* secrets ruin things.  If this is how AANR operates, I have several reservations about associating with them at all.