Body Image Fears At The Gym

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Body image fears and the dreaded locker room shower!

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Body Image Fears At The Gym Showers

My first experience with social nudity and being nude in a public setting was a lot less drastic than I would have originally thought. I had been dreading this day for all of my life. The day when I would have to undress in order to shower naked in my gym class. I knew there was no getting around it, like it or not, I would have to face my fears!

body image fears - Naked In public in The Locker Room Showers

This was one of my biggest fears

When the dreadful day finally arrived I was actually surprised to realize that other guys were shy about the experience as well. In fact, some guys decided to just avoid showering entirely. As I first started walking out from the lockers, I felt as if all the eyes were on me and I could feel my heart pounding and my legs shaking. I kept my eyes off of other people and proceeded to head to the shower. The entire time I focused only on my showering and tried to ignore the fact that other naked men were showering with me.

After awhile I began to feel much more comfortable showering naked in my gym class. I was even able to encourage one of my friends who was afraid of showering naked in front of other people that it wasn’t so bad. Eventually it got to a point where showering naked was no longer an issue at all. I accepted the fact that everyone is naturally naked and that people come in all shapes and sizes. I realized that we shouldn’t have these artificial impositions of being naked in front of other people be such a big deal. Everyone should learn to feel comfortable with their body as well as accepting the bodies of others when they are naked. I realized that my body image issues and fear of being naked was simply a fear that I had to get past.

Naked Neil Patrick Harris

Hey If Doogie Can Be Happy Naked :)

Now that I can shower naked comfortably in a public setting, I no longer feel a sense of being uncomfortable when I am naked. Getting past my fear of being naked is one of the best things that I could have possibly done for my self-esteem. I was even able to play on sports teams as well, something I had previously feared due to the fact that I may have had to shower naked with my teammates.

I am sure that many young boys share the same fears. The only piece of advise I can give is that, at the end of the day, no one really cares. I know it is hard to believe and the occasional locker room trash talk is unavoidable. But with that said, almost every single person in the world wishes they could change something about the way they look.

Nudism, I feel, is an important movement. Not for seeing others naked but rather to teach us that accepting others is one of greatest things we can do. I honestly feel that if more people were open to trying nudism the world would be much better off! At least for me, it helped with my Body Image Fears.

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