Pen-Mar Nudist Club Reviewed By Felicity Jones

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Felicity Reviews Pen-Mar Nudist Club

Pen-Mar Club For Nudists – Read Our Review:

Pen-Mar Nudist Club – After attending a wedding in the DC area a few weeks ago, Jordan and I opened up our app and looked for a place on our route where we could lose our clothes and ensure our survival of the heat wave.

nudism naturist club review

Clubhouse at Pen-Mar family nudist club

We ended up at The Pen-Mar Nudist Club, a nudist co-op located on the border of Maryland and Pennsylvania.

The day was scorching as we arrived in the afternoon. The central area contains a heated pool and cute, barn-red clubhouse.

wildlife butterfly nudist naturist club review

Butterfly by the pond at Pen-Mar family nudist club

We found the whole place to be very homey.

As we were touring the grounds, one of the first people we met said, “Oh you’re going to love it here, the people are so friendly!” and we really found this to be true.

nudism naturist club review

Picnic tables, Clubhouse at Pen-Mar family nudist club

We didn’t see many families or young folk, but the people there were very open and friendlier than other clubs.

Some nudists explore clothing optional resorts and clubs looking for places with these kinds of people.

guest cabin nudist naturist club review

Another Guest Cabin at Pen-Mar family nudist club

They talk about clubs or resorts where they enter as a new visitor, and no one introduces themselves or engages them in conversation (a particularly common experience for singles, unfortunately).

Sometimes it seems to make a big difference as to where people decide to join. This was not the case at Pen-Mar nudist club though; we felt very welcome!

cabin nudist naturist club review

Cabin for guests to rent at Pen-Mar family nudist club

Pen-Mar nudist club is surrounded by woods and nature. Just a short walk down a trail leads to their 1-acre pond where you can relax by the water or go fishing.

There is an outdoor heated pool for naked swimming. They also have a playground for kids.

nudist naturist club review

Testicle Toss Ball Game at Pen-Mar family nudist club

For overnight visits there are cute cabins as shown below, as well as tent and trailer camping. Their summer calendar features a wide array of events, parties, dinners and more.

Learn more about the Pen-Mar club on their website:

naturist club review nudism

Sand Nude Volleyball Court at Pen-Mar family nudist club

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  • PAcpl I can’t even find the Tweet that you’re referring to here, after scrolling thru a bunch of their porn. I’d suggest contacting Pen Mar with a link to the Tweet and letting them know about it. Or contact us with a link and we will email Pen Mar.

  • PAcpl Um, the right thing to do here would be to contact Pen-Mar about this. They probably don’t know about this account. Sadly I don’t know what can be done to get this account taken down or reported. I would not base your decision not to visit on this Twitter account, as it is obviously not Pen-Mar behind it.
    It’s hard to know if the user is even an actual member of Pen-Mar… I have seen other similar Twitter accounts (with the focus on porn & naked women) claim to be a member of a known nudist club. When I contacted the club, they knew of no such member, and there was probably nothing they could do to get their name out of the bio or report the user. :-/ 
    If this person is sharing the names / photos of so-called club members, they could be getting those photos / information from Facebook or online. But how do you know those people are even real visitors / members?

  • PAcpl

    Posting members names AND pictures????
    This woman is disgusting!!!

  • PAcpl

    Always was told Pen Mar was a classy place but see @SweetKissXOVOX from Twitter is a member.
    You won’t be seeing us there!
    Best of luck!

  • anthony

    i wish i could be as comfortable with my body of had some naturist friends of my own =[

  • Edna

    I really enjoyed your pictures. I was one of the original members of PenMar, and it is nice to know that the members are still friendly. pictures made me a little homesick as I have not been back since my husband died. Thanks for sharing.