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Will Public Nudity Ever Become Legal in the Future?

Guest blog by: Joseph P

Will Public Nudity Become Legal:

Gamers: they make up a large part of the new generation. Many of them have varying values, but what do they think of public nudity? Public nudity has never really been discussed, partially because it’s complete ban varies from less than a century to thousands of years, depending on what part of the world you’re from. When the debate comes, it seems that the world is split.

The online game Nation States seemed like the perfect place for a poll. The game is about creating your own nation and seeing what your personal policies would mean for a nation. The amount of gamers is probably around 50,000, and ideologies vary from communism and fascism to libertarianism and republicanism. The most notable feature of the game is the forum, where players can start or participate in activities such as wars, or general debates and discussions over everyday issues and stories.

Recently deciding to become a naturist, I wanted to see the reaction of the game population to public nudity. And so, on the twenty-fourth of June, the debate began. I made the opening argument, going over the whole nudist argument for the faithful and non-faithful.

What could be the opposition’s argument? What would they say to the Bible not being against nudism, and that it was the rights of nudists to be nude? In the early stages of the debate, there was little fighting, and no one was ranting, except for me, on the very first opinion. The main debater, whose nation is called The Emerald Legion, began to argue against nudity near 6 p.m. on the first day

public nudity debate san francisco legal

Protest signs in San Francisco where public nudity recently became illegal

His first statement, which was a bit comedic, but still somewhat serious, was:
“Here is a list of things inherently wrong with nudity.
-Lack of Pockets.
-Exposure to the Elements
-Exposure to the, generally hostile to bare-flesh, objects around us such as sharp edges, concrete, thorn-bushes, and insects.
-Lack of pockets.
-Lessening your capacity to hide certain instincts. (And before you go on about it, yes I realize nudists become desensitized to nudity, however it’d be a lot harder for a nude guy to hide his arousal should he actually become aroused and continue on without the moment becoming awkward than if he’d just wear some pants or a kilt or something.)”

Obviously, everyone here could snap back in a split second. His arguments continued until the very end of the debate. What else did he say? His problems were with people being exposed to too much UV rays and his opinion of it being indecent. His opinion of public nudity: “Bloody stupid.” It’s the way he grew up, I guess. He DID admit to being a hater of the outdoors, and that he would cover up as much as possible. That’s his belief, I guess.

The debate was mainly by him, but most notably were a few debaters, who did not want to see an old man naked. This appeared a few times, showing that society still has prejudice towards the human body. The most comedic line of all of this was
Waxewill wrote: “Public nudity is fine…unless you have a bmi over 25. ew.
Rocopurr wrote: “Every time I hear someone on this thread b**** or whine about overweight people being nude a small part of me wants to just walk up naked to them just to hear them scream over my fat rolls.

Back to business:
The only other argument that was noteworthy was the well-known “think of the children” argument. Even though studies of children and nudity showed no psychological effects, but only benefits for nudist children, the opposition remained stubborn.

Though the tolerant/nudist side crushed the opposition in the debate, the final result showed:

YES, and I am a nudist: 19 (4%)
YES, and I am NOT a nudist: 204 (43%)
NO, and I am NOT a nudist [obviously]: 208 (44%)
Undecided: 40 (8%)”

This shows that overall, public nudity is still a rough issue. The site showed similar results, except more in favor of the legalization of public nudity.

The poll and debate shows this:
Public nudity is a movement with high hopes. In America, it will hopefully be able to become an issue. If it manages to do so, and it likely will if people push for it, it will be legal by 2060. Yes, it’s a long time, but it’s just a guess. For all we know, it could come sooner. If you want it to come sooner, try pushing it in your hometown or county or get involved with the Naturist Action Committee. I know there are a few readers who live in rural areas, and if you can convince one person, it will make a difference. It has to start one village at a time, then towns, then the counties. After this, we can continue and make it legal. The opposition has nowhere to run, so maybe we can expect nudity to come to a town near you!

What do you think? Will public nudity ever become legal in the U.S.? Take the poll!

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