Top 15 Weirdest Stock Nude Photos and Funny Nude Pics

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Top 15 Weirdest or Most Awkward Nude Stock Images and Funny Nude Pics

Felicity Picks 15 nude stock photos and they are all winner!

Nude Stock Photos – I tend to stay away from stock image websites when I need a naked photo. Why? Because their photos mainly show thin, airbrushed women coyly posing and trying to look sexy without revealing a nipple or any crotch. They call it “implied nudity.” The male nude photos are usually very masculine, displaying muscular backsides and butts.

Weird Photo Stock Nudes Case in point:

shutterstock nude photos stock images naked woman

Shutterstock nude stock photos of a naked woman

They often use “beautiful” as a descriptor for these types of photos with this type of body. You can actually deduce quite a bit about our culture by looking at stock images, I think. Anyway theses images are all really boring. We know why they’re like that — it’s to sell to the mainstream media. As you’d guess, I’m usually searching for the opposite type of photo — un-airbrushed bodies in natural poses and showing all the bits.

But, stock images can be good for one thing – entertainment! Inspired by memes such as “Women Laughing Alone With Salad” and galleries of awkward stock photos, I decided to curate my own collection of the weirdest “naked” stock photos I could find. Some are even showing full nudity. But part of the hilarity and awkwardness of the some of these photos is how they choose to cover the genitals. Some I have captioned with explanation, others I leave up to your interpretation. Without further ado, here is my collection!

shutterstock nude photos

Shutterstock Nude Stock Photos Of A Naked Maked

Gee, Billy, how do you get that hat to stay there like that?

Funny Nude Pics Shutterstock Man With Barbell nude photos

Funny Nude Pics – Stock Photos Of A Naked Many Lifting Weights

Champion of Japan’s Penis Olympics

inmagine nude photos woman deer

inmagine nude picture of a woman and deer

People always ask, “What do nudists do in the winter?” Now you know. Sorry deer, nudies gotta stay warm.

shutterstock nude photos woman spaghetti

shutterstock nude stock photos naked woman and spaghetti

Mmmm, spaghetti.

Funny Nude Pics - getty images nude photos man butt body

Funny Nude Pics – getty images nude photos man butt body

Title: “Naked mature man.” Nothing out of the ordinary here.

shutterstock nude photos woman laundry basket

shutterstock nude photo – naked woman in a laundry basket

getty images nude photos man plastic wrap parking garage

getty images photos of a naked man with plastic wrap in a parking garage

Yeah, that’s plastic wrap….

Then there are these really uncomfortable looking bathroom poses.

Getty Images nude photos bathroom woman man naked

Getty Images nude stock photos bathroom woman man naked

Getty images stock nude photos woman man naked bathroom

Getty images stock nude photos woman man naked bathroom

envato stock images nude photos adam eve

envato nude stock images nude photos adam eve

Why is she offering him her half-eaten apple? Why does Adam look like a zombie? So many questions.

shutterstock nude photos naked baby squirrel

shutterstock nude image of naked baby and squirrel

It would seem this image is no longer on Shutterstock, so I wish I knew the original title. Here’s mine: Nude baby at Christmas time with Squirrel

shutterstock nude photos robot man butt

shutterstock nude picture of a robot and a butt

Girl, you better get your ass outta there.

getty images nude photos stock image naked man cow

getty images nude photos stock image naked man with cow

This is just wrong.

shutterstock woman clone nude photos naked stock image

shutterstock naked woman clone nude photo stock

It’s a good thing I had the title to help me on this one – it’s “Woman Escape From Human Cloning Factory.” But that doesn’t look like a real escape..

Funny Weirdest Stock Nude Photos Honorable Mention

Weirdest Stock Nude Photos

Weirdest Stock Nude Photos Corbis – Man With Large Plastic Penis

This differs from the other nude photos in that its awkwardness is not fabricated. It’s a real-life photo taken during a famous U.S. festival. Can you guess which one?

That’s it! Hope you enjoyed my selection :) Special thanks to the Awkward Stock Photos blog for some of these images.

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  • tinka023

    Nude baby at Christmas time with Squirrel – it’s actually a Hamster.

  • All-Nudist

    Lol!  Good choices!  Isn’t it funny that the guy at the end wearing the fake phallus could legally walk down the street that way, but a guy with a lot less noticeable but real ‘package’ could not?  Go figure.