Nudist Festival – Sunsport Gardens Will Host 7th Annual Young Naturist Florida Fest 2015

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Florida Young Naturist and Naked Spring Fest at Sunsport Gardens

Young adults aged 18-30 and their friends will meet at Sunsport Gardens Family Naturist Resort for a weekend of fun and community.

Activities will include a drum circle, dancing with a live band, body painting, yoga, relationship workshops, volleyball, canoeing and kayaking, free camping in an area reserved for young adults, and much more. The cost is only $6 per day.

Join The Young Naturists At Sunsport Gardens Florida Nudist Park Young Naked Adult Nudist Gathering

Join The Young Naturists At Sunsport Gardens Florida Nudist Park Young Naked Adult Nudists Gathering

Naturally beautiful Sunsport Gardens has an 87 degree crystal clear swimming pool, hot tub spa, sauna, tennis courts, free WiFi, and a restaurant with delicious healthful meals including vegetarian and gluten-free options.

For your health and comfort, Sunsport is smokefree except is a few out of the way designated areas. Sunsport has the highest percentage of young adults and families with children of any US naturist (nudist) resort.

florida young naturist fest sunsport gardens nudist resort event YNA

Florida Young Naturist Fest at Sunsport Gardens

Sunsport hosts Fests for young adults on the second weekends of April, August, and December. These unique events are a time to meet new friends and renew friendships in a relaxed, caring environment.

The Fests are sometimes life altering, personal growth experiences.

florida young naturist fest sunsport gardens pudding toss nudist resort YNA

Pudding toss at one of Sunsport Gardens’ Florida Young Naturist Fest

Below are excerpts from testimonials of 2 young adults who attended last August’s Young Naturist Fest for the first time.

The full testimonials as well as more photos from past Fests are on the Young Adult Page of Sunsport Gardens’ website.

florida young naturist fest sunsport gardens black light body painting nudist resort YNA

Black light body painting at one of Sunsport Gardens’ Young Naturist Spring Fests

There was such positive energy there it was life altering. For the first time in my life, when I returned home and looked in the mirror, I didn’t want to cry. I looked at myself and was happy looking back at me.

This weekend was priceless and life altering in a magical way….At Sunsport Gardens, even though I had come knowing only one person, I left feeling that I had known so many people…for years. I am now a naturist for life.

florida young naturist fest sunsport gardens black light body painting nudist resort YNA

young naturist black light painting party sunsport gardens florida

We ran around, playing in the pool, volleyball, glow tag, body-paint, voyaging on nature trails, but more importantly laughing and having fun.

I was so swept up by all the love and equality around me, I forgot that we were all naked. Everyone I met was patient with me, and were so positive with their words of love and encouragement.

– Azure Trio 8/11/14

florida young naturists fest sunsport gardens nudist resort YNA

Young Naturist Fest at Sunsport Gardens, Florida

Admittedly I came to the Young Naturist Florida End of Summer Event at Sunsport Gardens feeling a bit nervous. The weekend was my first experience being fully naked in public in front of strangers.

Happy Naked Young Nudist Girls Nude Young Naturists Florida Gathering

Making Friends – Happy Naked Young Nudist Girls At the Sunsport Gardens Nude Young Naturists Florida Gathering

Amazingly, all the nerves went away the minute I got there….. I can honestly say now that I feel more comfortable completely nude in front of people at the pool than I do in a bikini! The event itself was great; the drum circle, body paint, volleyball, swimming, etc. However, the thing that struck me most was my own acceptance with body image and the way people around me view themselves.

– Natalie Strobl 8/11/14

Members of Young Naturists America have attended Sunsport Gardens events in the past, but this time we are doing an official naturist group trip! If you’re a YNA’er and you’re planning on attending, please email us: ynaevents [at] gmail. com.

Young Naturists Florida Playing Music at the Weekend Gathering of Young Adult Nudists at Sunsport Gardens Nudist Resort

Young Naturists Florida Weekend Gathering Young Adult Nudists Playing Music

In addition, you can RSVP on the Sunsport Gardens Florida Facebook Young Naturists Event Page.

Note: This event caters to young adults, but all activities are open to people of all ages. The only part that is age-restricted is a designated camping area, just for the 18-30 crowd.

See info on rates and more event details on our event page.

When: April 10-12, 2015
Where: Sunsport Gardens Family Naturist Resort
14125 North Road
Loxahatchee Groves, Florida 33470, 800-551-7217

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  • Well it’s great to see the recruiting of the younger demographic that is certainly one way to establish a solid future for nudism! There are others like joining into either web ads or real ads and free TV via cable/satellite like Naked and Afraid and Naked Dating.  Whether or not they fit exactly with the “Nude Creed” or not you have to go where the young are and they most definitely have congregated and watch shows like that so with the idea fresh in their heads why not encourage them to try their own adventure since getting on those shows is like winning the lottery in some respects!

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