Beach Front Mexican Nudist Resort Playa Sonrisa Food Review

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Playa Sonrisa Food Review – Mexican Nudist Resort

Review of the food at Playa Sonrisa – A Mexican Nudist Resort

Mexican Nudist Resort – Referring back to my nudist resort mexico review of Playa Sonrisa in Mexico, this a second review just for all the delish food we ate at the resort.

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The continental breakfast included a variety of fresh fruit such as mango, pineapple and melon. Each day we found a different kind of delicious homemade muffin on the table, freshly baked bread, jam, and hard-boiled eggs, always served with coffee and tea, too of course. The orange juice was made of mandarin oranges, a tasty change of pace.

playa sonrisa nudist resort food review homemade bread yna

Homemade bread basket

The lunch menu changed daily, and consisted of typical American sandwiches like turkey and roast beef as well as Mexican fare like Guacamole served with chips and shrimp quesadillas. The guacamole was everything you would want guacamole to be with savory soft chunks of avocado, tomato and onion.

playa sonrisa nudist resort food review mexico guacamole yna

Guacamole lunch

Though they will accommodate vegetarians with advance notice, I decided to forgo my meatless eating habits and try almost everything at dinner. Each meal started with a tantalizing soup course of unique flavors such as garlic soup and apple sweet potato chipotle. The main course was impressive from the first night with marinated chicken breast, rice and veggies.

Another night was surf ‘n’ turf with tender steak and lobster tail served with melted butter for dipping, with a side of mashed potatoes and green beans. The mashed potatoes were great on their own, but as an interesting substitute for gravy we had a spicy Mexican sauce to add even more flavor (and punch!).

playa sonrisa nudist resort food review grouper fish dinner yna

Surf n Turf dinner

playa sonrisa nudist resort food review spicy mexican sauce yna

Spicy mexican sauce


One night we also ate a type of fish called grouper. I rarely eat fish or seafood in general, but the grouper was pleasantly light and tangy and not overwhelmingly “fishy” for the senses. When I wasn’t so enticed by the meat options, owners Don and Cindy were hospitable in providing a satisfying alternative.

playa sonrisa nudist resort food review grouper fish dinner yna

Grouper fish dinner at Playa Sonrisa

A new dessert was offered each night, and I had a spoonful of the Tequila Chocolate Pudding served in a martini glass. It was a chocoholic’s dream. After Christmas dinner we had a comforting homemade apple cranberry pie A la mode. Drooling yet?

playa sonrisa nudist resort food review mexico chocolate pudding yna

Tequila chocolate pudding

playa sonrisa nudist resort food review homemade pie yna

Homemade apple cranberry pie a la mode

Cocktails from the bar and bottles of red and white wine were available to drink at dinner or any time of day. Though I admit my favorite beverage was the mango juice; tropical, sweet and the perfect late-afternoon refreshment.

We actually went out as a group one night to a local restaurant called The Leaky Palapa. This is worth mentioning because it was an amazing 5 star restaurant, but in the middle-of-nowhere Mexico! I highly recommend paying them a visit if you are staying at Playa Sonrisa to have an unexpected exquisite meal, which would probably cost half your monthly grocery bill in New York City.

Much of the food described here is pictured above, but my apologies to Cindy because these photos don’t do it justice! Looking back, it’s safe to say we thoroughly enjoyed every meal we had at the resort. If you find it important as we do to eat well wherever you stay, the Playa Sonrisa restaurant won’t disappoint.

Read the resort review: “Playa Sonrisa: An Affordable Mexican Get Away”

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  • TwoMetreMan

    Oh, I have so many happy memories of Playa Sonrisa, Don & Cindy – AND The Leaky Palapa!  A sleepy fishing village (Xcalak) in the middle of nowhere, nearer to Belize City than Cancun, and it hosts a restaurant serving fare of such superb quality in such a laid-back atmosphere.  Mind-blowing!  Do visit!!  :)

    • FelicityJones

      @TwoMetreMan Thanks, so do we! I would definitely go back to Playa Sonrisa & the Leaky Palapa again! :)