3 Nude Events You Might Have Missed

| March 29, 2011 | 9 Comments

For Those Who May Have Missed Our Recent Nude Events

Recent Nude Events:

1) Our 3rd Nude Night Out literally chill ’cause it was kinda cold. But if we rent it again, warmer weather will make it pretty nice! And our friends brought glow-in-the-dark naked body painting and hula hoops, which people very much enjoyed.

So we painted, drank, danced, hula-hooped, made friends and had a good time til late in the night. Thanks to everyone who came and helped us make it another great nude party!

2) The Act Naturally film screening. This movie was awesome! I love the feeling of discovering an excellent independent film (because we all know there’s a lot of crap that makes it into movie theaters). If you haven’t seen it check out the trailer and behind-the-scenes video at the end of this post.

Basically the plot revolves around 2 sisters whose father dies and leaves them a nudist resort known as “Bare Lake” (actually filmed at Olive Dell Ranch in CA and at Hippie Hollow).

The cast is an entertaining group of characters, and you might recognize Kristi Lerner, played by Susan May Pratt, from 10 Things I Hate About You. One of the best things about this movie is that it’s funny without making fun of nudists or nudism in general.

nudist naturist nude independent comedy film

Act Naturally

The film actually gives a realistic portrayal of nudism and shows Bare Lake’s members as real people. It shows what happens when two young women are thrown into the naturist community, forced to either disrobe and get over their insecurities or ultimately flee and sell the place.

Act Naturally remains unrated to avoid an NC-17 rating, ie. no children under 17 allowed to see it, because of its 8 scenes of full-frontal male nudity, which include a memorable 1-second close-up of a non-erect penis.

It’s a great scene, defying taboos of full-frontal male nudity and so much more, but it seems as though all this (non-sexual) nudity will harm their efforts to sell it. So go see this highly-recommended film!! Maybe we can arrange another screening this summer aimed at everyone, ’cause it’s not made just for nudists!

3) Angelo Musco’s naked photo shoot. I have to say, this was a pretty strange experience. I’ve had very little time with photo shoots to begin with, let alone those where you lie face-down on the floor naked with your head between the front person’s legs and your arms wrapped around their shins while someone else repeats the same position behind you.

Or those where you entwine yourself around your now very close friend, skin-to-skin, both of you standing balanced on your toes and tilting your head upward with eyes closed. I honestly hadn’t expected it to be as touchy-feely with a group of a nude strangers.

But I still enjoy the palpable vulnerability and that everyone is simply themselves, all that you wouldn’t experience in a normal photo session. Well! I hope Musco gets some nice artwork out of it.

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    FelicityJones fbaker4 I do live in the city, FJ, and I’d like to get involved.  I’ve sent a message through the YNA site, but no response.  fbaker4@yahoo.com.  Cheers!

  • fbaker4 If you live in the tri-state area, please contact us.. https://youngnaturistsamerica.com/about/contact/

  • fbaker4

    Need more events!  I’m game to help set them up.  Need my contact info?

  • Brian –

    To answer your question regarding if we'll be close captioning for the hearing impaired…Absolutely!

    Be sure to check back at our facebook page this week and next for new advanced screening dates around the corner this month and next for what we're calling the "Bare With Us – Act Naturally Screening Tour"

    Thanks so much guys!
    JP Riley
    Director, Act Naturally

  • Brian Somers

    Will subtitling be made available for deaf viewers like me?

  • Anonymous

    Hey JP, thanks for the feedback and correction! I tried to remember all I could from the Q&A session, but didn't quite get my facts straight thru all the noise/hubbub! I'd really thought it was that one funny scene that killed the rating hahah. I guess I'm so immune to full-frontal male nudity I missed the other 7 scenes. Yes sounds like unrated is the best option anyway! I will edit my post. Best of luck promoting the film, let us know if we can help you with fundraising!

  • Hi Felicity. It's JP Riley. Director of Act Naturally. Thanks so much for your lovely review of the film on your blog. One slight correction…we're still unrated. The MPAA dishes out NC-17 for frontal male nudity…and there are 8 scenes containing frontal male nudity…Which is why we're planning to stay unrated….but only one dong close up though.Anyway — small correction. Thanks so much for the amazing words and checking out the film! ;-)

  • Anonymous

    We're aiming for early-mid May!

  • Weazie

    When's the next party?