The Nudist Social Network Skinbook is Back Online!

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Nudists Go Social With Skinbook Again!

Social Network – Skinbook Goes Back Online:

Skinbook, the nudist social network is back online but is it the real deal and is it legal? Two months ago, Skinbook was resurrected from the dead by an Australian nudist named Dario Western. As many recall, Skinbook, the Facebook of nudism, took in as many as 100,000 members and became more popular than its leading opponent sites True Nudists and Nudist Clubouse.

This all went downhill in September of 2010, when Skinbook’s social platform, Ning, changed its terms and conditions prohibiting nudity. Now Skinbook is back on Ning using a former logo of the original SB that copied both the typeface and color scheme that facebook itself adopts, while adding a twist…no nudity, different ownership and more experienced moderators.

For those of you who were fans of Skinbook, you may still have an unpleasant taste in your mouth when saying the name Skinbook. Most of this may be caused by an e-mail that went out to all its members back on September 12, 2010 from the website’s primary founder, Karl Maddox.

Nudist Social Network Skinbook by YNA

Nudist Social Network Skinbook

It is with much regret that I have come to the decision to bring Skinbook to an end.

After all the effort (and money) we have put into saving the Skinbook network; the complaining, negativity, abuse and general lack of support we have recieved from our users has been quite frankly, disgusting… I am no longer prepared to provide the Skinbook network to any members past or present.

As much as we have attempted over the past couple of years to bring together the nudist community and give the naturist lifestyle a positive public image, the treatment of my team here at Skinbook has finally made it clear (to myself at least) why this lifestyle is both fragmented from within and ostracized from without. What you take this to mean is up to you to speculate individually.

For me this revelation doesn’t require an explination, it requires merely a reaction; my reaction being that from now on I see fit only to completely distance myself from this lifestyle (from both a philosophical and physical stand point) and most certainly from ANY medium which serves to promote it.

Good luck in your quests to find unity within your chosen lifestyle… you need it!

Karl Maddocks

For the purpose of legal matters we would like to make clear that we retain all rights to the Skinbook name, logo and any other associated media.”

The revival of Skinbook “The Facebook of Naturism”

Over a year has passed since the shutdown of Skinbook, leaving nothing in it’s place other than a standard maintenance page on as well as; however, a new site just emerged built by a supporter of Skinbook, who hopes to keep its name alive and well.

Even while Karl clearly states in his letter that he maintains the rights to the Skinbook name and logo, this new founder, Dario, feels it is okay to revive the social network even while he was unable to locate Karl while maintaining a Facebook group and Flickr account under the identity of Skinbook.

“I thought I’d let you all know that I’ve taken it upon myself to revive the main Skinbook network, seeing as I already admin it on Flickr and Facebook alike.

I tried to track down Karl Maddocks to let him know, but could not find him anywhere. Anyway, I gather that he is no longer a naturist or a supporter of naturism and he’d probably just leave me to make of it what I will since the FB group has been sailing along nicely anyway with no problems whatsoever.

With Ning, I could not use the exact URL that he used to start it, so I’ve set it up as:”

Dario publicly compares the new Skinbook Social Network to both the old and True Nudists in a forum. He states that Ning provides the user with better profile design and skin options for special customization. Not only did Ning ban nudity but they also tacked on additional costs for platform users. Dario considers these costs in his personal evaluation between the two networks.

“Secondly, Ning is a pay-site now (as mentioned before), but I think it’d be worth it once I get more than 150 people applying to join it and will need to upgrade it to a more fully-functional forum with events calendars and a few other bits and pieces that were free before their own CEO Jason Rosenthal made the changes that I think got Karl’s gander up in the first place.

I was a bit cross as well, but looking at it with more hindsight, I realise that there is no such thing as “Something For Nothing” and “No Such Thing As A Free Lunch”. You want quality, you want class, you want to ring social changes – you gotta pay your dues for it!

Do I see myself in competition with TN by doing this? Well, no, not really. People have a choice as to where they want to meet others and if they like it they’re going to join (or re-join if they were former members). I like and respect this site and what TT1 is doing to keep it in good order. It’s hard work running a web community, but I think if one’s heart is in the right place and you stick to it and give it what you’ve got the rewards are there.

I do not know Karl Maddocks in real life, but I think he did need to have a bit of stability and maturity to run a community like SB. I’ve been running nudist cyber-communities since about 1999, and learned quite a lot along the way and still learning.”

When asked in an interview on Nudist Day what Dario thought about the “no nudity” on Ning, he expressed his approval for such a policy, stating that it helps detour unwanted visitors who are seeking out porn sites while enabling the site to be appropriate for work environments and the general public that may not look to kind upon full frontal nudity.

“There is a time and a place for everything” he says. A special group was set up on both Flickr and Dailymotion to accommodate those who wish to share their photos and videos with the group, although you won’t be seeing any of this content on the actual Skinbook site.

Outside of Skinbook Dario Western is a self proclaimed musician, songwriter, photographer and nudist activist. He manages and plays in the band “Laissez-Fayre”, a concept band which is out to promote the naturists lifestyle to the Generation X and Y crowd while performing clothed.

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Jordan Blum is a lifelong nudie and co-founder of Young Naturists America.
  • DarioWestern

    Skinbook has now been relaunched at: skinbook.socialparadox .com

  • jacharless

    just when I thought i was out, they pull me back in…lol. Sorry, it is what came to mind regarding his statements.

    Although not being a ‘lifestyler’ me self, but rather a technologist, the issue facing most New or Emerging Social Networks is providing something more than just a short-stop interactive.

    What made Badoo, Facebook, MySpace successful in there time? Anyone…anyone…
    Some old school tech-heads can tell you FB was not the first social network on the scene. In fact the first ever User End network was from Yahoo. Went by the name of Geo Cities. That was novel! A blend of Personal Website within an Community, complete with interactive chat and what would become micro-blog beginnings.
    Issue #1: Originality | Novelty

    Now, what can the user do that makes the network ‘sociable’? Apart from a Wall Post or Photo upload, Forum Topic, what coolness & credence is built-in giving Users that thang. That je ne sais quoi to keep coming back as most do nearly ten (10) times a day on FB (+ Twitter -which is actually an RSS Social Messaging system -again Original & Novel!). In the Naturist lifestyle the reality is nudity. But nudity alone as non-porn or porn is not enough to sustain the network nor maintain user interest. Sites, like truenudists[dot]com, have seen what happened when they tried. Yes, unification of community without the commune/colony stigmata is a huge hurdle facing all nudist collectives. Adding velocity & constant voracity of a Social Network to that end, requires a specific elements and concepts-within-concepts to even create a foundation for success.
    Issue #2: Functionality.

    Lastly, how and by what avenues are the core system — the Makers — and its members (the ones that make up the Network itself) going to keep it glued together, to unify the vision -without imposing justification. social Networks detest justification. They leave that for the ‘real world’. Last is the Market and how the Mall is build with all those kiosks (circles/groups/mini-communities) within.
    Issue #3: Communicability, Marketability, Unification of the vision.

    FB, Twitter, Badoo, MySpace LinkedIn –even ReverbNation are all unique networks, designed for the “niche-r lover” in all of us.

    a not-so-humble-programmer