Vita Nuda Creates Drama Among Young Nudists

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The Never Ending Cycle Of Drama From Vita Nuda

Vita Nuda Creates Young Nudist Drama

(Please note that the below post is my own personal opinion – Jordan Blum)

Vita Nuda and Young Nudist Drama Explained – As most of you know, we just had our 8th, extremely successful, nude night outNaked Halloween Party in NYC. But this was not just a naked party, it was also a fundraiser – we are helping to raise money for Lupus Research.

As usual, we posted our event on Facebook to notify people of the event. The energy was positive and people were excited. So why do some young nudist leaders feel the need to create drama? And regardless of the reasoning behind it, why do these individuals insist on doing things publicly, which in turn forces us to respond publicly.

Being a strong advocate for freedom of speech, I asked that the comment not be removed by any YNA member. As upsetting as it is to see, people have a right to their opinion as I have the right to disagree.

The reason for this recent rant by the Vita Nuda young nudist group leader, was this post: Nudist Organizations. That post that was not meant as an attack on any one group.

It was a call to action for people to hold the Nudist Organizations they support to their own individual mission statements. Till the above post was published, it had not occurred to me that it might be perceived as a personal attack. Sadly to say, no one seemed to think of contacting me before going off and making that hateful public statement mentioned above.

Unfortunately, I am unable to interact with this individual from Vita Nuda directly (not from a lack of trying on my part).

Vita Nuda Creates Young Nudist Drama

Vita Nuda Creates Young Nudist Drama

But at its core, I felt the need to address this issue for a number of reasons, some of which I listed below:

A – This cycle keeps going and going regardless of how long we try to ignore it.

B – This specific comment was extremely upsetting to me on a personal level, especially since my sister suffers from Lupus.

C – I feel it is important that people know what goes on and the time that we are forced to waste dealing with nonsense issues such as this.

D – I feel people need to realize that an email or a phone call would get more of a favorable response than an online attack.

E – At the time that this print screen was taken, 8 people clicked “like”. I am not sure if people even take the time to read what they are “liking”. If this is indeed the case, then they need to realize that by clicking “like” they are supporting the comment that was made.

F – YNA is a structured organization with morals that guide us. Such behavior is unacceptable and we feel that a public apology is called for (unless the individual who made the comment stands by it).

G – This comment was made publicly, by a Vita Nuda group leader and signed off with the Vita Nuda slogan. Since this person is an official “leader” and used the tag line, we assume that it reflects the ideals of this group. (This would hold true in any other industry)

H – YNA members are encouraged to voice opinions and they know they will not risk being kicked out for simply disagreeing with something we said and / or did. While on the flip side, both Felicity Jones and myself have been kicked out of most Vita Nuda online groups. The Vita Nuda Facebook groups were made “secret” and we are unable to interact with them on pretty much any level.

I – I am just so upset that I felt the need to share my thoughts.

I did my best to present the issue. I do not mean to shame anyone. I honestly would like to hear if perhaps I am missing something. Perhaps it is my mistake and such comments are actually productive in some way. Since the end result is far less important than the process there, I feel I need some perspective here because I simply “don’t get it.”

Feel free to comment. As long as it is an erudite comment, as always, it will not be removed. Angry rants are a different story.

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Jordan Blum is a lifelong nudie and co-founder of Young Naturists America.
  • StephenDefilippis

    Mark Twain  once  said “never  argue  with an  idiot, he  will drag you down to his  level and  then  beat you  with  experience” (experience at being an idiot) It is  sad  that  people -  or  groups  -  with a like minded  purpose -  such as enjoying  a nudist/naturist lifestyle can’t unite  for their  mutual benefit. 1,000 points to  you Jordan  for  taking the  high ground!

    • JordanBlum

      @StephenDefilippis If only it were that easy… the fact that people clicked “like” just goes to show that there is much work to be done :(

  • TwoMetreMan

    These are just a few random thoughts, after reading the above…
    “I am independent of the good opinion of others.”
    “Someone else’s opinion is…  just that.”
    “What you think of me is none of my business.”
    I am mindful of the fact that fear has many faces, one of which is aggressive behaviour and attacking others.  What is true never fears investigation; what is false… fears everything.  Personally, I’d take it that I am really on the right track and very much doing the right thing if someone from a similar organisation found it necessary to attack me in any way.  Otherwise, why would they be doing it??…
    In other words, this could be a Q-Tip Moment!! – Quit Taking It Personally, and let it be a sign of someone else’s deeper fears – ???…
    Hey! – just sayin’ !!!   ;)

    • JordanBlum

      @TwoMetreMan The problem is that they keep on spreading rumors and causing drama. I was hoping to get some people to see how disruptive such infantile behavior can be.

      • TwoMetreMan

        @JordanBlum This may seem counter-intuitive, but what Stephen referred to earlier would be my advice on how to tread moving forward – take the higher ground.  Regardless of what anyone else does, don’t give their actions your (sic) energy and let the chips fall where they may.  Simply by maintaining your own integrity and standing by your principles, you permit them the opportunity to create enough self-made rope to han…….  Well , you get the idea!!
        What was that expression? – choose your battles???  When your own light shines brightly, Jason, you don’t need to be concerned about someone else’s flickering flame…