The Naked Performers Arrested in Ocularpation Wall Street Go to Court

| November 7, 2011 | 9 Comments

The Lucky Performers in Ocularpation Wall Street Go To Court

Ocularpation Wall Street Court Case:

Today was the big day. The 3 of us who were arrested for being half-naked / naked in the art performance Ocularpation Wall Street went to criminal court to address the ticket charges! I’d been charged with disorderly conduct, and my two male cell mates had received a 2-for-1 deal of disorderly conduct and indecent exposure.


Surprised? Our “crimes” were so absurd it seems like this is the kind of case to be immediately, decisively dismissed. However, I was mentally preparing to defend my “performance”, and we all discussed and prepared for other outcomes, ie. a violation fine or an A.C.D. (which means stay out of trouble for 6 months, and you’re off the hook.)

Ocularpation Wall Street Topless dog walker charges dismissed

Ocularpation Wall Street Topless dog walker charges dismissed

The lawyer said she had a whole discourse ready about the nature and history of performance art, but we never got to hear it! Eric (the janitor) was the first one called up, but he stood up front for only a second before the judge said “Dismissed.” It was so fast we all looked over at him a little confused as he returned to the bench, quick as he had left it. I went up and heard the same. It couldn’t have gone better!

Janitor from Zefrey Throwell Ocularpation Wall Street acquitted

Zefrey Throwell Ocularpation Wall Street Photo by Mike Kingsbaker

This account by Felicity Jones titled Naked Performers of Ocularpation Wall Street Go to Court was published by – Young Naturists And Nudists America YNA

Celebrate this outcome and the whole Ocularpation project with us next Monday at the Museum of Modern Art for a film screening! Zefrey will be showing video footage from the performance in a short film along with some of his other work.
An Evening with Zefrey Throwell
Monday, November 14th at 7pm
Tickets sold at the door. ($12 for adults)

P.S. The Strip Poker project “I’ll Raise You One…” has fulfilled all of its player slots! Sorry if you couldn’t get in a game, they got an influx of emails after I blogged about it.

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  • Felicity

    I agree with you, Mark, about NYPD's abuse, and it's pretty terrible how the OWS people are being treated! And certain officers, such as the one who arrested me, do a fine job of making them look bad as a whole.

    Cyril, Jordan wrote a guest post speculating on whether Ocularpation sparked OWS (- )

    And there are many who think so! I think the idea of OWS itself was already in motion, but Ocularpation definitely provided some inspiration.

  • Mark Snyder

    It's great to have a case dismissed but not to thrilled about the police harrassment part.

  • Nudewoody

    Sadly, urban nudist activist George Davis joined Occupy SF, and Occupy SF called the police and had George arrested for creating a public nuisance!

    • sunfreedom76

      In SF, Occupy SF [ as a group] has taken no position [yet] on nudity.

      George Davis was arrested because ONE individual member complained to SF police — not the group.

      — sunfreedom76

      [ Tortuga Bi LIBERTY ]

  • mark diorio

    This is just another sad example of a "justice" system gone wrong. Instead of focusing on real crime, the police are taking the easy way out and targeting ordinary citizens doing their thing. The NYPD has a long history of abuse, just recently with the Occupy Wall Streeters and in the past they harrassed a group of cyclists. It will probably get worse, with the wealthy and corporate america in control.

  • Rami

    I am so happy for you 3, for me and for all naturist/nudist community.

    Let's try to spread the news so anyone and everyone know the rights and what they can do in cases like this.

    See you at the celebration and around the poker event.

  • Cyril

    Hi Felicity.

    Surprised that your case was thrown out. Congrats.Did all 3 of u started the OWS by your street art performance?

  • Paul Rapoport

    A further thought: arrests often get in the news; acquittals often don't. I suggest that your news be sent asap to several media outlets in New York, with a few choice words for the NYPD. They could use them right about now . . .

  • Paul Rapoport

    Congratulations! Now how about either suing the pants off that police officer (!) or finding out how much these false arrests and abuse of power cost NY taxpayers? Or both.