What is Inappropriate Nudist Clothing or Too Sexy For Nudists? (Wait, isn’t that an oxymoron?)

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Nudist Clothing and Lingerie – What Clothing is Inappropriate or too sexy for Nudists?

The issue of Nudist Clothing or better yet – Nudists and Clothing!

Nudist Clothing – Yes, I know this question sounds like an oxymoron. But I really got to thinking about it after the Bare Necessities nude cruise. This was an adults-only cruise, so that definitely had an effect on the vibe and what people chose to wear.

It was clothing-optional, and while most people were fully nude outdoors during the day, the scene changed a bit at night. You couldn’t wear lingerie or “fetish-wear” to the dining hall, but people wore it everywhere else. Some of it was like a sexy nudist costume based on the theme of the night. Don’t get me wrong.

It wasn’t as if the boat suddenly became a fetish party boat, but there was a lot of freedom as far as what people could wear. I saw a guy wearing the underwear pictured below, on the cruise in broad daylight. (This photo is courtesy of Babeland.com, the sex toy store.)

nudist clothing lingerie men nude cruise nudism naturism YNA

Inappropriate sexy nudist clothing?

I like the idea of having the freedom to wear as much or as little clothing as I want, without having to worry about covering parts that the rest of society considers “indecent,” like nipples. I think other naturists would agree that it would be nice if this freedom weren’t exclusive to nudist settings.

But since society doesn’t yet give us this nude freedom, we’re stuck with our designated areas where we can go to be naked. Some places are nudity-required, but even for ones that don’t label themselves “clothing-optional,” we all know that sometimes people have to put on clothes. So back to the question. Is there clothing considered inappropriate for nudist places? It would seem most clubs have rules on nudity, but not so much on clothing.

Why would they, right? Well, perhaps you’ve been to one of the clubs that has lingerie parties. Many clubs are a typical nudist setting during the day, and then things get a little more risqué in the club house dance or night club parties.

From my own observations, mostly women put on lingerie, sexy nudist accessories, tight see-through dresses and the like. Many places don’t advertise the lingerie thing, but I know of at least one family club that lists events on their website entitled “lingerie dance” and “leather and lace party.”

nudist clothing lingerie nudist nudism naturism clubs resort YNA

Nudist Clothing – lingerie dress is too sexy for nudists and naturism?

Now, are these places still considered nudist clubs? By AANR’s standards, yes they are, as long as no overt sexual activity occurs. Many of them are also family-oriented, or claim to be.

By logic, one would think that lingerie and such clothing does not have a place in nudist venues because:
1) Presumably, people visit nudist clubs because they want to be naked and textile-free.
2) The terms “nudism” and “naturism” have different meanings depending on who you talk to, but *I think* we can all agree that both are about non-sexual nudity.
3) Isn’t the purpose of lingerie to sexually entice or arouse others?

I understand that people like to dress up and feel pretty or sexy, whether they are a nudist or not. And clothing or accessories are also a way for people to express themselves. But based on the points above, I still ask, is such clothing appropriate in nudism / naturism? I posed this question to our community this week and got varied responses. Some were adamant about it being inappropriate.

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Tweets in Response to: Is Lingerie Appropriate or Inappropriate in Nudist Settings?

A female friend on Facebook also said: “I don’t think lingerie has any place in nudism/naturism. Lingerie sexualizes the body and when that type of clothing is mixed in with nudism it can no longer be considered non sexual.

That being said I have no problem wearing lingerie to a fetish party or something labeled like that. I was really surprised the first time I went to an aanr affiliated club that had a lingerie party at night. It still baffles me a bit and makes me think that people just are not capable of living a regular life clothes free… it has to be some kind of sexual expression because they just cannot separate the two in their heads.”

A comment on the AskANudist Facebook page had the opposite view:
“I think rules need a positive purpose to exist. I see no reason to restrict clothing in any way in a clothing optional situation. Even in those places where nudity is required, there should be exceptions for health and temperatures below 75F …. If someone is sexually aroused by someone else’s clothing choices, it’s the problem of the aroused person to get their act together. I don’t care what other people wear or don’t wear.”

And there were also the “it depends” responses:

On AskANudist.com : “I think it is fine after the kid’s curfew at the resort so after around 9 or 10 pm. It is really the parent’s call then how much their children are exposed to it after that. We should not ignore our sexuality completely so in my opinion there is an appropriate time and an inappropriate time for it at a naturist resort and the same goes in a child’s development. …”

nudist clothing ask a nudist lingerie naturism nudism clubs resorts YNA

A Nuidst Clothing Response on AskANudist.com

This question also reminds me of one of the group discussions at the Mid-Winter Naturist Festival entitled “Is nudism too conservative for mainstream America?” The workshop leader was basically asking if nudists needed to relax the rules a bit on the sexuality front to draw in more people. Not allowing public sex, but as an example, having more of a “spring break” environment with wet t-shirt contests and such.

If there were suddenly a nation-wide nudist rule against lingerie / any sexual clothing, would people suddenly start losing interest? Would clubs lose membership? If there were more leniency, would we gain more interest?

As I hinted above, there are no current rules on this. Not even AANR has a policy. So I guess it’s up to every individual and every club to determine what’s acceptable.

So what does everybody think about nudists and clothing? Should nudist clubs and resorts require nudity at parties and dances as well? Should they have rules on clothing or relax the rules more? Have you been to clubs with lingerie dances?

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  • nudeinspain

    We think there’s a place and a moment for everything.
    Lingerie and sexy clothes are great, but they have nothing to do with nudism, either unappropriate or not.
    It’s like asking if micro bikinis are acceptable in nude beaches… I wouldn’t say that anyone wearing them are nudists.
    Nude bodies can be sexy just because they’re naturally beautiful, but we think the use of any type of clothing to cause arousal goes beyond nudism.
    Very interesting topic, we’ve shared it in our FB page :)

  • MarkPartin

    This is an interesting and complex question.  I’ve thought some about it, but haven’t come to a set of rules I can even agree to.

    As nudists, one one of the things we say is that “we do the same things textile people do, but we do them nude.”  If you think about textiles, they do go out to late night parties and bars.  They dress up to show off whatever they are proud of and to be sexually appealing.  Women wear tight clothing, short skirts, and things that are designed to titillate. So, if nudists do the same things that textiles do, then doesn’t it follow that sometimes nudists do “let loose” and wear sexy things?

    I certainly agree that type of attire has no place in family areas or in general daytime use.  I’m not even sure if I’m comfortable with it being present at nudist venues at all.   Not because I’m a prude or that I think that nudists shouldn’t be sexual.  We are human, and therefore sexual beings.  But we have such a difficult time convincing non-nudists that nudism isn’t about sex, that when we see some sort of sexuality coming out at a nudist resort, we are fearful that it will be used as one more arrow in the quiver for non-nudists to say “See, I told you it WAS about sex!”

    Like I said before, it’s something that I’ve thought about, but it is a complex issue and I have no answer yet.

  • The Tim Woodsman

    Interesting subject matter… I suppose I’m wondering then, where would body paint fall on this scale? Both clothing and paint can be made to be artistic expression of the individual, or rather accentuate their personalities, but is that what is meant by a nudist/naturist. If it’s “express yourself and be comfortable” then it doesn’t matter between lingerie, body paint, leather, or metal gauntlets, BUT if it is about “exposing the true self alone in its unaided, natural expression” then any addition would be a fabricated exaggeration. …I should think anyway.

  • SanTan

    This was a great article as well as all the comments. My wife and I have been to two resorts on multiple occasions and they both did the lingerie thing which seemed like a double standard to me. The nudist community butchers the textile world for sexualizing everything and then they sexualize at a high level the evening activities. (I never went to a clothed event where body parts were emphasized and people wore lingerie in public.) Now I may not be the one to talk because for me, the nude human body is far more beautiful and sexy then any lingerie or string bikini. I would 100 times prefer my wife wear no clothing then anything skimpy.
    I suppose that if a standard were set by the resort it should be consistent with the values they advertise. Should articles of clothing be worn in the evening it may be because of the weather or the comfort level of the guest just as they permit during the day but not to over sexualize a body part.

  • curt443191

    There’s a difference between sex and gender.

     Sex has no more place in nudism than it does at walmart, therefore that strap-on thing is totally and completely inappropriate, IMHO.
    That doesn’t mean we don’t acknowledge ( and us older folks offer
    deference to ) gender.
    It’s only the incorrect and inappropriate association of nudism with sex
    that is a problem. Nudism does not associate with sex, and sex does not
    associate with nudism, although sex does associate with nudity, nudity does
    not necessarily associate with sex.
    IMHO, it’s an inability orunwillingness to recognize that difference that is the problem.
    Gender associates with everything, but gender is not sex.
     My mustache has no more to do with sex than Felicity’s lack of a mustache,
    but my mustache does indicate gender, as does Felicity’s figure.
      Nude is no more about sex than is a yellow shirt. Both are a simple
    wardrobe choice. Nothing more. A yellow shirt can suggest gender by how it
    is cut, just as can the genitals one happens to have, but neither is
    *necessarily* sexual.
      Joining the Yellow Shirt Society is no more, nor less, an excuse to
    exercise poor judgment than is membership in a nudist club, or website
    such as yours, or mine.
       One man’s opinion.

  • muffie13

    It makes no difference what you wear…preferable nothing…anywhere anytime

  • JohnThomas1

    It doesn’t matter if an event is adults-only or not. If it is really a nudist event, then lingerie or other titillating costumes are not appropriate. Leaving kids out of a nudist event does not automatically make it sexual or ‘anything goes.’ The problem is that even nudists are often very confused as to what nudism is, and is not. And the more we refuse to call people on this, the more we play into society’s hangups about nudity being only sexual. We are ruining nudism’s image and our legitimacy by participating in cruises like these. If people want to have sexy events that’s fine, but they are not practicing nudism, and nudists should protest any business that markets sex events as nudist events. They are playing right into the hands of people who are closing beaches and passing anti-nudity laws.

    • John, our other article about defining the word nudist just goes to show that even the most active people in the movement can’t agree on one definition. http://nudistnaturistamerica.org/nudist-naturist-defined For some, a nudist is just someone who enjoys taking their clothes off once in awhile. For others, there is a philosophy behind it. And some think “naturism” is the one with the philosophy behind it. If everyone agreed with your definition, there wouldn’t be any nudist clubs hosting lingerie parties.
      The lack of philosophy & values in today’s nudist world is actually a big part of why we started YNA.

  • Felicity’s Blog

    Christopher NudistSeattle, as one reader pointed out, it’s really proof that simple nudity is not inherently sexual – that people have to put stuff ON to feel sexy. I think it’s hard to argue that certain attire is not sexual. Some lingerie is very clearly meant for sexual purposes, even if worn in just a playful way at a nudist party. For clubs & resorts there is much more of a focus on behavior to determine what’s acceptable. But I will say the presence of lingerie can definitely change the vibe / atmosphere of a gathering of people. And it can take away from some of the benefits of naturism that are no longer there once people have items of clothing on.

  • StephenWeppler

    Why Clothing Optional Does Not Work

    • Stephane makes some interesting points about why everyone should be naked, but it’s the last point that I think of first – the simple logic of “why do people go to nudist resorts.” Answer: because they want to be naked. If they want to wear a bathing suit or something, they should go to the textile place. If they go to a nudist resort to look at naked people, they’re obviously in the wrong place. Naturists can find plenty of opportunities in the outside world to wear clothing or sexy accessories or lingerie. In comparison there are very few places where one can be entirely nude. And it doesn’t make sense if someone wants the option, but never wants to take advantage of that option.. So, that’s something to consider for this question.
      There is some clothing that is borderline lingerie. It’s revealing & might make a person feel pretty or sexy, but can’t be worn in a whole lot of places because it shows too much skin. I think that’s the kind of clothing that some nudists enjoy being able to wear out at a party..But I’m sure they can find a party where the stuff pictured above is acceptable attire.

  • StephenWeppler
  • MarkRunNJ

    This seems like a tricky issue. If we are ok with complete nudity then what’s wrong with clothes that show a lot of skin? I’ve been attracted to somebody who had stripped and then who later put the clothes back on even though I had been exposed to the entire nude being for the majority of time and didn’t quite care during the period of undress. Maybe it was part fantasy since she was wearing revealing attire on a nude beach. I associated clothes with the textiled world and imagined the same skimpy clothes wearing attitude on the busy streets of a big city. There’s something about clothes that puts out a vibe of tease and seduction especially if it’s form assisting such as anything with body manipulation. I won’t even mention the c-rings worn in the Castro section in San Francisco that helped with the recent nudity ban. There’s that certain absolute feeling of openess when completely naked and the opposite when covered from head to toe. Is wearing something “sexy” part of the nudist philosophy or counter to it, I just don’t know.

  • Pseudonymasaurus

    Some more thoughts:
    1. A big part of the ideal of nudism as I understand it revolves around freedom, and body freedom in particular. People ought to be free to dress, undress, and accessorize as they please. We don’t hurt anyone by being naked, someone in lingerie doesn’t hurt us by wearing lingerie. It seems backwards for nudists to do any policing whatsoever of what people choose to wear.
    2. If a woman (or man) wants to feel sexy at a nudist party and does so by putting on lingerie, isn’t that actually a validation of the idea that simple nudity isn’t terribly sexual?
    3. On the question “Is nudism too conservative for mainstream America?” and this topic in general, it reminds me of another article you wrote about sex positivity. The issue is that (some) nudists, in their zeal to be nonsexual, come across as being sex-negative. And that is a turn off to many of the more liberal sort of people that would otherwise enjoy nudism.
    It’s not about wet T shirt contests (how would that even work lol?) or any “rules” in particular (though I think the less rules the better). It’s more about attitude. Sex is normal, healthy, and fun. But when you hear nudists complain about “lingerie parties” and fret about similar topics, they frequently adopt a sex negative language. They sound like they believe sex is immoral, wrong and threatening.
    IMHO, Nudist resorts don’t *need* to offer a party/clubbing/spring break atmosphere (though if some do, that should be totally fine. Everyone likes different things, so the more options the better). But am across the board more sex positive tone and language would certainly help – they need to recognize that human beings are sexual, there’s nothing innately wrong with sexuality or sexual expression, and a bit of negligee isn’t the first step on a slippery slope towards uncontrolled hedonistic orgies.

    • Pseudonymasaurus

      Of course immediately after posting this I noticed the “How to be sex positive” article posted before this, to which I’d say “That’s it exactly”.
      One thing I rather like about YNA is that it is sex positive, it’s just that the nudist community at large isn’t.

    • I am in favor of “body freedom” as well and obvi don’t think nudists need to repress their sexuality. But, there’s something to be said for the benefits & results of people being totally all naked together, which bits of fabric would take away from..Like the equality aspect – everyone naked = everyone equal, & the way it forces people to look at someone for who they are, rather than for what they are wearing..The fabric or lacy underwear is a distraction & automatically invites the on-looker to see that person in a different way..Of course you could start to see someone in a sexual way with or w/o clothing, but clothing sets the tone from the get-go. Idk, I’m still torn on this question!

    • JohnThomas1

      “Freedom” is not a permission slip to do whatever you want, wherever you want. Groups and subcultures have rules too.
      In answer to your questions: 1. Nudists do not police what people wear or how they behave, for no reason. There is a philosophy behind nudism. Nudist philosophy says the body is healthy and good, and that we can enjoy our bodies without it turning sexual. Sexy outfits violate that philosophy and that’s why they don’t belong.
      2.) If a person wants to feel sexy at a nudist party then they are at the wrong party. And no, we don’t need someone to validate our beliefs by demonstrating the opposite belief, any more than vegetarians don’t need their beliefs validated by someone eating steak.
      3.) Sorry if some of us come across as sex-negative. Some are so used to being accused of perversion that we get a little defensive. But that does not mean we don’t have a good argument.
      Of course humans are sexual and there’s nothing wrong with expressing it.
      Likewise, there is nothing wrong with us expressing a nudist philosophy that has a 100-year tradition in this country.
      Now here’s a question for you: Why can’t people just go to swinger resorts to express their sexuality, and leave us “uptight” people alone? Wouldn’t that be easier and more fun for those folks?

      • JohnThomas1

        Sorry, I meant to respond to Pseudonymasaurus first post, but somehow it got stuck here instead.

  • Balazs de Berzsenyi

    Since we are naturists/nudists and supposed to regard the human body and ALL its parts (and functions) as natural, wearing anything or nothing should not be an issue.

  • Kenny Riot

    I saw this kind of stuff at the World Naked Bike Ride last year and no one acted like an idiot about it. Adults can behave, y’know…clothing or lack thereof doesn’t dictate behavior. I don’t see how it’d be any different anywhere else.

  • Christopher Judson

    I think lingerie is inappropriate

  • Christopher NudistSeattle

    This seems backwards to me. My thought is no object is sexual, just ones actions. Whether nude or dressed in clothes or lingerie, as long as no sex is going on, it is non-sexual.

  • FYI people, I just added a last-minute paragraph at the end because I forgot to also tie this into a discussion I attended at the Mid-Winter Naturist Festival in February. You might have to refresh the page of delete your browser cache to see it.

  • Christopher Judson

    I don’t think nudist clubs and resorts should require nudity at parties and dances but they should have rules on clothing. Lingerie shouldn’t be allowed where nudity is expected but on the other hand it’s alright to have adults only lingerie dances.

  • Christopher Judson

    I don’t think nudist clubs and resorts should require nudity at parties and dances but they should have rules on clothing. Lingerie shouldn’t be allowed where nudity is expected but on the other hand it’s alright to have adults only lingerie dances.

  • Christopher Judson

    lingerie should otherwise not be allowed where nudity is expected

  • ChristopherJudson

    I don’t think nudist clubs and resorts should require nudity at parties at dances but they should have rules on clothing. Lingerie shouldn’t be allowed where nudity is expected but on the other hand it’s alright to have adults only lingerie dances.

  • Dave_n_NM

    In my opinion, this type of attire does not reflect who we are as nudists/naturists. Maybe as a gag at a party, but not as an accepted piece of apparel. This type of clothing is specifically to arouse and entice. If it is cold, then by all means cover up, but don’t tell me that any of those items will provide warmth.

  • Christopher Judson

    lingerie should otherwise not be allowed where nudity is expected