Swimming Naked And My Nude Mermaid Memories

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Being A Nude Mermaid and Swimming Naked

(Swimming Naked And My Mermaid Memories is a guest blog)

Back in the 80’s it was really not too crazy for a pre-teen to be allowed to swim alone in a backyard pool. I think it’s changed a lot since then, with media relaying information on pool accidents to everyone’s home. But for me, swimming by myself was some of the very best times I had.

On exceptionally bright sunny days, I loved to look at the floor of the pool when I moved my hair back and forth and it seemed to move in slow motion. I loved the idea of being by myself because my friends would think it highly uncool to play pretend right before entering our teen years. Alone however, I could easily pretend our pool was an expansive ocean and I – a mermaid.

mermaid statue jitr buabus swimming naked guest blog yna

Mermaid statue by Jitr Buabus via wikimedia commons

It’s easy to remember the first time I decided to slip out of my swimsuit and swim naked as I was sure that’s what mermaids did. I made sure to keep my body under the water so that anyone who may be looking over from neighboring houses wouldn’t see that I was naked.

I remember thinking it felt warmer without my swimsuit on. The sun was really bright that day and I could feel the it on my back through the water. I went underwater to see my shadow on the floor of the pool and was amazed at the shape of my body. I thought in my suit, with the usual childlike thoughts of “I’m so fat“, that I now (in my birthday suit) looked much leaner.

Swimming naked was one of my favorite things to do. It was so freeing and made me feel so close to nature. I thought for sure that if my Mom ever caught me she would think I was crazy!

At night was the best, as I had no fears of anyone seeing me. It was then that my mermaid persona would do jumps from the water like a dolphin. The mermaid in me could swim for hours in that backyard pool, enjoying the warm air on my skin and the cool water against my body.

Admittedly, I didn’t like my body too much before that summer. It had started to change so dramatically and I would usually hide it under layers of large t-shirts and zip up sweatshirts.

That summer, however, I started to feel much more comfortable with my body. I started to appreciate the changes, as if the mermaid in me believed they were scales and fins growing so I could swim faster.

I never let go of that mermaid and today, when the sun goes down, the mermaid, though much older, still swims naked in the pool.

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  • sassycoupleok

    I remember the first time I went skinny dipping in a farm pond. It was an amazing freedom. Our family traveled a lot, so every time we stayed at hotel/motel with a pool I always managed to find a way to go skinny dipping. It’s an enjoyment I haven’t outgrown !