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Nipple Piercings and Nudist Resorts

Even today, many nudist resorts do not allow Nipple Piercings. By Young Naturists and Nudists America YNA.

Nudist Clubs and Male or Female Genital Jewelry Revisited

| September 18, 2015 | 27 Comments

It’s Time for Nudist Clubs to Change Their Policies on Genital Jewelry There’s an issue in the nudist world that has long been bothering us as an organization that bases our values on acceptance. It’s the issue of nudist clubs and naturist resorts that bar entry to people with body and genital jewelry. A few …
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Nipple Piercings at Nudist Resorts

| October 26, 2010 | 10 Comments

A friend told me about some controversy that took place at Rock Lodge this past summer that I felt was worth discussing. It all started a few years ago when the teenager daughter of a couple visited Rock Lodge, and to a few members’ dismay, she had nippl…

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