Olive Dell Takes Trophy At SoCal Naked Summer Nudist Games

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Team Olive Dell Ranch Wins Annual SoCal Naked Summer Nudist Games Competition

For the past five years, the idea of a sports competition between the various naturist groups in Southern California has been steadily on the rise. This year, however, the day-long multi-club competition on August 8 at Olive Dell Ranch really captured the imagination of the region.

An estimated 75 people participated in the 10 events, representing several different clubs, and everyone – including the onlookers- seemed to have a good time as the “athletes” fought hard in games designed to test strength, endurance, and intelligence.

From the crowd reactions, the favorite games were the paper cup relay, the noodle race around the pool, Frisbee toss for accuracy, and the balloon toss.

naked summer games water balloon toss nudist naturist resort scna review yna

Nudist Water balloon toss

naked summer games water balloon toss nudist naturist resort scna review yna

Nudist Summer Games at Olive Dell Ranch

Naked Hula Hoop Toss at The SoCal Nudist Summer Games

Naked Hula Hoop Toss at The SoCal Nudist Summer Games

A few words about two of these nudist games:

For the paper cup relay, people sat in two lines and passed a paper cup over their heads from the front of the line to the back, transferring water from a bucket in the front to an empty bucket in the back.

Only there is a hole in the cup, so the water soaks the teams as they pass it along. Try this at your next naturist outing – everyone has lots of fun!

naked summer games paper cup relay nudist naturist scna review yna

Nude Paper Cup Relay

The other contest that everyone enjoys is the noodle race around the pool. Again, two teams line up. A foam pool noodle is placed between the legs of the first person in line for each of the teams. At “Go,” they race around the pool, then pass the noodle to the next teammate in line without using any hands. In fact, hands can never be used at all, even if the noodle is dropped.

Which it did a few times, as people waggled at various speeds. There were some creative use of feet to lift the noodle off the ground! The winning team came from behind and only won after ten laps by about a dozen feet.

naked summer games noodle race nudist naturist scna review yna

Naked Noodle Race At The SoCal Nudist Summer Games

As the day and the games worn on through several hours, the teams from Olive Dell and NitOC (Naturists in Orange County) groups were neck and neck on points until the final Frisbee Toss for Distance where Olive Dell finished 1-2-3.

Olive Dell passed NitOC by 6 points and won the Club Trophy, succeeding the SCNA team who had won it for the previous 4 years. NitOC vows to come back with a stronger team next year. Olive Dell vowed to hold on to their prize.

naked summer nudist games olive dell ranch nudist naturist sports competition scna review yna

Olive Dell Ranch Claims Trophy at SoCal Summer Nudist Games

To end the day on a silly note, around 50 people participated in the traditional Pudding Toss. Just what it sounds like.

Naked Pudding toss at the Annual SoCal Summer Nudist Games scna review yna

Naked Pudding toss at the Annual SoCal Summer Nudist Games

Afterwards, the points were added up and an Awards Ceremony was held on the patio, where medals were given out for individual achievement.

With the games now an accepted tradition in Southern California, we look forward to teams from some of the more distant nudist parks sending teams next year to try to challenge this year’s winners.

About SCNA: The Southern California Naturist Association (SCNA) is a 501(c) non-profit member-run corporation open to naturists of all ages, sexual preferences, and marital statuses. The club hosts swim parties, nude beach days, nude hikes, naked bowling, nude art exhibits, naked comedy nights, etc., servicing the needs of naturist in the greater Los Angeles area since 2002. For further information, see www.socalnaturist.org.

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