The Undress – A New Modesty Contraption Ensures You’ll Never Be Naked in Public

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New Mobile Changing Room, The Undress, Highlights Female Modesty Problems

A new product funded on Kickstarter aims to help women avoid being naked in public. It’s called “The Undress” and it’s an actual dress that functions as a “mobile changing room.”

It’s primarily advertised as a great solution for active women looking to change out of their sweaty gym clothes into clean clothes after an outdoor workout, when there’s no suitable changing room nearby, or when you do have a locker room… you could use The Undress to “stay discreet” as the creators suggest.

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Image: The Undress Kickstarter Page

This is how you can avoid the “dreaded public no-no’s,” which is apparently when you try to publicly change clothes under your towel or in your car.

Aside from using it post-workout, it’s also suggested for models, performers and actors: “You are sometimes forced to change clothes without adequate facilities. So take matters into your own hands and protect your assets by bringing The Undress to every gig around town and around the country.” Protect their assets? From what, thieves?

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Image: The Undress Kickstarter Page

I’m not kidding when I call it a “contraption.” It’s got loops, a hook, secret flaps, cords and everything you need to keep your side boob hidden from view at all times. It reminds me of the crap on TV infomercials, where they try to convince you they’ve just invented something new and convenient, when all they’ve really done is unnecessarily complicate a mundane task.

Like using a banana slicer to chop bananas:

banana slicer the undress modesty naked in public young naturists america

Yes, this is real, it is on Amazon, and the reviews are hilarious.

It just looks awkward to use in public (The Undress, I mean, but the banana slicer probably would be, too), and I’d rather use my towel or take my chances with the public “no-no’s.”

Now, sorry to tell you this, guys, but there’s no version made for men. Do they not need to worry about protecting their “ass-ets”? At least when it comes to nipples, they don’t. Men can run and exercise without a shirt. And okay, yeah, a lot of women wear sports bras to work out, but most can’t legally take their top off in public afterward, or wouldn’t feel comfortable going topfree. Modesty has always been a serious issue for women.

In an ideal world, women could just take off their sweaty sports bras after a run in the park and there wouldn’t be any negative repercussions. And all sexes would be able to change clothes in public without the threat of being charged with indecent exposure or some other crime.

Surprisingly (or unsurprisingly?), there is a demand for it because the Kickstarter did very well. They surpassed their goal of $22,000 and raked in over $600,000!

I look forward to the day when we no longer need a clothes changing system just to change clothes in public.

See more info at The Undress Kickstarter page.

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    mpapai Never underestimate the foolishness of the American public.  Undress has raised over $600,000 before selling a single dress!  ;-)

  • livefyrebob

    Amen !

  • MichaelTrowbridge

    My wife argued against me last week saying my nudism promotions does no one any good and just wastes my time.
    This is just one of the many examples of how nudism would make everyone’s life much better.  Now women are going to waste millions on this… money which could have feed starving people.

  • Wow, is it really worth it? The worst part is that someone is going to make big bucks out of it and promote body shame. Really sad to see this being marketed.

  • livefyrebob

    youtube has a 6 1/2 minute video on this.
    brings to mind the guys in the locker room who wrap a towel around themselves when they take off their underwear
    the things we do to cover up our false shame about being human


    Sadly, they’re gonna make a fortune off this.  And then a ‘Only Available on TV’ ripoff will make millions more.  More sex/nudity on TV programs and less and less understanding of the simple innocence of nude bodies.

  • MichaelConnolly

    Mmm yes, saw that this morning and just shook my head in disbelief…. I too noticed that men don’t have a version of their own…. meaning our bodies are not worth covering?
    And by the looks of the hooks/loops/hidden pockets you will be fumbling around trying to keep yourself private just like some people do when you do the “towel dance” which just draws more attention to yourself anyway…
    I go for a jog almost every lunchbreak only wearing a pair of small cotton exercise shorts at the start /end of my jog at my car, then if I’m sure there is nobody around I take my shorts off and run nude along the remote bush track  ;)
    Then when I get back near to my car I slip my shorts back on and get in the car, I then put on my work shirt, take off my shorts, put on my underpants and then my work pants and work boots and drive back to work.
    I have been seen many times by people who are walking past or live in the area and it is plainly obvious what I am doing and I have never witnessed any negative reaction, in fact most people just look away when they realise I’m getting changed anyway.
    If that was a person in one of these getups there would be sure to plenty of strange looks, you can’t tell me getting changed while sitting in a car will be any easier?

    But hey if society got over it’s obsession with being seen naked or seeing others naked then they wouldn’t need products like this!

  • bruce kendall

    OMG….”assets”  items of ownership convertible into cash. There they go converting our bodies into cash and increasing our body shame. Lets see they needed 20,000 but got 600.000, what a vacation or party they must have had.