REAL Naked “Nudist Comedy” With Nudist Comics

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Nudist Comedy – Are Nude Comediennes Funny?

Join YNA For Some Naked Funnies at the Real Nudist Comedy Show!

Nudist Comedy – If you’ve seen them once, you have not seen it all…especially not when we were all naked. The “Nudist Comedy” makes a move to Long Beach, this coming June, for an exclusive REAL Naked show hosted by Timothy Chizmar Productions.

This will be their second performance naked and fourth show overall, but besides an additional comedian and some new stand up acts, there will be something a wee bit more noticeably different at this show than any other…Everyone will be naked!

For those of you who are asking about this new sensation that hit the southwestern nation, “Nudist Comedy, what?” let me tell you about them. It all started at Olive Dell Ranch Family Nudist Resort when both nudist and non-nudist comics came together to form a pact under the association of “Crack-A-Smile Comedy”.

Nude Comediennes Nudist Comedy Show

Picture of Nude Comediennes From The Nudist Comedy Show

This naked comedy show, hosted by Young Naturists America and Timothy Chizmar Productions, drew quite a large crowd for its first performance. The nude comedy show spectators showed up from afar to not just celebrate the New Years at Olive Dell, but to get a glimpse as these professional, non-nudist comics, who stripped down to their bare bones the very first time in public for their stand up comedy act.

Nudbie comics Kevin LaHai and Heather Schmidt were the bravest of them all, considering it was New Years Eve and they were practically the only ones naked. We may be naturists, but we are not stupid right? I mean common’ it was cold!

Nudist Comic At The Naked Comedy Show

Nudist Comic At The Naked Comedy Show

Katie Hall, lead actress from Act Naturally the Movie, proved herself to be quite a real live natural comedian on stage with her act. Heather Schmidt sang her debut in tune with an Ukelele. Kevin LaHai cracked a joke about…Umm, sorry! I am not here to spoil the jokes for ya! Come see it all yourself!

No sooner after the show ended did it all just begin. The YNA Bare Times Launch Party left a birth mark on these particular newbie nudists, opening doors for them to share this first timer story in the mainstream media at the Hollywood IMPROV for two nudist themed shows; however, it was still not the same.

Naked Nudist Comic Katie Hall

Naked Nudist Comic Katie Hall

The most skin shown at these two Hollywood events were the posters that passed around to promote it up until now…

The “Nudist Comedy” takes off once again…its clothes that is, along with the entire audience at the Berubians Theater in Long Beach for its first REAL NAKED show in LA County!! Dress code: Naked (mandatory).

Timothy Chizmar Productions is bringing back:

*Katie Hall
*Kevin Lahai
*Heather Schmidt
*Tim Chizmar

But wait! There is one more…
*Drew Mercury (newbie nudist comic)

The cost of admission is only $15.00 plus handling charges if purchased directly through the Young Naturists and Young Nudists America website. For those of you who are planning on attending, it is strongly recommended to buy tickets in advance online and arrive early so you can properly warm up your seats. Oh! And don’t forget to bring your towel.



This article about the Real Nudist Comedy Show was published by – Young Naturists And Young Nudists America YNA

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  • (stev

    Looks like fun! Are there any plans to take the show on the road? Like to, say, Wisconsin? ;-)

    Just curious but what is the theme of the show when it was not done nude? Nudist humor? Or, the comedy is textile but the performers are nudists in their other lives? Where's the 'nudist' part come in or relate?