Sexual Power and Sexuality in Naturism

Sexual Power: Honoring Sexuality in Naturism

Sexuality Within Naturism and Sexual Power:

Sexual Power – In our last blog we spoke about breaking sexual silence. We discussed that while naturism is not about public sex it may be about understanding and communicating sexual values for people looking to learn more about themselves, their bodies, and relationships. In this blog we are going to develop more concepts helping us focus our discussion about sexuality within naturism and life in general.

Let’s start by recalling a word association from my first two sex-positive blogs, nudity = sex! For some this association also means sex = dirty. Society extrapolates; nudity = sex = dirty = addictions, stalkers, pedophiles, exhibitionists, pornographers, strip joints, prostitution, etc. etc. Unfair as it is, social nudity gets lumped in with these things.

Therefore it’s a challenge to recover a positive vision of sexuality within naturism. This is also why it’s imperative that naturism represents the highest behavioral integrity. Not engaging in public sex or lewd behavior is essential to our credibility. But, in addition to setting an example of appropriate nude behavior, how can naturism communicate a better message than nudity = sex = dirty to skeptical non-nudies?

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Sexual Power

We begin by finding ways of affirming always and everywhere, our bodies, our sexual nature, is sacred space. It’s common sense to point out we are immersed in a natural world, a creation, which is at its core procreative and sexual at every level.

All life; single cells, plants, animals, and humanity is a story of creation, recreation, procreation. The air of spring virtually vibrates with this power. Whose libido does not automatically resonate when one walks out into the power of spring time? You see, smell and breathe it. It is present in the verdant pasture jumping to life; in flowers stretching forth; birds as they mate and nest.

Sexual power bursts forth everywhere. For us farmers, it is a fact of life – it is what sustains and enables us to feed the world. We see sexuality played out in our plants and our livestock, daily, monthly, seasonally. We hold the progeny in our hands – the fruit and power of sexuality. It is a great cycle and it is unequivocally GOOD.

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Venus of Willendorf, an ancient figure thought to be a statue of fertility

Ancient cultures were close to the land, to the concepts of fertility and sexuality. They fundamentally understood sexuality is LIFE. Their agrarian lives depended on the fertility of their livestock, plants, and their men and women to produce progeny. Without fertility whole cultures died. In ancient cultures we see this respect in their art and sculpture; often phallus symbols, or fertile female figurines, with exaggerated breasts and vulva. The reproductive organs were honored because they meant LIFE.

In a modern society where vast majorities of urban people are radically divorced from agrarian realities of fertility and sexuality as the essence of life, food, and survival, the reproductive symbols of ancient man lose their meaning – anachronistically reduced to symbols of mere pleasure at best, or obscenity at worst. The perverse idea of sex as dirty is devolved in a culture alienated from a fundamental understanding of fertility.

In such a vacuum, concepts of sexuality are more and more abstract, divorced from the more primal understanding of fertility, and survival. Sexuality can become truncated, and ultimately perverse, a mere ‘entertainment.’

In the vacuum of modern sexual understanding, naturism is a beacon of hope – it has the opportunity to reclaim a grander view of sexuality as proclaimed by nature – hence we are naturists! We aren’t naturists just because we are fond of nature, as if gazing wistfully at a painting in a museum. We are naturists because we recognize that we ARE nature – we ARE natural sexuality. Naturism, in its stark nakedness can indeed experience and understand sexuality as a great ambient power in which we are immersed, and at once a part of. All life is the product of fertile sexuality including our very selves. We cannot be extricated from this grand power whether we recognize it or not – whether we honor it or not. And honor it we must, or we die.

This great ambient sexual power is an important part of what we celebrate in our nudity. We learn to recognize it within all of nature, within ourselves, and within our fellow human beings. We love it because we are it. It is NOT dirty! The sexual aberrations we witness in society are not sex – they are its perversion. Naturism is no more a part of these perversions than the fertility symbols of ancient cultures. Therefore we must not be ashamed of our nudity, and take every opportunity to honor it, as did cultures like ancient Greece.

In our next blog we are going to discuss some ideas about how naturism can honor and express a grander view of the great ambient power that is sexuality.

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We are Steve and Susanne, leaders of the YNA Upstate New York Chapter. We enjoy the freedom, relaxation, and healing power of naturism, and are interested in sharing our experiences with others. Please visit our Facebook page to get acquainted or join in any of our activities.
  • CampFullMonte

    I’ve just read your sex positive blog posts back to back and whilst the rhetoric strikes many chords with me, and I like the idea of using a sex-positive approach to address non-naturists concerns, I’m struggling to understand how to apply this approach in specific situations. e.g. Gender balance and relationship status (couples vs singles) in social
    nudity environments have been the root of many a debate over the years.
    It seems to me that, to an non-naturist, such debates fan the flames of doubt around naturism having no connection with sex and sexuality. “If it’s not about sex then what’s at the root of discrimination against single males?”. “Why the couples only restriction?”
    If I’ve understood your thinking then the common replies to both these
    questions are likely to come from a sex negative perspective? I’d be
    interested to hear your thoughts on how we might talk look at these
    issues in a sex positive light.

  • DuckworthBeastly

    Excellent article! Thank you for raising awareness to this issue. Naturists has fought so hard to distinguish naturism as wholesome and family friendly that very often, the mere mention of sex gets you labeled as a pervert or sexual deviant. Sex is not a dirty. It is an integral and natural part of who we are. In fact, it is the reason we are all here. People need to understand that and treat sex like any other normal bodily functions.

    • SteveYnaNY

      DuckworthBeastly Thanks for these thoughts. Lets keep working on this – yes, its a long road.

  • Pseudonymasaurus

    Ugh. The last two articles in this series were good, this one goes off the deep end into sacred sexuality and primitivist nonsense. It’s an important subject, why not stick to reality based discussion of it?

    • SteveYnaNY

      Pseudonymasaurus Thanks for your feed back – its always helpful, especially when critical!  Not sure what you mean by ‘primitivist nonsense’ – we are addressing here sexuality as the grand, natural, ancient power it is – and like it or not we are still primates, with primitive functions.  Sexuality and fertility are still related, though modern man consumed with sexuality as entertainment forgets this link.  I guess us farmers are still primitive folk – because sex is still connected to primitive reality for us – it is what carries life forward, and allows us to feed the world.  Recovering a positive view of sex, means getting back to the basics, both form and function.  But, in deference to your point, hold yer horses, cuz we will be proceeding more as you wish – its a complex subject, and some of this will appeal to others though perhaps not to you.

      • SteveYnaNY Pseudonymasaurus
        HAPPINESS MAKES THE WORLD GO ‘ROUND ……dribblepussy via twitter