Event Recap: 2016 Summer Solstice Skinny Dipping Hike

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Recap of the YNA 2016 Summer Solstice Skinny Dipping Hike

Guest blog by: Bill Nesc

On Monday, I met up with about 50 other people for the 2016 YNA Summer Solstice Hike in the Ramapo Mountains of NY’s Hudson Valley. We met in the parking lot of the Sabago Lake boat launch. At 10:30 AM we began hiking to our destination.

The weather was picture perfect and on the warm side as we crossed the road and went up a steep trail to our first stop about a mile up on the trail at a small lake. We quickly shed our clothes and took a dip in the water. It was very refreshing and not cold at all (at least not to me). While we were skinny dipping, a young couple passed us. They were quite surprised to see us and quietly said hi and went on their way.

Some stragglers of the hike also happened upon a group of amused 6th graders who were on a (clothed) class hike that day. One of the adult leaders of the pack spotted the naked people up ahead on the trail and just said, “Kids, turn around, turn around.” The kids were laughing, as was another one of the adults with them. Our group said hello as they passed, and Jordan remarked to one of the leaders that the kids had probably seen “worse” things on YouTube last night. She agreed.

After spending about 20 minutes at the first lake, we got dressed and took a trail through brush to reach the lake which was our final destination on our way up.

YNA Skinny Dipping Hike

The group heading out to reach the final lake

skinny dipping hike yna new york mountain laurel

View of mountain laurel surrounding one of the lakes

The upper lake was much larger than the other lake we took a break at. The was a large area for people to gather on. Some preferred to be in the sun on the rocks while others preferred the shade of the nearby trees. We ate our lunch and many of us took a dip in the lake. We quickly found out there was a new meaning to the term “fresh fish” when the sunfish would give us a little nibble if we were not moving around in the water.

skinny dipping new york hike naked swimming yna

Skinny dipping at the 2nd lake

skinny dipping hike felicity young naturists america yna

Felicity with a YNA slap bracelet

skinny dipping hike new york yna take your clothes off

“Take Your Clothes Off” artwork on the rock


Of particular interest to many of us was this pile of rocks in the middle of lake that formed a small island. It gave many of us an incentive for a good swim by swimming out there to check it out. Looked like it was actually a grave. Fortunately, we didn’t end up being in the plot of a horror movie.

skinny dipping hike new york naked swimming yna

Some people swam out to the little island


Most of us spent 2 to 3 hours at the lake with some leaving a little earlier. Most of the group left about 3PM. Thankfully the hike back was mainly downhill. We got back to the car lot and said goodbye to one another. It was a great time and I hope to get back there next year.

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    Great day, great weather, great people, not so great fish