Cell Phones at Nudist Resorts and Privacy Issues

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Nudism, Privacy and Using Cell Phones at Nudist Resorts

The Ever Present Fear Of Using Cell Phones at Nudist Resorts

Cell Phones at Nudist Resorts – Being naked is gloriously wonderful. Being naked of my cell phone? Nightmare! Yet prohibiting cell phones is becoming common practice at nudist resorts and results. This may make complete sense to an older person who wants to prevent their image from being uploaded to any of the crazy websites that are so easy to find, but to a young person, such a policy is reason to not even consider going to a nudist locale.

The topic of cell phones at nudist resorts (and other electronic devices) is a hot one in the nudist community right now and it’s time for us young people to take a stand and offer a solution that will make sense to everyone.

As is becoming the habit, Young Naturists America will be on the forefront in finding solutions to this issue. Why? Because we are going to discuss ideas then present solutions to clubs and those who are instrumental in the nudism community rather than form an ineffectual committee to study this for ten years and never come to a resolution.

This is an area within nudism that just can’t wait as we see so few young people within nudism in general (outside of YNA) and creating policies against electronic devices will only discourage young people from visiting nudist locations even more!

Cell Phones at Nudist Resorts by YNA

Cell Phones at Nudist Resorts

Let’s start with a fun review of the facts, shall we? According to statistics, spending on cell phones is now higher than spending on landlines in the USA. Roughly 85% of all adults own a cell phone. Among the young adults, 94% of those ages 18-34, 92% of those ages 35-46; by contrast, 48% of those over the age of 75 own a cell phone. As those of us who use a cell phone frequently know, the cell phone is not just a phone and the talking feature really is one of the less-used features.

Instead, the cell phone is used for texting, internet use, checking email, playing games, taking pictures, listening to music, reading books, calculating numbers, making lists, checking the stats on sports, and so much more.

Statistics on the age those who go to nudist campgrounds or are members of nudist campgrounds are available, but my own informal study of numerous nudist camps on the East Coast of America- done with my very own eyes- indicates that most members and visitors are over the age of 60 and the percentage of people who participate in nude recreation at nudist camps decreases as the age decreases.

Young people may be present, but they typically represent a much smaller fraction of the nudist population than those who are older. There are many possible reasons for young people to postpone their first socially nude experience, including finances, fear, and lack of peers, which will be discussed in other blogs.

Cell Phones at Nudist Resorts and Privacy Issues

Cell Phones at Nudist Resorts and Privacy Issues

The question, then, is what the statistics and information mean. First, since nudist resorts are businesses and they want to keep their membership numbers up, the camps are most likely going to honor the desires of those who are older before they honor the desires of the younger crowds: there is power in numbers and, in a nudist location, there is money in the number of older folks.

Second, because there are fewer older folks who use cell phones, there is a higher likelihood that they don’t realize how much the younger folks do on the cell phone.

For many older folks, a cell phone is there to make phone calls and, since they all have cameras in them now, to take pictures. From my standpoint, there is a definite lack of knowledge of all the crazy things the younger generation does on the cell phone and there is also a lack of understanding that young people actually feel anxious or emotionally distressed when separated from their phone. There is actually a term for the huge fear of this: nomophobia.

As many clubs consider a ban on cell phones either totally or in certain locations, I’m convinced that we, as Young Naturists and Young Nudists America, can help the clubs to find a reasonable solution while we help ourselves, who don’t want to be without the cell phones. (It should also be noted that all electronic devices are being considered in most of the bans, including the Kindle/Nook, iPad, and everything else that could have a camera.)

Cell Phones and Photography at Nudist Resorts

Cell Phones and Photography at Nudist Resorts

My original idea of having a pouch for cell phones at nudist resorts that they must stay in while in public areas (pool, hot tub, etc.) may or may not make sense. It seemed like a good idea to me, as I envisioned it to be like the old thick-plastic pencil cases from my childhood so that it couldn’t take pictures through the pouch but it would be open-able so that we can use the phone to check a text, caller id, or change the song on our MP3 player.

So now we turn to you: what solutions can you all come up with for this issue of cell phones at nudist resorts? It would be great to find a solution that is agreeable to everyone and we need your input to develop a list of ideas to propose to clubs for our sake and for the sake of the future of nudism. Now I’ll be quiet… it’s your turn to speak.

Cell Phones at Nudist Resorts By Melissa of Young Naturists and Young Nudists America YNA

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36 year old nudist from Catskill, NY. Love life, hiking, climbing trees, writing, and helping people. Been a nudist since the age of 28 and found it to be a life changing way of living.
  • TMHaze

    Maybe somebody should invent cell phone cases that cover the cameras. They could have a picture of a camera with a circle and line through to show everybody that the camera is blocked. The case would be a normal cell phone case that many people already use. You could mockup a prototype by simply placing a piece of tape over the camera hole on a standard cell phone case.

  • Way2Blue4You

    I am 29 years old, & love being nude. I go hiking all the time sans clothing. I will not, however, go to any nude camp or beach that I cannot take my cell phone with me. I’m not there to take pictures of anyone else, and no one is going to cut off my communication to the outside world either. I use my phone for MUCH more than phone calls & pictures, and I’ll be damned if I’m gonna visit any place that feels others’ fears of pics being taken of them (while they are voluntarily nude in a public place I might add) means that I have to leave behind my personal communications device. Get with the times, or watch your membership/visitor numbers steadily decline as the old folks die off while the young ones (us) continue to visit places that cater to the 21st century. Just sayin.

  • zandar

    While the real components of the lifestyle are always still going to be the vestiphobics and/or the gymnophobics, this dreckle of pseudo-science produces the ‘nomophobe.’ Seems easily to be another clever scheme to get the few remaining non-subscribers to go over to a wireless.
    But to address the matter; WHY does somebody NEED their c-phone (yep, that’s a (c) from this author). Well, WHY then? Because they need that ‘Security Blanket..’ Uh-huh. Except Felicity’s  idea about the pouch began a whole vestiphobic episode and flashes of fashionista accessories burgeoning up on the Estey pages. Well, what did the girls do before there even ever were  c-phones to begin with? Well, seems to be a  ‘Gyrlle Thinge’, anyway. You know, always having that imaginary, automaton to switch on for her sense of  ‘Protection.’  Hey, the Goth fans amongst us would get the idea of the ‘fantasy weapon.’  An ankle dagger, wrist spike or other,. . . . . . . . . . .
    So wot ’bout a whistle on a cord? Then, if there’s  some dire condition that predicates alerting the whole camp, a few shrill blasts could be a sane, non-electronic method of accomplishing what you’d  want to do with the c-phone, eh?  There could even be
    a vocabulary, a sort of Morse Code, or at least a VOCABULARY of some sort of terms; 3 short blasts=some tourist with a telephoto lens, 2 short blasts=needing any sort of company,. . and 1 long blast=that  WAS  sasquatch.  Hm-mm?

  • leprachaunz59

    I bought a cellphone a short time ago.  I'm still not sure why. (For emergencies?)
    Anyway, to the point.  A Nudist in need of a cell-phone.  That's insane.

  • Mike Taylor

    I don't understand what all the fuss is about. Are you a nudist or not. I am a very private person, I don't go out to be seen wheather clothed or not (but people will see). The only nude photo of me is the one I use as my avatar. If someone were to take a pic. of me so what. What are you hiding from? Every one says they would like to see nudity become the norm and yet your afriad some one out side our small comunity might see.

    Grow up people you can't have it both ways.

    I know, my spelling and gramer are lousey.

  • DK

    I think that it would be a simple matter of having areas for cell use, or even require that people allow the front desk person to view all files on the phone on departure. Though I am sure that the latter would be endorsed by anyone, this is mainly because people would feel like their personal space would be violated.

    This is an understandable problem both sides have their point. If I am enjoying a weekend at a nudist campsite/beach I would like to have my phone handy for emergencies.

    I can understand the want to not have a naked picture of yourself going up online. I sadly have to live with my parents until my money situation improves and they would (and have threatened) to kick me out if I went to a nudist club.

    In general I would like to see more people going to nudist clubs. Hard to find like minded people, let alone a GF, if they all stay home.

  • …LikeAHorse

    …Contd. I think resorts should start catering to the young. Seems like there is a huge customer base they are missing out on…but maybe I'm wrong. I just can't help but note that the old will likely die far sooner than our age group… isn't too hard to think that resorts might be sowing the seeds of their own defeat by alienating / biasing us against them so early on.

  • …LikeAHorse

    Sorry for the atrocious spelling and i didnt read the other comments-im on my phone. Here's what I don't get… why doed it matter if your pic does end up on a weird site? You're already naked, what could you have to hide? Who is going to see it? Can you really stop them amyway? No you really can't. So why fret anout it? All banning devices is going to do is piss off young nudosts like me who want to experience a nudist resort. Is that really a good goal to have? Will that really lead to a better more relaxed, more nude wprld? Doubt it. I'm now already biased against resorts because and older folks of this. Nextt, if you happen across ur image you can pursue legal action unless you signed a release.

    • Brian Taylor – Briti

      It does matter that a person's picture may end up on any kind of site without their agreement. Here in the UK we recently had a case of a teacher suspended from his job after his picture was spotted on a Naturist website. I'm glad to say he has been reinstated now and has not suffered any repercussions, but others have not been so fortunate. He still had to suffer several weeks of stress though… The picture had been taken and used on the website with his knowledge.

      It is clandestine photography that should be banned, not cell phones. We have clear guidelines for photography at our events that basically amounts to; it's Ok within your family and close friends with their full knowledge and agreement, but avoid including anyone else in the shot, even just in the background. It seems to work.

  • Mr-Sandy

    "…young people actually feel anxious or emotionally distressed when separated from their phone. There is actually a term for the huge fear of this: nomophobia…" AND YOU'RE OK WITH THIS? JEEZUS! SCARY! But I understand. It's like the people who are anxious or distressed when they're not eating, or smoking (whatever) or masturbating or drinking or shopping or watching porn or…An obsessive and compulsive activity gets in the way of the rest of their life, so they have a problem! I know, I know – not all young people have nomophobia. Probably not all. And most of those who acknowledge having it wouldn't acknowledge it as a problem… which compounds the problem.

    You rightly focus on photographs (pun intended) but you omit another, important aspect of cell phones. Most people (perhaps not you, but including me) tend to talk louder than necessary on cell phones. You know the jerk on the bus or in the check-out line. Or by the pool. Otherwise-nice people become curiously self-absorbed, selfish, oblivious to the disturbance they are causing for the people around them. It's interesting (and maddening) how common this is.

    So, at my club, we ask everyone (of all ages) to do their smoking and cell-phoning in designated areas. It's not about age discrimination – it's about common courtesy. So far, no complaints; and no psychotic breaks.

    • melissastarr

      I can't solve people's addictions to cigarettes but I can work with other members and management to create a policy in which smokers are given a place to do what they feel they need to do but where I don't have to have my health effected. Similarly, I can't heal other people's phone addictions, but I can work with management to help create a policy that makes everyone comfortable. Common courtesy is not talking on the phone in the pool area- I totally agree with that, for the sake of those who are relaxing there- but common courtesy goes the other way, too, in that people should be able to tolerate me picking up the phone to see a text or caller id so that I can choose to answer it outside of that area, too. There need to be limits on both sides so that everyone can be respected.

      Having a cell phone nearby isn't always an indicator of an addiction, it could be the sign that the person is a parent who wants to be available to their kids or babysitter or a sign that someone loves music and use their phone as an MP3 player (using earbuds.) We as nudists pride ourselves on being accepting and not judging, yet the moment we see a cell phone we judge a person to be a horrible person who is only there to take pictures to upload to websites instead of assuming that they are loving parents or music lovers or whatnot.

      I go back to: there has to be a solution that is acceptable to everybody. Maybe a start would be to acknowledge that not everybody who is not fond of cell phones is an old codger and that not everybody who carries a cell phone is an evil phototaker who uploads naked pictures to questionable websites.

      • All-Nudist.com (stev

        Cell phone cams are only the tip of the iceberg as cameras get smaller and smaller; you can't find them all. As you said, we older people may not be as bothered by leaving them at home (at home or at the office? Big difference!) but many folks are very needful.

        And what about business people? Or someone with health issues or kids at home who needs to be in touch? No laptops either? Too many legitimate reasons to have a personal phone nowadays.

        Separate areas for phones may be a stop-gap measure but I think we're going to eventually accept that we have no privacy anywhere at all, just as we have accepted that we have no privacy in our lives thanks to interconnected information sources.

  • justina

    It's not easy. It's all about fear of the dreaded photo, right? Maybe, like smokers, designated cell phone use areas?

    • Rami

      Does that mean, people in that area are allowed to use the cell and take pictures too ? If that is the case, people who get in there agree to be taken in pictures too, right ?

      You are right Justina, it's not easy.

      • Nathan Powers

        Cellphone-and-camera areas sound like a good idea to me, and yes, anyone who enters those areas would be agreeing to having their pictures potentially taken.

        Another option cold be "cellphone and camera days", hopefully during the middle of the week, when visitors are allowed to bring such devices into the club. Weekends would remain "cellphone-and-camera-free" so that those who prefer not to be photographed or who have families would have time to enjoy the resorts without concern. On weekends, all cellphones and cameras would be stored in lockable cubbies and used only in areas out of sight of the grounds.


        Nathan Powers

        • Rami

          I kind of disagree on weekdays for cameras; but yes with areas reserved for that activity.