Nude Events or Naked Parties In A Perfect World

| October 12, 2013 | 33 Comments

In A Perfect World, What Would Be Your Perfect Nude Events?

(Guest Post By Jordan Blum)

The Perfect Nude Events and Naked Parties

Nude Events – I got an interesting email the other day and as we have begun to do, I would like to share it with all the Young Naturists America family.

So, Someone asked me the following question: “In the most perfect world, say you could create nude events or naked parties and had a substantial budget – what would be the most awesome nudie outing you could dream up?”

I guess the person did not know who they were asking. For those of you who do not know me yet, I have an active imagination and a drive to match. But rather than simply answering this question, I thought I would ask my beloved YNA family what they think first.

Nude Events

Nude Events In A Perfect World

Nude Parties and Naked Events

Things like – Book City Field for a clothing optional Met game, Renting out all of Webster Hall for a naked foam party, going to a naked drive in movie, Booking an entire Broadway show so the audience could be nude or clothed.

Let me just say that I am looking for out of the box thinking. It does not have to be big or expensive but something that only we could dream up! The only thing that I could think of that would be a non starter and might be grounds for revoking of memberships would be suggesting a pot-luck dinner. But other than that, the world is your oyster so let the nudie brain storming begin!

Please comment below with as many or as few suggestions that you might have. Lets see how creative you can be.

Make us proud!

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Jordan Blum is a lifelong nudie and co-founder of Young Naturists America.
  • libertarian5150

    @AaronFrost1 Hey, that does look like fun. But I’ll sit out, since I was a linebacker in college. It wouldn’t be nice of me to play. :-)

  • libertarian5150

    How about FedEx Field during a Washington Redskins game, where even the players can only wear jock straps and pads? (For the record, I married into a Lakota family, and they and half the tribe are Redskins fans, as are most of every reservation in the western states… Just keeping it PC)

  • DCHS Jaunter

    Living in So.Cal, it would be so totally awesome to have a nudist day or weekend pass to the theme parks here. Disneyland Nudist only day comes to mind, or even LEGOLAND Waterpark for the nudist family plans.

  • AaronFrost1

    Bubble sports! This would be amazing! :-D

  • StephenNRussell

    Nude only acess theme/water park?
    same features in waterparks but add other rides (on cheap scale side).
    have boat, beach, faux Surf beach area & dining & bar for guests.
    Faux Lagoon & junglespace.

  • StephenNRussell

    Kayak racing
    SeaDoo race.
    Hobie cat race
    tree climb IE junglescape.
    canoe race
    kitesailing surfing?
    sport rowing event.

  • StephenNRussell

    Or these:
    Nude underwater ballet
    Nude mini sub bicycle races: power subs like bicycles underwater
    Surfing: very big in Tambana Brazil in Sept.
    scuba safaris
    horse riding & camping

  • itoure101

    Team Dance Battle!

  • bruce kendall

    homeclothesfree I third the water park idea

  • StephenNRussell

    I urge a National Nude Month vs weekend & or NNW IF warranted by key states & locales.

  • MattManReturns

    “In a perfect world, the most awesome nudie event” would be:  
    *  A nationally-recognized, official summertime holiday weekend, where nudism had absolutely no stigma attached
    *  Freedom from clothes would be accepted, expected, and looked forward to with anticipation by the whole country’s populace
    *  Nudism would be permitted everywhere:  in parks, walking down the street, shopping, going to movies, church, restaurants, pools, beaches, fitness centers, etc
    *  A time of festivals, concerts, and social celebrations
    *  Characterized by social bonding and self-esteem building

  • ChelMcDonald

    A Nude Flea Market where the vendors are all nudies and customers have the option. Charge a nice door charge to keep out droolers. Sell anything but it would be an ideal opportunity to sell nude art, sign up new YNA members, sell tickets to other nude event, and provide information to people new to nudism.

  • sherlywinters

    Hi, I am a nudist, and I’m here to find nudist friends. join us now. Get naked, get enjoyment. www. Nudistfriend. org enjoying being a nudist,go hiking, and go to beach to surfing, swimming, to enjoy the sunshine with nudist friends, go camping with nudist lover, barbecue in the yard of your nudist friend. Nudistfriend. org is more than just dating, it’s a place for friends who chat and do outdoor activities together. A place where you can feel at home. A place for dating where things are simple. Meet new friends and nudist singles for dating and friendship. JOIN US!!

  • sherlywinters

    Nice, I love those.

  • MarkArtned

    StephenDefilippis Turtle Lake Resort in Michigan has a nude golf course. I am not a member there, visited once for the music fest, great place!

  • MarkArtned

    MikePhillyR I was at an all weekend nude rock fest this past summer. Turtle Lake Resort in Michigan has one every summer, good times!

  • StephenNRussell

    Ideal nude states for events: Hawaii ( untapped) &  FL.
    HI has best venue for events since Untapped & ideal but has no AANR site/camp on any Island or if so closed down years ago.
    Need to lobby HI state for nude events IE OK to acess beaches nude ( not Waikiki beach but other venues) & jungle hikes, boating etc & show Income to state alone from this niche tourism alone.
    Written several ideas on NudistClubhouse for HI nude activities over the years.
    Pls check them out.
    Best HI beaches maybe the leeward side: the side facing toward CA & OR alone vs facing West to Asia, alas.
    Need organized groups IE AANR, TNS, CFI, YNA to lobby HI Tourism & HI State for: AANR club, site, beach acess, jungle hikes etc in Islands ( all islands) in select venues for tourism Income.

  • j238

    In a perfect world, you’d have a truly diverse group, with a good ratio, of happy naked people.  
    Once you’ve got that, the venue wouldn’t matter.

  • PatrickNaturist

    I think if I could be warm, safe & happy, I would like to be naked 100% of my time. Leisure or just daily routines such as shopping would be no problem. As long as acceptable hygiene standards were maintained.

  • ChristopherJudson

    Theme park :D

  • Jilli Puff

    The zoo! After hearing about the naked run at the London Zoo to save the tigers, I’ve been thinking how much I would love running around naked seeing the animals. Instead of only us observing the animals, they would begin to observe us, too. They would likely understand us and relate to us better if we were naked.

  • ron_nitoc

    My favorite activity in a perfect world would be a family friendly entire nude day at a outdoor water park, but I would settle for an indoor one.  I love water parks but hate having to use that suit.  I know the INA tried to pull this off several years ago and were not able to do so.

  • MichaelBlakely

    I have to go with public nudity as the perfect nudie event, in a perfect world.

  • MikePhillyR

    My favorite nude activities,beach bumming and pool lounging,are already relatively common. To get a little more creative than that,I’d like to do an all-day,Warped-style concert populated only by nudes. There’s Burning Man and some things like that,but it’s not the same vibe as an all day rock-fest. How about an all nude pub crawl? THAT would be cool,although nudity and excessive alcohol could lead to a mess if care is not taken. A nude arboretum day would be nice,as would a nude boat ride. Not one of those humongous luxury cruises,just an 8-12 person boat outing wearing nothing but life jackets. I have to conclude with something that occurs to me in the course of writing this. I came up with quite a few ideas (nude shopping,museum tour,dining,parachute jumping,zip lining,etc.) that have actually been done,in some cases routinely. I’m always the first to say that this prurient and body phobic country and world could be a lot better,but…I guess it could be worse,too. If one has the time and money to do some traveling,there really ARE some good nude opportunities out there.

  • GandalfQuagmire
  • StephenNRussell

    Nude surfing, tennis, golfing, beach games, Mini sub ride, mtn climbing
    sport swimming,  Zipline, attend waterpark,

  • jovan1984

    In a perfect world, public nudity would be legal, even in a world that actually worships God & Jesus Christ. After all, we are all born nude. Most of us will likely die that way.

  • NudeYorker

    Naked day at an amusement park would be great!

  • StephenDefilippis

    I’ve recently imagined playing a round of golf nude. Its a lot of fun on my Wii so……

  • jochanaan

    In a perfect world, we would not need “nude events”–we’d all be naked whenever climate and circumstance permitted! :) But let’s say the world was just a little more okay with nudity.  My ideal event would be a nude church revival!  Bands playing, dancers dancing sacred dances, congregation singing and clapping, preaching about God’s love, and many folks coming forward to pray and change their lives–all “naked before God.”  Sound good?

  • LouisBeach

    I personally do not like shopping nude and playing pool or restaurants nude .Nude cruses are available. But I do like being nude outdoors better than in doors. I already go to a nude beach. So on a great weather day renting out a good water park sounds great to me as well given the above. My second choice would be riding bicycles nude in a shaded park by a beach to cool off from time to time or horse back nude riding .

  • Lamdba

    Water park.

  • homeclothesfree

    I second the water park idea