The Urban Dictionary Goes Nekkid

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The Urban Dictionary Goes Nekkid By YNA

Young Naturists America got some Nekkid terms in the Urban Dictionary!

FUN NEWS: I’ve been adding new nekkid slang words to our nudism dictionary and into Urban Dictionary!

Check out our new and improved Nudist Dictionary list under slang, including words such as:

Nekkid Urban Dictionary - Naked Hipster to Nude-ster

Nekkid Urban Dictionary – Naked Hipster to Nude-ster

NUDE-STER: A nudist hipster. Difficult to identify since they’re not wearing any clothes.

“Dude, that guy is definitely a nude-ster”

“I don’t know, man, he’s not wearing anything, gotta look at the hair..”

CLOSET NUDIST: someone who always hangs out naked at home or spends time in nudist places, while keeping it a secret from close family and/or friends or everyone they know.

“Why did Mike sprint away when he saw that guy at the nude beach?”

“Cuz he thought he recognized him from the neighborhood, and Mike is a total closet nudist!”


1. Any hot girl at a nudist resort or setting.

2. A guidette who decides to get naked at any point in time. Often follows the consumption of alcohol.

“Dude check out that nudette over there”

“Yeah I see think those are real?”

“It took a day for someone to see my goods!” ~ infamous nudette Deena Nicole Cortese

The first and last words are linked to our published definitions on Urban Dictionary! Urban Dictionary is the ultimate online slang reference of the English language, and also functions as an informal encyclopedia. (“Closet nudist” will soon be there as well.)

Do any of my readers have any naturist slang words you’ve made up or heard of? Post in the comments!

Urban Dictionary Goes Nekkid was written by Felicity Jones for – Young Naturists And Nudists America YNA

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  • Anonymous

    You have a point since "nature" is in the word. But I find it pleasant since I prefer to be naked in nature the most! Even, dare I say, among the trees ;) What gets tiring with "naturist" is that people tend to say "naturalist" instead, which is different!

  • riffener

    At least you say nudist and not naturist—naturist takes way longer to say. I hate this embarrassing word—it makes us seem like a bunch of save the trees hippies.

  • Anonymous

    Yup, we added that one to our dictionary! We also have "nake n bake" and "nuditry", 2 creative new adds! Check em out :)

  • Susan

    How about Cottontail? That's the naturist newbie who walks down the beach with a white tush that's spent a lifetime covered up

  • barewidget

    i love the definition for nudette!