Topless Dancers – Strippers in Times Square Shoveling Snow

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Strippers and Topless Dancers Let’s Make Stickers: “I Support Topless Snow Shoveling”!

Strippers / Dancers In NYC Showing How It’s Done!

Topless Dancers / Strippers – Some strippers / topless dancers decided to do their part in shoveling the city’s snow-laden sidewalks..topless! What a great way to make snow shoveling more fun in a NYC winter!

“We’re here helping the mayor clean the city up,” said a dancer, who called herself Giselle, who stood with six of her colleagues in the bone-chilling cold.

…The troupe had to change locations after police shut down their first attempt at topfree shoveling in front of the Nasdaq building, despite the fact that court ruling in the 1990s made it legal for women to be topless in New York.

It was made legal in 1992 to be exact. As would be expected they created quite a spectacle, but they really weren’t doing anything illegal here. Come on, ladies, join these topless dancers and fight for your right to shovel topless in New York City!

Curious about where it’s legal to go naked or top-free? Read more in Nudity Laws by State.

“Topless Dancers Busted Shoveling Snow in Times Square”

Topless Dancers Shoveling Snow in Times Square

Topless Dancers Shoveling Snow in Times Square

PHOTO CREDIT DNAinfo/Gabriela Resto-Montero

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  • Charles Fritzen

    In Minnesota you can not expose much
    skin when you snow shovel. If they come here in May and June they can help me clear storm debris while topless.

  • SAM

    Yes !! Say Hello, To Freedom and Practise!!

  • Sam

    Yes !! Hello !! To Accept The Attempt……………. Shoud Be done in a Natural Way.