Social Nudity Cured My Body Image Struggles

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How Social Nudity Cured My Body Image Issues and Struggles

(Guest Nudist Blog By Anon)

My Social Nudity and Body Image Story

I had always had a very poor personal body image – I hated the way that I looked! Part of this was related to no one being around me to give me any sort of compliments or support throughout my adolescence and my early adulthood. I quickly found myself in a position where I was dating people who did not make me feel good about myself at all, and they were actually making my self esteem issues worse. I was being cheated on regularly, and began to feel as though these instances were not his fault. I blamed myself for not being attractive enough to keep him from straying.

This is something that I have struggled with for many years. Then, about a year or so ago, I worked up the courage to take a trip with a close friend of mine. She was a new to nudism and social nudity at the time. She convinced me that through her experiences with those she met at nudist resorts, through social nudism and through social nudity in general, she was able to find a lot more confidence in how she looked. She claimed that social nudity helped her accept and feel better about her own body. I of course, thought the entire thing was weird and worried that there would be harsh sexual overtones and awkwardness.

I must say that while I felt uncomfortable at the nude beach for a few minutes (fighting the constant urge to rush back to my clothes and to security), I was persistent to see if this in fact would help me. My friend was walking confidently and quickly introduced me to some people she met the last time she had come to this nude beach and had already planned on meeting today. As ironic as it sounds, it felt like these nudist girls and guys weren’t even looking at me sexually or judging me at all. In fact, I was complimented on how beautiful my face was twice!

Social Nudity

Social Nudity

It did not take long for me to find my stride with naturism. I soon began hanging out with more of them that I met through social nudity groups and websites online. It is freeing. I feel confident in how I look. Being nude, especially in a social setting, makes me feel happy. I feel like I do not to hide behind clothes. At times, like when my boyfriend and I are around the house in the nude (since now he is enjoying the lifestyle too) it can make me feel incredibly sexy and powerful as well.

It was a liberating and life altering experience for me. I feel freer than ever and though I am still new to nudism,I have come to accept my own personal body image!

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