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The Evolution of Online Nudism and Communicating On The World Wide Web

Felicity Jones and I were talking about social networks yesterday, and it got me thinking. Back in the good ole days we used to take the time to sit down and write letters.

I remember the days of pen pals and how I used to run to the mail box and the excitement that ensued when I my pen pal’s letter came in. Then came the short lived fascination with phone call groups. People would call a number and for $0.99 a minute, they could talk to like minded people.

Nudism Websites and Naturism Online

The next step was the internet. First we had NetScape & ICQ and through these tools we could chat with random people from all over the world. As technology evolved, it ushered in the age of the chat room. People could talk to other people from all over the world about a central topic.

I remember how I use to spend hours chatting with people about a whole bunch of topics and could not wait to get home and continue the conversation from the night before.

But that too became too much work and so began the era of the forum. The good thing about a forum is that with a click of a mouse we all could read articles that were written by strangers about topics we cared about and then we could also add our own comments and thoughts. Creating little discussion groups that were sparked by an interesting initial question or opinion.

But that too became too much maintenance and luckily for all us OCD people we could now connect with those we cared about and forge new connections with all kinds of people. But as the years go by our attention span has become even shorter. And now comes the age of Twitter.

Twitter is a great example of how people think today. Yes they want to know what is going on, and yes they want to have their opinions heard, but they don’t want to have drawn-out conversations by people who share too much information. People simply want the talking points, opinions, suggestions and ideas without any of those pesky extra words.

Just the gist of people’s opinions in 140 characters or less is all that people really want, and if it could be limited down to a simple yes or no then that would be ideal. This explains the fascination with texting as well.

People feel as though they do not have time nor the energy to spend discussing issues or coordinating their daily lives, so texting and twitter are perfect.

Nudist naked man on a laptop

Nudist naked man on a laptop

Nudism Online and How Are Nudists Communicating Over The Internet

In the world of nudism today I keep feeling as though the general public is a Twitter lover, while the nudism industry as a whole is still writing letters. My personal view is that I wish people would take the time before commenting or saying something online, but in our tech savvy world it might be asking too much of people.

From day one, YNA has been reaching out to the influential members of the nudist movement. Part of the problem that we face is that on the one hand, naturism as a movement is run by people who have not yet made the leap that so many others have. And on the other side of the spectrum you have young naturists that simply don’t take the time to think of the repercussions of what they are saying.

The main groups that promote nudism were stuck in a time warp and have been slow to adapt. It seems to be that the lack of urgency on their parts is one of the core issues people have with them. The news cycle is a minute by minute thing today. People are signed up and constantly receive alerts about issues they hold dear to their hearts, but the lack of constant stimulation seems to cause a ton of frustration.

Young Nudists and Communication Issues

The young nudists out there that have been spreading negative energies are a problem too. They feel that since they know how to attract people using the tools of today, they are masters of their domain.

The lack of proper online presence has created a vacuum which gives them a sense of omnipotence that they could never have gotten with so little work, time, money or energy. It is like they won the lottery and now believe they possess the power, knowledge and abilities to preach to others who might be more knowledgeable than they are.

So in closing I would like to leave you with this thought. In today’s world, the human mind is in desperate need of constant stimulation. It is as if our brains are on crack and the information and alerts are our quick fix. So what can nudists and / or the nudist movement do to correct its present course?

Is nudism truly going to die out because they can’t adapt quick enough? Is it time to restructure the whole nudist movement and if so, is it even possible? Or will there simply be a new organization that will have to replace the old in order to usher in the new age of nudists? Perhaps time will tell, but hopefully we won’t have to wait too long.

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  • All-Nudist

    There is a constant murmur of discontent about the state of naturism today, usually including at least a passing reference to the old timers who are standing in the way of progress.  Their insistence upon keeping naturism as it is rather than allowing it to change drastically is seen by some as a major roadblock to recruiting younger folks into naturism.
    Ok, though that’s a simplistic and inaccurate assessment, let’s stipulate that it is indeed the case.  So?  What does that have to do with anything?  No one needs to patronize those places or be involved in any of that old fashioned stuff!  Why complain about something which has nothing to do with you?  It’s like complaining about NASCAR when you’re not into auto racing.  What’s the point?  It’s not hurting you; it has nothing to do with you.  You needn’t give them another thought!
    Wasn’t that easy?  In one little paragraph we eliminated all the problems that anyone can possibly have with that ossified old system.  No more blaming the old folks, no more feeling left out, no more resenting that no one listens to you.  Those who find naturism as practiced worldwide not to be to their tastes are now free to go do whatever they want elsewhere! You don’t HAVE to hang around all those people!.YNA provides an opportunity for those who find naturism to be tedious to rub elbows with folks like themselves plus with naturists and naturism, all while maintaining a distance from the real thing if they want; a happy medium!  If there is indeed a horde of young people dissatisfied with naturism and its old-fashioned ideas but wishing to socialize naked, they will undoubtedly follow YNA’s lead and establish more outlets worldwide to serve the millions who await!  
    YNA is expanding; are you helping?  Put your money and effort where your mouth is instead of complaining about something you don’t want to be a part of!  Those old folks did exactly that in their day and now have their places to be; surely this generation can do the same for themselves.  YNA is trying!  
    ‘Nudieism’.  We’d suggest that someone come up with a catchy use for that moniker and get it trademarked; it could be the wave of the future for social nudity!

    • JordanBlum

      @All-Nudist For the record… It is always a pleasure reading your comments. Regardless of if we see eye to eye on issues, your criticism is always constructive and I love to hear all opinions and thoughts as long as they are coming from a good and non hostile place :)
      Now that said… in most movements, 5% of the people do 95% of the work. It was true 20 years ago and true today. It would be nice if more people were willing to invest some of their time or finances but unfortunately this has never been the case. Frustrating as that might be, it is the world we live in.
      The only real issue that I have with the “older” generation pertains to business owners. Since they are not willing to invest in promoting their businesses online, we end up having to continually spend money to keep going. Would be nice to be revenue neutral.
      YNA is getting more and more traffic every single day. And the traffic we get is exactly the demographic they (business in the nudist community) seek. To get a nudist business to spend $40 a month for this amount of exposure is ridiculously difficult. Whereas, in the main stream, we would have absolutely no problem filling up these type of spaces and for double or triple the price. By not completely understanding the business climate, it makes it harder for us to continue doing what we are doing.
      I personally do online marketing and promotion for companies in the main stream. I also keep getting offered jobs in some of the biggest SEO companies in the USA and do private consultations. I know the market and have a deeper understanding of how the online business world works than most. But some people, businesses and organizations in the nudist circles laugh at me when I offer to do work for them for free! For me it is a slap in the face. I see the issues that they don’t and yet they act as if they know everything. The truth of the matter is that none of us do and we can always learn.
      I would be doing so much better financially if I did not care about nudism. But the problem I have is that I do.
      Please don’t misunderstand me… I am not complaining, just stating the facts as I see them.
      The nudist world could be doing so much better if more people would be willing to invest a little more time and a little bit more money in order to have a better shot at generating more revenue in the future.
      Just my 2 cents :)

      • All-Nudist

        @JordanBlum We do basically agree, yes.  The issue you have with camp owners is their failure to advertise online, and that’s understandable.  That wasn’t been the complaining we were referring to, so we don’t disagree there either.  Our comment was directed to other comments made here and elsewhere regarding old farts’ ideas about naturism n general.  Sorry for the misunderstanding.Good luck convincing small business owners to advertise in a new medium when they don’t generally advertise at all.  Hard to convince them without examples, and there’s no examples without advertisers!  Tough market to crack. 

  • nordicshores

    Yes, yes, yes, yes…yes, and yes.

    I'm in my mid-30s, and have been a nudist since I was in my teens. I too came of age in a time before the Internet. I had no way figuring out what it meant to like being naked in a non-sexual way. If the internet had been around, I could have figured out who (and what) I was a lot sooner.

    The nudist movement is fractured, and simply not taking full advantage of the digital tools of today. While it's not terribly hard to sort out proper nudist sites from porn on the Internet, the content is certainly lacking. There is no clear leader in nudist social networking, from what I can tell. I've checked some of them, and they have their good points and bad points. But none seem to really hit the nail on the head.

    AANR, while I fully support them, does not seem to have much dedicated to younger nudists. Judging by their web site, they have farmed out the recruitment tasks to Vita Nuda. Though I'm not sure if Vita Nuda knows that. I would love to see AANR devote a full-time staff position to young nudism.

    YNA is an excellent step in the right direction. We need more online engagement, more social events, more information sessions. Tell us what we can do to help!

  • Melissa Lapier

    I am with you a million percent! Like you, I can see the difference between the nudists of old and today's young nudists. In some ways, the two seem downright incompatible. Where the younger generation doesn't sit down with a hard copy of the newspaper because they read the news online, the older generation sees no reason to go online when they can read the news right from the newspaper in front of them. And this is just the beginning of the differences!

    Bridging the gap isn't easy, as you well know. It's an ageless dilemma of respecting those who are older and have ways learned from a different generation while preparing for the years ahead by acknowledging the wondrous new things that our younger generation enjoys. Case in point: Obama is the first president who carries a cell phone. He's not that old, yet it took someone young and new to make a decision in the issue that will likely "stick" for years to come.

    I have no idea how to get through to those in the older nudist movement/ organizations to help them to see that going by the old ways is a deterrent to younger people. Yet, as you said, the younger people have to realize that the attitude of 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it" seems to prevail in those organizations. People within those organizations do need to see that it IS broke so it MUST be fixed (if they look at the trend in their memberships, they'll see this)… before it's too late. Change is hard, especially among those who don't want change and see no reason for change.

    What you are doing with YNA is probably the best thing that could happen to nudism as a whole right now. You bring a fresh face to the movement, you are showing that young people ARE interested in nudism, and you're showing us all new things within nudism that were once taboo to our movement but, really, are just part of being people. I, for one, applaud all that you're doing and look forward to learning from you about how to attract young people and make them feeling comfortable in every nudist environment. Learning from one another, perhaps, is the first step in the right direction.


    • I have one request!
      PLEASE! – do not automatically group everyone who is above a certain age in a “lost and beyond redemption” pigeonhole.
      I organise a naturist group locally (central TN and north AL) and I’d LOVE for younger naturists to join us and – since we’re open to all our members suggesting new events – getting into action (sic) and making things that they want to occur a reality.  I’ll be the first in the queue to attend.
      The thing is – they don’t join.  So there are, as always, two sides to every coin.  Please consider that there is also a possibility of a mindset that says “They’re bound to be old farts doing boring sh*t, so why bother?” and then go off somewhere else.  Back to Gandhi – BE the change you wish to see in the world.  If you don’t like it, you make it different.  Be involved.
      I’ll be 66 next month, but if anyone wants to see me as decrepit and old…  Well, you’re entitled to your opinion.  Age doesn’t occur in the body – it occurs in the mind.  “Died at 30, buried at 60” is a valid commentary for some folks who haven’t woken up to the fact that they’re a miracle.  If you “assume” that people who are older in years are also older between-their-ears – well, we all know what “ass-u-me” does!
      Not banging the drum – just trying to interject a smidgen of balance and a wider viewpoint!!  :)