Skinny Dipping at Nine Corner Lake in Upstate New York

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Skinny Dipping and Sunbathing at Nine Corner Lake

Guest blog by: Jason Giorgi

Nine Corner Lake is well known locally as the place to go if you want to cool off on a hot day. It’s located in Caroga, NY near Pine Lake. It is about an hour’s drive northeast of Utica, located in the Adirondack State Park.

skinny dipping nine corner lake upstate new york yna

Nine Corner Lake

This is not marked as a clothing optional lake, but it has many locations where you have privacy. There are often many families and children, but most of them stay near the entrance. On a hot weekend you will struggle to even find a place to park since it is only a pull-off on both sides of the highway.

Once you arrive you will see a sign-in log at both trailheads and will need to hike 9/10ths of a mile in to the lake. It is not a big uphill climb or mountain hike. It’s just a wooded trail with a slight incline with plenty of tree roots and calming streams along the way.

When you get near the lake you will come across a fork in the trail. You can go either way since the trail circles for a mile around the lake with many spots to swim from or camp. If you go to the right, you will come across the most popular hangout spot. Here there is a big rock and a rope swing you can use to jump into the water. You can go across the rock dam and follow the trail, which leads to many more spots to relax on the water. You will go through some small camping areas until you reach a spot that you think looks good.

During my last couple of visits there were easily 40 cars along the road’s edge but I was still able to skinny dip and lay in the sun for 4 hours without a single person seeing us on our rock.

skinny dipping nine corner lake upstate new york yna

skinny dipping nine corner lake nude swimming upstate new york yna

If you were to take a left at the fork near the beginning of the lake it leads to another bigger rock and tree-hanging rope swing. This way also has a trail leading to many secluded swimming spots.

Unfortunately, with places as busy as this you will also see trash left throughout the trail. Good Samaritans usually pick it up in trash bags and leave it near the entrance to be taken when they depart for the day. (As all eco-friendly naturists should do! Leave a place in better shape than when you found it is still a YNA rule.)

In the Adirondacks there are many lakes which are even more private than this. As the summer goes on I plan to visit them and write in if they are naturist friendly.

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