Nude at College During a Naked College Party!

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A Naked College Party Was My First Intro Into Social Nudity

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A First Timers Story About A Naked College Party

It started off as a college toga party. Everyone shows up in a bed sheet wrapped around their body and possibly some ornately crafted headpiece. Those sheets just proved difficult to hold up and the sheets just started to come off.

At some point during the night, people started talking, and agreeing, to change the toga themed party to a naked college party. This information sent excitement, and chills, down the center of my back.

Naked College Nude Party by YNA

Naked College Nude Party

Excitement, as the women around me would quickly be completely naked. But what if I become too excited? That, in every sense, would be a terrible experience. What if I was small, compared to the other men disrobing. I mean, I’m a man and just can’t have that (I thought to myself). Besides, I’m more of a grower than a shower anyways. But then, maybe becoming too excited wasn’t a bad thing? No!

I started to completely unravel in my own head, all the while my bed sheet stayed on. People around me, obviously a bit nervous, started to remove theirs. I could tell many of the other guys around me had the same fear as myself, as the women found it far easier getting naked than did the men.

It seemed that every man in the group was waiting for one of the others to start the process. So I closed my eyes, took a deep breath, swallowed my pride (and my fear) and let my sheet fall to the ground.

Naked College Nude Party

Naked College Nude Party

I already wasn’t wearing underwear so it made the entire process a bit easier and far less uncomfortable. As I opened my eyes I noticed that not everyone looking at me and that the other men started to join me. Although I still stood there in a bit of shock, I felt almost liberated, in a sense.

I still was completely mortified from the entire situation, frozen in my spot, but I slowly warmed to what was taking place and, thankfully, someone started a conversation with me. It did feel a bit odd, at first, as we were both standing there, talking, completely naked, but it helped me forget my fears.

A few minutes earlier I would have given anything to see this girl naked, and now it just felt, I don’t know, natural. I remember thinking that this was how we were all meant to be, simple and basic – just people.

Nude College Naked Party by YNA

Nude College Naked Party

This later helped me realize what nudism or naturism is all about. Nudism was obviously not about sex. Nudity or just being naked in general isn’t always about sex. It depends on the context. At this party, since the moment all the clothes hit the ground, the sexual tension tanked with them.

Being naked gave me a new appreciation for my fellow college peers, the amount of eye contact had gone up ten fold and people were actually listening to each other rather than fantasizing about having sex. This naked college party was one of the most mind blowing and life altering experiences of my entire life!

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