Top 10 Reasons To Become or Be A Nudist

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Why Be or Become A Nudist? Here are the top 10 reasons!

As If You Really Needed Reasons To Become A Nudist ;)

Reasons to be a nudist – Practicing nudism is often misunderstood and misinterpreted by many. However, there are in fact many benefits for being a nudist. An educated understanding and an open mind will unveil the many reasons why people choose to become nudists.

For Nudists, the human body is demystified

Often, we feel intrigued about naked bodies because they are hidden. However, sometimes we fail to understand that the human body is not something so secretive that we can only look at it with immense curiosity, and sometimes even a sense of guilt or shame.

Being a nudist will familiarize people with naked bodies and what they look like. It’s especially great for kids to learn what bodies look like. They’ll grow up without body shame, and they can also learn what their bodies will look like as they get older.

Top 10 Reasons to Be A Nudist

Top 10 Reasons to Be A Nudist


Nudists feel more comfortable in their own skin.

Although being comfortable in one’s own skin seems to be a cliché, being a nudist helps people feel more at ease when facing their own bodies.

Under the influence of media, we tend to be overly critical of our bodies, and we try to hide our physical “flaws” with clothes. As such, being a nudist provides the opportunity to accept one’s body as it is.


Skinny dipping is more fun!

Swimming nude is simply more fun because water feels better on bare skin than on a layer of tight swimsuit.


Sleeping nude helps maintain the body’s desired temperature.

Sleeping without clothes allows the body to evenly distribute heat.


Being nude will help save time.

Since you are not going to wear any clothes, you no longer need to spend time wondering how to put together a presentable outfit. It also means less time and fuss with bathing suits!


Nudism promotes social equality.

Without clothes, there are fewer barriers that distinguish people of different social and economic status. In fact, many nudists state that they feel more united with other people as less judgment is imposed.


Nudist events are fun!

Naturist groups often organize all kinds of nudist events around activities such as hiking, volleyball, body painting, swimming at the beach and outdoor naked parties. Without the constraint of clothes, we can all have fun in nature.


Sunbathing Nude

Nude sunbathing will eliminate awkward tan lines. There is no clothing to create an uneven tanning effect!


Nudists have less of a hassle with laundry.

Being a nudist will automatically lessen your laundry load.


Connect to nature and enjoy the freedom at nudist resorts.

Naturism can really help you get back to nature and connect to the Earth. There are many natural places to go, such as clothing-optional swimming holes in rivers, streams and lakes and other nude beaches or recreation areas.

Plenty of nudist clubs are located in a rural setting surrounded by a forest and hiking trails. Some nudist resorts are also located near a beach. Not only can you enjoy the freedom of being nude, you can also relax with the calming ocean and sand.

Hope we were able to offer some insight to some of the best reasons to be a nudist!

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  • unicorn 64

    Nudism and sex are two seperate things.

  • zandar

    At the top of the list could be another two. They’d  be firstly magic. And secondly, socio-economics. There are also ways that the appended couple could be part of the mesh with the other  ‘Original Ten.’  But nudity has always been a significant part of magic, ritualistically and spiritually. Yet the system of beliefs that includes nudity doesn’t  get endorsement from the Judeo-Christian community. Similarly, the socio-economics of nude cultural components are fairly obvious, unless they’re  being deliberately obscured. Art classes keep producing thousands of neophytes upon every graduation and the adult-only industry has stayed stable during the viscissitudes of the economies.
    The question being then, ‘Why?’  the bias against nudism?   We merely go back to the previous for the answer. The religious establishment, for the most part,  does not endorse Paganism, Wicca or Gardnerian beliefs. Because they are worried that their flocks may leave them to join the enlightened minority. And because if they did, there could be a shift of power on a political level. Consider the present election. For months, the prioroty was Romney’s  past as a Mormon. And of course, that sort of political power has to do with the mega-dollars of the economy.
    And so we get to the second part of that; but there’s  a slightly subtler drift when we consider ONLY the economics. Because similar to the beliefs oif the culture, the economics are based upon a hierarchy, a totem pole, a pecking-order,. . . well, some sort of a ranking and rating system. That has traditionally had to do with family, relations and social status. Go to any nudist camp, walk any nude beach, go to any naturist Webbe page and what’s  there?  Thousands and thousands of guys. What are these nudniks doing?  They’re  looking for nudist girls. Why ?  To get away from the programmatic  gene-pooling  of their society.  That gene-pooling says that they are going to adhere to  Tha Corporate Image,. . and that DOESN’T included being naked at the office. The whole corporate economy has been fabricated from guises of  ‘come-hither’   allure and  secrets of either Victorian sort of some other. The corporate economics needs that lure, that bait, that innuendo to keep their game rolling and the coffers filling up from the nickels and dimes of their socially enslaved masses.
    What if every single naturist guy were to be paired up with their  ‘Dream Boat’ girl?  There’d  likely be no further ado about the subject, ’cause they’d  be busy at other diversions.  So the best answer would have to be to stay clear about the spiritual purposes that you have as a Naturist, not to go thinking that there may be some clever way to get past the gene-pooling, corporate-imaging  and consumer-based econmics  that perpetuate both the corporate economy and the bias and discriminatory behavior against nudity and  Naturism.