Problem Daughters: A New Book of Feminist, Body Positive Science Fiction and Fantasy

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Guest blog by: Nicolette Barischoff

Hey guys, Nicci here. Some of you know me from Bodypainting Day, or that thing I wrote about Bodypainting Day. Some of you know me from Gunnison, Topless Pulp, a million other naked/painty things, or as the weird girl who lives on Felicity and Jordan’s air mattress. And most of you, I’ll wager, don’t know me at all. No matter. We’ll get there.

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Felicity, Nicci & Andy Golub at NYC Bodypainting Day 2015


I’m doing a project right now that I’m very excited about, one that seems particularly important as we head further and further down the uncertain path we’re all stuck on.

It’s called Problem Daughters, and it’s about women. All women, of all shapes and sizes. It’s an anthology of short fiction, poetry, and (God willing) comics about the women whose voices go unheard. Queer women, polyamorous women, women of color, women from non-Western societies, sex workers, disabled women, trans women, any women who don’t get a turn at the mic very often. We aim to hear and share the stories of the marginalized. One of my areas of focus will be to specifically seek out stories pertaining to the female body and sexuality, and how these are experienced across culture and identity. This thing will be big, and it will be beautiful, and it will be unfailingly sex- and body-positive, because those are the kinds of stories I like.

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Help fund Problem Daughters on IndieGoGo by Feburary 14, 2017!

It will also have tons of pirate queens, and cyborg battles, and lost cities, and ancient spells, and generation ships on 100-year journeys through space, because those are also the kinds of stories I like.

Sound cool? We think so, too. But we need your help! If you’d like to support us, or help spread the word, you can GO TO OUR FUNDRAISER ON INDIEGOGO!

There you can read more about the project, or snag some pretty awesome perks. Please note there’s only a few days left to donate — the campaign ends on Tuesday, February 14th, 2017!

Note that we are also open for submissions: If you are a speculative fiction writer who fits one of the above categories, we wanna read your work!

About the Author: Nicolette Barischoff was born with spastic cerebral palsy, which has only made her more awesome. Her fiction has appeared in Long Hidden, Accessing the Future, The Journal of Unlikely Academia, Podcastle, and Angels of the Meanwhile. She regularly writes about disability, feminism, sex- and body-positivity, and how all these fit together. She’s been on the front page of CBS New York, where they called her activism public pornography and suggested her face was a Public Order Crime.
She can be reached on Twitter (@NBarischoff) or through her blog (

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  • Walter M Green III

    I think the whole concept of having something to celebrate or display the ideas of women or women in alternate walks of life ridiculous. Not because it is NOT needed, but in modern times we should already be open to and listening to people of all walks of life.

    I am a nudist male, and very open about it. I run my own nudist club. I want women, gays et cetera at my club. I have tried to get the young people involved in my club, tried to get women involved, I even a few years ago tried to have gay men at involved.

    Sadly I have been disappointed at the turn out of lesbian and gays turning out in my group, as well as women in general. I want this to be a safe clean environment, not an environment where anyone feels insecure or silenced.

    We in the past have had movie premiers and authors come present their books. The one author had the interest an entire room full of people to present her book to. Still women are the least represented. I tried add women to my board of directors, but so far none so up after being appointed.

    Women. It’s you guys that need to grow up and out like a tree, blossoming and rising about the grass and bushes and becoming a home of great ideas and a spreader of seeds. Seed that will be planted in the hearts of others.

    Never expect someone else to do this, because that is what EVERYONE else is doing. They wait, you wait, and no one steps forward because everyone is waiting for someone else. I need you. I am a single male who seeks a singles female to balance out my club and represent all women.

    My club is primarily for single persons as no club in my area was representing singles, and in fact singles were banned from all clubs back then. I however wanted couples and families involved too.

    That’s how I learned how hard it is to get you guys to do anything for yourselves. There was a woman in Philly (Philadelphia) who was so fearful of being seen nude she only went nude in the shower, and immediately dressed or undressed before and after the shower. She was afraid to use bathroom stalls because someone might see her.

    She was deathly afraid of being seen nude, so much so it began to affect her like in a negative manner. She decided to force herself to get over it. She went to a nudist club. She explained the problem, and went so after being there she was nude and surrounded by other nude. Very rough… at first.

    She began visiting the club quite often. In a relatively short time she became the founder of her own nudist group. She was very gungho about it and her face was every where. Then years later she moved, the club she formed is gone, and no one knows where she went.

    She was great, but where is she now? Once you start, you should make it a life time goal. Help other realized society should not be deciding who you are, or who you should be.

    Fight no matter what an up hill battle it is. Once you reach the top, put your hand out to help others up that hill. I’ve tried and my hand is still out there. I’m not the only one it seems Nicole is there too…

    Thanks Nicole.