Top Free – Come Be A-breast of the Situation in Central Park!!

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Top Free In Central Park!

Be TopFree and Enjoying Central Park:

Top Free – After all the craziness of me getting arrested, it has been so awesome to see all the comments of support and solidarity on my blog and in the emails I received!

It just so happens that this incident took place just a few weeks before National Go Topless Day ! Now there’s an opportunity for everyone to declare support for this freedom and re-claim the right to be top-free with me, here in NYC!!

Since 1992 (ie. for the last 19 years), it has been and is today perfectly LEGAL in the whole state of NY for a woman to go top-free in public or anywhere that a guy can.

The state Supreme Court of NY made this ruling in favor of equal rights. So come celebrate going Top-Free with us in a positive, fun-spirited gathering in central park!!! When: Sunday August 21st, 10am to 2pm

topless woman New York City

Top free Woman in Central Park

*10:30am – 11:30am Free Yoga!
*11:30am – 1pm Body Painting, Games & Festivities!!
*1pm – 2pm Top-free Central Park Clean-Up!

Where: Central Park, Manhattan (*Exact meet-up location TBD)

Who: YNA + all our top-free friends!

What: Celebrating women’s right to go top-free in NYC! Festivities will include: top-free yoga with Beth Nolan, fun games (volleyball, horse shoes, badminton), men in bikini tops and body painting to further beautify the free breasts! Then we will end with a park clean-up for love of Mother Earth & the environment :)

Why: Because women have the same constitutional right as men to be top-free in the state of NY! This day has taken on new meaning for us since I was arrested on Wall Street for being top-free. Come show support with all the ladies and I as we celebrate this (perfectly legal) freedom.

Links about top-free rights, etc.

Are your breasts nervous about making an appearance? Read this funny account of one woman’s experience going topfree in Central Park.

Top free dogwalker art performance

Ocularpation Top free on Wall Street

And here’s another account. (FYI, the officer was wrong in telling her she couldn’t be walking around topfree.)
The Topfree Equal Rights Association (a different group that leads a topfree march/parade)
Fairly new blog about Topfree rights in NY state: Whether the dog is visible or not, THIS IS LEGAL

I tried to tell my dog she shouldn’t be so naked, but she really wanted to go top-free.

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  • Anonymous

    Thanks Paul, I care! :). I always like to get my facts straight.
    Wish you could be there, but I will get you a story for the website! :)

  • Thanks, Felicity! Great enthusiasm! Looking forward to hearing about a successful day. If anyone sends us a brief story (with photos if allowed), we'll post! We have a zillion readers.

    (In 1992, the court in NY was the Court of Appeals, which is the highest in NY State for this purpose, and it didn't quite rule based on equal rights (it's complicated); the State Supreme Court serves a different function. Not that anyone cares . . .)