Occupy Wall Street Part Deux

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Occupy Wall Street Part Deux

Occupy Wall Street – Crapping Part Deux on police cars and having sex on the street will only get us so far.. We need to have some ideas and goals behind the protest!

So I have been catching some flak for my previous posts about Occupy Wall Street. But talk with no vision and protesting with no goals are counter-productive. So it is time for the leadership of Occupy Wall Street to get together and put a plan in motion!

Occupy Wall Street protest NYC

Occupy Wall Street Man Pooping On Police Car Oct 2011

Let’s get corporate America, the government and the entire 100% to all tighten our belts and work towards a better tomorrow.

Since the Occupy Wall Street movement likes to make waves – why not shoot for the stars and aim high?

This sort of goes against the core of the capitalist ideals, but perhaps desperate times call for drastic measures!

Here is a rough idea that OWS can latch onto (naturally there needs to be oversight and legal issues to address, but it is a start)

The Occupy Wall Street initiative for economic leadership and social responsibility:

Mantra: Our future is now and our place is here!

Goal: Lead the way to a stronger and fairer tomorrow.

Objectives: Getting corporations, government and the people to invest in tomorrow.

Steps and bench marks:

A- To raise as much as possible. Kicking off the donation would be a group of as many fortune 500 companies as possible to set aside 1,000,000,000.00 each – towards this venture.

B- Getting as many worldwide companies / organizations around the world to match (or even exceed) that donation.

C- Turning to small businesses to donate as much as possible.

D- Turning to the public to donate 1% of our personal wealth towards this venture.

E- Turning to congress to donate to the fund.

D- Creating a list of issues that can potentially be solved by investing money…

Couple having sex in public at Occupy Wall Street

Couple having sex in public at Occupy Wall Street


Couple having sex in public at Occupy Wall Street

1- Alternative energy – we set up a Manhattan type project where we sit down the leading minds in science, technology with people from the manufacturing, financing, banking (and so on) sectors to figure out the best way to go about creating the products, supporting the infrastructure and financing the development and implementation of the new products. They are not to call it off before we have the solutions in place. (We also announce that the convention be held in Detroit – a city that might end up leading the production end of this project).

2- Investing in the highest crime areas. We implement the broken window theory. We also get as many volunteers as possible to participate (That way we could get more results from our investments).

3- We invest in substance abuse rehabilitation programs and support networks.

4- We invest in shelters and public housing.

5- Go to the schools with the highest crime rate and implement the broken window theory for a whole 10 block radius at the very least. (And providing extra funds for security).

6- Providing computer (and other fields) job training programs and assistance with job placement.

7- Investing in after school programs and activities. Some could be clean-up projects and social support programs (big brothers, mentors and so on).

8-Investing and initiating area clean-ups – big and small areas.

9- Buying out bad mortgages in bulk and restructuring the loans (even if it means taking a financial loss).

10- Providing public office sharing spaces that are hi-tech and extremely affordable for small companies and start-ups.

11- Investing in local area inner-city playgrounds and public parks.

14- Investing in public mental illness clinics.

15- Investing in programs that deal with the arts.

16- Influencing our partners across the world to donate to our cause- a stronger America for a stronger world!

17- Creating more public housing with hopes of turning them into co-ops or condos that could be sold at a reduced price to the tenants.

18- Investing in medical and scientific research.

19- Making sure that everything is conceived, produced / manufactured and marketed by local USA companies only. In the case that materials and equipment are purchased they should only be allowed to buy products that were made in the USA.

20- Getting as many companies as possible to bring their offices and manufacturing jobs back to the USA and assisting in financial costs of relocation (incentives).

21- Investing in USA start-ups that do at least 90% of the actual production work in the USA.

22- Pushing for a 1% across-the-board tax and those funds will directly go to paying off the national debt. Corporate / income / sales / import / capital gains – with no cap on everyone earning earning $20,000 or more.

23- Investing a chunk in us – 10 year government bonds.

Just think of the possibilities – Apple , Google, Exon, BP and many others have trillions sitting in bank accounts, but what good does it do for those funds to be sitting there with no buyers?

The time for “trickle up” economics is now!

That way they will at least be saying something rather than the usual hot air and no substance.

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