Teenage Naturist On Trying Naturism For The First Time

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Miss Barely Hidden, Our Young Teenage Naturist Talks About Trying Naturism For The First Time

Our Teenage Naturist “Getting My Barings on Naturism for the First Time”

Back by popular demand, Miss Barely Hidden, our very own teenage naturist writer! After reading all your comments on her teenage body image post, our naturist teen has decided to answer the top question posted by people who commented. They wanted to know how a young teenage girl feels about trying naturism for the first time.

Miss Barely Hidden talk’s about her experience with trying naturism for the first time:

Trying Naturism for the first time: I started naturism at the age of 12. It was really my dad that first had an interest in naturism. He started by going to naked beaches. After a few trips he really wanted to share the experience with me and the rest of my family.

Unfortunately, that naked beach wasn’t exactly the best place to bring kids. There would be no way to prevent anyone from taking pictures or videos of us, and our parents wanted to protect our privacy. So the next logical step was to look for a more private naturist club.

We found one that was fairly close by and decided to go on a Saturday. When we pulled up to the main house of the club, we still hadn’t really seen anyone. Someone met us there, as they had known we were coming. To begin with, they took us on a short tour of the premises. Every once in a while we passed someone naked along the path. The first time I was a little uncomfortable, but after a couple times I decided it didn’t really bother me.

Admittedly, it was mostly older people, so I didn’t really see anyone my age which definitely added to my ease.

At the end of the tour we arrived at the pool. There, we got settled in and then it was time to get naked. It was almost like jumping into cold water. You didn’t want to at first because you knew it would be uncomfortable, but once you did it was easy and even fun. I just took off my clothes as quickly as possible. Once in the pool the self-consciousness definitely faded. The next couple times I went naked in front of other naturists, I was still self-conscious. I was somewhat conscious of my changing body, which was just beginning to really start puberty.

Teenage naturist miss barely hidden on trying Naturism for the first time YNA

Teenage Naturist Miss Barely Hidden Tells Her Story of Trying Naturism for the First TIme

Actually the timing was probably perfect, I was still so early in puberty that I wasn’t too conscious of myself and it allowed me to be more open and accepting of the changes that did occur to me later on. It also helped that the first few times that we went to the club, it wasn’t very crowded and everyone simply minded their own business. A few people came over to talk, but for the most part they left us to our own devices.

I didn’t feel like anyone was staring at me, or that anyone had bad intentions. It was a very relaxed atmosphere and that really helped me. I’m sure that if there had been more kids, even people in general, I would have been far more self-conscious and reluctant to get undressed. Overall, I was lucky enough to have a very relaxing, welcoming, and low-stress introduction into naturism. I’m glad now for it, as naturism has really helped me to become a more confident and happy teenager.

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  • SteveYnaNY

    I love the comparison of nudity to jumping in cold water – scary at first then comfortable once you are in and quickly used to it! Thanks for sharing!

  • Love the honesty.  What a wise young lady to understand how experiencing this was not only an act of courage, but  sharing how it helped her to be a more self-confident human being.  in nearly everything in life, challenging and stretching ones self will give  self-confidencte — even if one doesn’t succeed.  It’s the journey and each time courage is shown, it becomes a little easier.  Miss Barley deserves a big ‘thumbs up’.