Seriously, Can We Stop With The Dick Pics?

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A Message to Men Who Send Unwanted Dick Pics

I love being a nudist. I love the community. I have met, befriended, and chatted with many incredible people from all over the world. However, as is true in any community, there have been the uncomfortable interactions – the unwanted advances, the comments on my “hotness,” the pushing of personal boundaries, and… The dick pics.

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Conci of YNA SoCal reacting to dick pics (while promoting Act Super Naturally)


Look, I get it – if you’re a guy, you’ve likely got a dick. That does not mean that I need a tour of your home with your erect penis in your hand on a daily, hourly, or even more frequent interval. In fact, I don’t EVER need those pictures…unless, we’re actually dating or something and really not even then. If I want to see your dick, I’ll see it…it’s really that simple.

I’m sure you’re proud of your dick. You have every right to love every part of your body, and I think you should. The thing is, when you force your dick into my message box, into my cyber space, it doesn’t come off the way you think it does. It immediately tells me you don’t respect me, my space, my boundaries, you look at me as a purely sexual being, and clearly do not have any regard for the ideals I try to uphold and which I’ve come to hold dear.

I don’t need or want to send you erotic naked pictures of myself. The pictures I do post are what I CHOOSE and WANT to share. I’m not posting to be propositioned, courted, or at its extreme, harassed. I believe in creating safe environments for everyone where they, or in this case, I, can continue to strive towards an ideal of desexualized nudity where we each have a say in what and how we are exposing of ourselves, literally and figuratively, and doing so in a way that helps to increase equality, respect, and understanding between all different people. And maybe, just maybe, even in a way that prompts meaningful discussion and discourse. Let’s be honest here, how often has a dick pic done any of those things? Occasionally, but rarely – and almost never when it’s unsolicited, unwanted, and thoughtlessly thrust upon someone else.

To be clear, I’m not talking about nude selfies or pictures of you hanging out enjoying naturism or nudism either alone or with friends in public or private. I’m talking DICK PICS. No face, no context, just a dick popping up on your screen from someone you’ve probably never met. I’m talking about pictures of an implied sexual nature and then a comment asking what I think or do I like what I see, with an almost guaranteed follow-up asking me for a sexual nude or genital shot.

Again, congratulations, you have a penis…and yes, I have a vagina. If I WANTED to see your dick in that context, I’d let you know. But, honestly, that’s generally not the way to spark a woman’s interest. It’s certainly NOT the way to get me talking to you. What you do on your time and behind closed doors is your business, but not really mine and I don’t want it to be. If I do, I’ll let you know…and that’s a big IF.

Interact with me as a person, treat me with dignity and respect, and I’ll likely befriend you…when I have time. I’ll admit time is in short supply these days because I’m working like crazy, but I love my job, I love my time with YNA / YNA SoCal and the people that both my work and YNA have brought my way.

Just know a barrage of unsolicited dick pics is one of the quickest ways to get me to ignore, defriend, or even block you. If you find yourself with your dick and phone in your hands and a message open to me taking a picture thinking I’ll like it, put that shit away. Believe me, I know what a dick looks like and as special as yours might be, I already have enough dicks to deal with on a daily basis – I mean, I work in Hollywood…dicks are NOT in short supply. Thanks for the thought, but no. Just no. Save those for someone else, preferably after they’ve asked.

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Conci Nelson is the YNA So-Cal Co-Organizer as well as the producer, writer, and lead of naturist comedy sequel, Act Super Naturally, and the Managing Member of Letter Blue Productions. She began her acting career at age five, on the CBS soap Opera, The Young and the Restless, and has worked both in front of the screen, behind the screen, and on stage on and off for the last 30 years. During her time at Northwestern University, where she double majored in Theater and English with a concentration in Creative Writing, and minored in Spanish Language and Literature, she also served as the first straight ally, Co-President for BGALA, the Bi-Gay-and-Lesbian-Alliance, and the President of "Entity," the Multi-Cultural Theatre Ensemble. Conci has been an advocate of equal rights and worked hard to create and be involved with creative work that strives to educate, enlighten, and inform others about a multitude of topics from LGBTQ Rights, to Autoimmune Diseases, to Gender Equality and Naturism and more.
  • Charlie Reed

    As an adult nudist male, I am still amazed that guys will send dick( and worse) pics at all. Just like anything else done online, its out there forever,with your name on it. It can come back to haunt or incriminate you ( see Anthony Wiener) at anytime in any way. Just not very smart.

  • Well said, Conci.

  • j238

    Good luck on this. I believe this is a mental health issue that isn’t fixed easily.

  • Michael Connolly

    Don’t worry we male Naturist’s get it too… I’ve had pics sent to me by gay males as well as had comments on my nude pics on Instagram where I only show distant rear pics such as “Turn around” and one guy who commented on one pic where I was laying face down “I’d love to jump on you” to which I politely said “My wife wouldn’t like that LOL sorry I’m straight”

    He then accused me of being a homophobe… So he thinks I’m supposed to accept his sexual advances because my naked body is on display??? GRRR

    • dariowestern

      Same here. I had one fellow on the Gold Coast want me to take some nude photos of him, which I agreed to but then his messages became more and more suggestive until he shared a photo of his penis ejaculating. I showed it to the police and they charged him with misuse of a telecommunications device. Thankfully, I haven’t had any perverts contact me since then and this was going back about 3/4 years ago.

  • If a woman posts a pic of any of her ‘sexy’ parts, a man feels arousal. In some men’s minds, a pic of their penis ought to serve the same purpose!

    Please note that most men don’t subscribe to this notion and the only ones you see are those who do.