Penn Sylvan PSHS Nudist Resort Review

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Penn Sylvan Nudist Resort & Nude Bike Weekend

Review Of Penn Sylvan PSHS Biker Weekend:

On one of our many road trips this summer, we decided to visit a privately owned nudist resort / club called Penn Sylvan Health Society (PSHS, inc.) in eastern Pennsylvania. I’m not reviewing a typical weekend at the club because it just so happened that we arrived in the middle of Nude Bike Weekend!

This is when waves of motorcyclists ride in and spend the weekend at PSHS for a festival of bike runs, contests, music, and dancing / parties. It’s also a public event, open to nudists and non-nudists alike. It actually had a sort of unique atmosphere where nobody seemed to care who was or wasn’t nude. It was just a personal choice, but didn’t create any tension. I’m happy to report we had a good time there, and PSHS management were very accommodating, letting us attend biker weekend for free.

They had catered home-style American food (pulled pork, mashed potatoes, etc) served up in their rec hall. For drinks there was not only water and soda, but a fountain of Yuengling and several other beers situated nearby to supply a great bargain of unlimited beer the whole weekend. A tattoo booth was also set up for people to get tattoos right on the premises (I think those cost extra ;)

PSHS nudist club rec hall

PSHS nudist club rec hall

We checked out the main facilities. They were clean and included an outdoor and indoor pool, large whirlpool and sauna inside the rec hall. The expansive room with the whirlpool and hot tub area room is all wood floors and walls, like the inside of a log cabin, and this gave it a comfy feel.

The indoor facilities allow the club to attract naturists all year round, which is nice! PSHS is the closest place to NYC that is open all year. For athletic facilities, there is one clay tennis court, clay nude volleyball court, shuffleboard and petanque.

PSHS indoor whirlpool hot tub

Penn Sylvan Indoor Whirlpool

PSHS swimming pool

Outdoor Pool

PSHS indoor swimming pool

Indoor Pool

PSHS nude sports tennis court

Tennis Courts at Penn Sylvan

Towards nightfall we listened to live cover music from a band called the Large Flowerheads. It was good music to listen to while sitting on a blanket in the grass and hanging out. We camped out in a big lawn area near the tennis court. When we set up camp I noticed part of the lawn was sectioned off nearby with rope and orange cones, but we didn’t discover why that was until later.

After it got dark we were at our campsite when a huge flatbed truck backed into that orange cone section. The entire truck was loaded with enough fireworks to blow up the lawn. We sat back and watched the bright and sparkly show, though with a slight concern our tent would catch on fire any minute from falling debris. (Luckily it did not.)

Penn Sylvan nudist party fireworks

Orange cone, our tent, and truck of fireworks galore in the back

Penn Sylvan Bike Weekend fireworks


PSHS has an appeal in that the indoor facilities are clean and cozy, and it’s open year round. We also liked the people there! However, I have to remark on their rates and visitor policies. The day fee for one person is high, especially if you don’t have an AANR membership: $40 AANR member, $50 if not.

There are no reduced costs whatsoever for young people. To join as a member they require you to have or obtain an AANR membership, and this fact led to an interesting conversation with Robin, who is part of leading management. Robin told us the reason she emphasizes an AANR membership is because they have rules and guidelines to abide by, which they can enforce among members and visitors.

They also give them access to a database of banned or delinquent people who have been flagged for misbehaving at clubs / resorts. A TNS membership was not nearly as important since TNS doesn’t provide those same features. Though we don’t necessarily agree with requiring that membership, she has a point about the differences between the two.

So that was our visit to PSHS, an interesting biker weekend!

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