Naturist Club Review: Steph’s Pond Nudist Resort In Upstate NY

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Steph’s Pond: A Rustic Nudist Park and Naturist Club Campground in Upstate New York

Guest blog by: Paulette LaRoche

About Steph’s Pond Naturist Club:

Steph’s Pond Nudist Nude Campground and Naturist Club – Not far from Lake Ontario, in a little town called Williamson in upstate New York, there is a place you could drive by every single day without ever knowing it’s a nudist park or a nude campground. You just have to know it’s there.

Getting to Steph’s Pond Nudist Park and Nude Campground In Upstate NY

Steph’s Pond naturist club is a family friendly nudist park and nude campground. It just opened for the 2013 season on May 1st and is only marked by 4 numbers on a post at the end of the driveway.

Drive a minute or so down the dirt path through the wooded land, and you’ll arrive at a house at which you must check in. A security camera halfway down the driveway tips them off to approaching guests, and more often than not, at least one of the hosts will greet you outside.

Steph’s Pond Nudist Park Rates and General Info:

Gary and Judy reside in this house, and about 40 years ago, the 65 acres of land were turned into a campground for naked nature-lovers of all ages to enjoy as well. Families ($30), couples ($30), and some singles ($20) may enjoy a day of being naked in the sun at this carry-in, carry-out park in the woods. Go for the day, stay for the weekend, or rent a place if you just want to hang out even longer.

There are small cabins, campers, and areas available for tents. I can’t particularly describe the lodging options since I never stayed overnight, but I have heard there is no electric, so be sure to ask about this before visiting. Also flashlights and lamps are always good to have in the car.

Steph's Pond naturist club

Steph’s Pond Nudist Naturist Club in Upstate NY

The Grounds, Facilities and Nude Campground Activities at Steph’s Pond Naturist Club in New York

As far as showers and bathrooms, there is an outdoor shower, as well as an outhouse, not very far from Gary and Judy’s house. The outdoor shower has an assortment of shampoos, conditioners, soaps, etc, or you can bring your own. The outhouse…where do I start? I have personally never seen an outhouse with leg room! Or style. Or comfort.

Really, this is the most impressive outhouse I’ve ever seen. It’s enclosed, but still with the ground as the floor; decorated; slightly curved in shape. And the toilet actually flushes, but not like the ones in basically every home. There is a pedal under the bowl. The whole thing is really something that must be seen to be appreciated.

Hikers will enjoy the beautiful scenery, peace, and exercise offered up by the trails. Just keep track of your direction; I managed to get lost once or twice. Is wandering through the woods not your cup of tea?

Gather your friends and play some volleyball with the net they have set up in the sun! For those who might rather play a game that allows them to hold a beer in one hand the whole time, there is also a nearby horseshoe pit.

Getting hungry? Take a break from the games for a snack. There are picnic tables available, or you can find a clearing and have a good old-fashioned blanket-style picnic! But make sure to bring in your own food, as there is no restaurant on the grounds.

naturist club

nude sunbathing at steph’s pond naturist club in upstate NY

On to my absolute favorite way to relax, and the reason for the name of the park: The POND! Use a nice long stick to push the raft out to the middle of the 2.5 acre pond, kick back, and watch the clouds. Or scope out the wildlife!

Birds, fish, turtles, whatever else might be enjoying the pond with you. See and hear nothing but nature (and Judy & Gary’s house!) When the sun gets too hot, there is one particular area of the pond that is perfect for taking a dip. Try not to keep still for too long, however, as the fish seem to really enjoy nipping at toes!

Judy also loves flowers, and shows it by adorning the park with a breathtaking assortment of them throughout the grounds. The new Steph’s Pond website ( ) has pictures of some of what you’ll be able to see when you visit!

Visiting Steph’s Pond Naturist Club

You may have noticed that their website says “invitation only,” which means any interested parties visiting for the first time should call ahead and tell Judy or Gary that you plan on stopping by. Also tell them how you found out about their place! This is especially important for singles.

I’m sure they want to know that people are visiting with nothing but good intentions. Ask for a brief tour when you get there; they will be more than happy to help you find your way around and answer any questions you may have. Judy is the bubbly brunette with the ever-beaming smile, and Gary is a kind and friendly man.

I hope to see you all Steph’s Pond Naturist Club after May 1st!

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